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What is your quality score?  Why should you care about it?  A lot of people don’t really understand the quality score and why they should care about it.    First off, where can you find your quality score?  Your quality score is located on the stats page next to your points and cash.  You can see what it looks like right here in the picture.

Now that you have found your quality score, what is it?  Quality score is a measure of how insightful and influential you are on Crowdtap.  This means things like participating actively in all the actions you join, adding your own unique thoughts to your answers, completing all reports with details and photos, sharing content and referrals in a meaningful way online, and never falsifying or plagiarizing any of your answers.  Almost everything you do on Crowdtap can impact your quality score.

Last, why should you care about your Quality Score?  Having a high quality score helps you qualify for more actions.  The first people to receive new actions will be the Crowdtap members with high quality scores.  A high quality score shows a brand that you are insightful and will provide them with good advice.  If you want to be first on the list for when awesome new actions start launching, start working on building your quality score now.

Lets take a look at a sample discussion and look at what types of response might increase or decrease your quality score in a discussion.

Discussion Question: “What vacuum do you use and why did you choose this vacuum?”

Answer 1: I use an Oreck XL upright vacuum for all of the carpet in my house.  I find that the Oreck is extremely light and therefore is easy for me to maneuver around the house and carry up and down all of the steps.  Not only is it easy to move, it is also has the best suction of any vacuum I have tried.  I have both children and pets and the Oreck is able to quickly suck up anything that they trail through my house.  The Oreck is also great because it works on tile and hardwood as well.  The other day an entire box of Cheerios was on the kitchen floor and the Oreck took care of them with ease.  The Oreck XL is simply the easisest to use and most effective vacuum I have ever tried.

This is the kind of answer that might increase your quality score.  The question is answered in detail with insights into why the particular vacuum is used.  It stays on topic and would help someone asking this question understand what people look for when selecting a vacuum.  An answer like this might receive a star and provide you with bonus points as well.

Answer 2: I use an Oreck XL upright vacuum in my house because it is awesome.

This response would not increase or decrease your quality score.  It does answer the question, but it provides very little insight.  This only tells you a certain vacuum is awesome.  It provides no insight about what someone might look for when selecting a vacuum.

Answer 3: Who wastes their time with vacuuming.

This response is one that would decrease your quality score.  It is not an insightful response and it fails to answer the question that is being asked.  This type of answer would most likely be flagged, subtracting from your points total and hurting your quality score.

Now you have seen some sample responses.  These should show you that it is always best to give insightful answers.  If you don’t have an opinion or something insightful to say you might not want to respond so your quality score doesn’t go down.  This doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with a brand or provide criticism.  Criticism is welcome.  Just make sure it is valid and useful criticism.  Remember, if you want to be picked for all the best actions keep then keep providing valuable responses to improve your quality score.  Good luck!

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70 comments on “Crowdtap Tips: Quality Score

  1. Thank you!! I love the examples – those help a lot.

  2. how does crowdtap determine if the answer if valuable or not? the brand or crowdtap?

    • Hi Justin,
      Great question. Unless it is a specific “Crowdtap Community” discussion, moderation of discussions is done by reps from the brand.

  3. Crowdtap gives you thousands of endless options to explore!

  4. It feels like a motivational booster to get a Quality Score increase. It makes me want to post discussions rather than just brief answers.

  5. I feel like my responses are always well thought out and they are never one-liners. I also add pictures when applicable but my quality score never seems to go above 50%? Is there something I am forgetting to follow up on?

    • Hi Brandy,
      Sounds like you’re doing exactly what you should be doing! Having a quality score of 50 isn’t a bad thing at all. I would suggest engaging more in the Crowdtap-sponsored discussions, and you should see a jump in your score soon!

      • My score is 50 too!! Glad to hear that isn’t a bad thing. But how do we participate in more discussions I have only been asked to do 1 and it wad the sports??? I would love to do more!

  6. What is meant by “completing reports with details and photos”?

  7. Who ever came up with this came up with a great idea. I like this site more then those mundane surveys of 100 questions ask one thing worded a hundred different ways. I am new here but I like what I have seen and done so far!

  8. Hey, i’ve been posting some somewhat insightful posts on this website since i’ve first started doing this, and my quality score has stayed at a big whopping 50. i also check this site everyday and almost nothing new for quick hits ever happens. this has been a problem for about 2 weeks now. what exactly is happening?

    • Hey Sam,

      Sorry you’re having these problems with our site. We are currently working on improving our moderation process so as long as you continue to provide insightful comments you will be starred and your quality score will increase. We are also working on providing users with more quick hits so we hope you will have some new ones soon.

      Thank you for your patience and we hope your Crowdtap experience hasn’t been terribly affected.

      Keep Tappin,

      The CT Team

  9. I am new to this site, but I really like that I can give more than just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ feedback. I find that online surveys are so generic and I might answer the questions differently if I could simply explain my thought process. Thanks for creating what seems to be a great site =)

  10. I’ve been loving Crowd Tap, and am extremely happy with everything available on the site. I’m especially happy that new charities have recently been added! I do have one question- I’ve gotten 3 or 4 of my responses “starred”, apparently for being very insightful/ helpful. What I wanted to know is if others can see your starred responses, or if it only shows up to you personally? Thx!

  11. I want to earn more points

  12. You explained this short and simple. thank you :)

  13. I just read about the quality score and I am wondering if this still exists as I can’t find my quality score. From what I just read it should be next to my points, and total cast although I don’t see it. Please help! Thank you!

    • Hey Melissa,

      You can view your quality score on the right hand side of your stats page.

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

      Happy Tappin!

      -The CT Team

  14. Are the comments posted in the “new actions” tab actually read to determine the quality or is it just based on length? I feel like that would be a lot of comments to monitor!

  15. One of my favorite quotes remind me of a Quality Score.
    “Your ability to negotiate, communicate, influence, and persuade others to do things is absolutely indispensable to everything you accomplish in life. The most effective men and women in every area are those who can quite competently organize the cooperation and assistance of other people toward the accomplishment of important goals and objectives.” -Brian Tracy
    Many people just want to be heard and want to believe their ideas, concerns and opinions matter. It seems to me this is what Crowdtap is all about. What an amazing website and opportunity. I’ve learned quickly in my business that customers sell for you through referrals. I find great pleasure myself in giving great referrals. It is all so powerful and so exciting.

  16. As much as I like Crowdtap, I find myself getting kind of frustrated, too. I am getting frustrated because even though my quality score is at 100 and I am a level 5 I’ve only ever gotten one offer. The complaint isn’t so much about the one offer, though.

    The complaint is that the literature all says that level/quality score play into who is chosen to participate, but it doesn’t seem like it. I check my CT daily, am super active in all my actions and don’t seem to get a ton out of it, while there are people sitting at level two or three who are getting all the sample shares.

    I understand that some of it is demographics, but still….

  17. My Quality Score doesn’t want to budge from 50. I’m assuming that as soon as you rate a product with feedback and pictures and so on this will help increase it. My question is, when will I be able to test products? I can’t find a single place that mentions around what level you get to try things out. I enjoy the quick hits and discussions but I also want to get more involved. Help?

    • Hey Krystal,

      Your quality score is determined in the discussions. If one of your answers is starred by a moderator (for being a well written, thoughtful, and thorough response) you will get 400 extra points and your quality score will go up. Keep up the great participation, and you will likely be earning stars soon!

      For product sampling, you will need to be at level three or higher to participate. Brands choose a target demographic for each action based on who they want to hear feedback from the most, so you will be seeing invitations to apply for any sampling actions that are being targeted to a demographic you fall under. Having a high quality score will help you be more likely to be chosen for the actions you are invited to!

  18. Ive been posting my thoughts and opinions into my action discussions. I’m just wondering when we get stars and when the quality score goes up. Can you get stars during the action, or do you have to wait for it to end so that the moderators read it all at once?

  19. Where are the discussions everyone is talking about? Am I missing something? I have looked all over. Thanks a Bunch!

    • Hey Tara,

      You will need to be a level two or higher to participate in discussions. They will appear first under your New Actions tab, where you can click the link to join. Once you join a discussion, it will move to your My Actions tab where you can access all your open actions. You will receive an email notification when you have new quick hits to complete and new discussions to join.

      Happy Tappin!


      • so when will we get the chance to participate in a discussion? I’m level 3 and have nothing I can do since I’ve not yet had any actions to participate in, and I’ve done all the quick hits. I just wait and wait.

  20. thanks for all the good tips

  21. I was trying to figure this site out. I love the really easy to understand descriptive links you have that explain the different parts of the program and why it works for the site, it’s partners and for the people who are ‘members’. I am very excited to have joined and am passing out good reviews to all of my friends. So many of my friends have tried website where they get these long questionaires every day just to make ten cents or ten points. I find this website very refreshing in that there are a lot of options on how you can participate and to what end. Very glad to see a sight like this and can’t wait to build my reputation and particpate so much more!

  22. i dont usually participate in blogs. i answer questions and thats usually it. guess i need to be on here more :)

  23. Thanks so much for this, the examples really do help me to understand how the quality score works.

  24. For a newbie, this comes in very useful. Thank You!

  25. Thanks for all the helpful information. I am new to the site so reading all of the examples and comments below has really helped me learn my way around a great site!

  26. It was great to see the different examples on how people answered the question. I do believe that ones quality score should show the effort they put into the site. If you ask us a question, we should be clear and descriptive with our answer. I look forward to giving more of my opinion later. thanks.

  27. I just wish I was able to get into the discussions…I am very excited about this site at first because I was able to go some things, now I have been stuck at the same level for a very long time…bummed ;(

    • I have been at the same level for a minute too but you have to keep trying to get to where you want to be. If you have any advice on how to get a higher level I would love to hear it, I have only been doing this for about a month.

  28. This was helpful information for a newbie like myself as I didn’t even know it existed!

  29. Thanks, love the explanation…

  30. I’m glad I read this. I was giving short answers to questions where I should be giving more descriptive ones. I want to be as helpful as possible, but that wasn’t what I was portraying.

  31. Wow, now this finally makes sense to me. I was way to vague on my answers. Thanks for the tips and the examples that you have listed here. I will be more descriptive in my answers.

  32. I was beginning to wonder what in the world I was doing on this site until I read your three examples of answers. Clearly I have been too brief and need to expand my responses. I’m thinking now I should respond to questions in as much detail as I would to a family member or friend. Thank you so much for the help!

  33. I like to earn more points but didn’t send much quick hints. Any suggestions how to get more points aside from answering quick hints?

  34. I have been wondering what I was doing wrong. I hardly ever get quick hits and my quality is stuck at 50%. Is there a specific way to get more quick hits because if you cannot get those you will not get an opportunity to do the other things.

  35. As a marketing major working on my MBA I think this is a great way to collect data and engage with consumers in a positive way. It doesn’t feel like a chore and brands get to explore detailed feedback from the consumer in an non invasive way. Great idea!! I think the only complaint it could be a bit easier to find out how things work. I would like to be able to scroll over the icons I have questions on and opt in or out bubble with quick info on what its for and or a quick link to FAQ for more detailed information but thats why its called beta XD

  36. Good thing i read this article on the Quality score. I really didnt know what it was about and didnt look into it. Now I know what it is all about and got a better understanding. Thanks for the info.

  37. I really enjoy using this site. I find great tips and brands I would have never thought to check out before. My friends love when I have something new to show them and tell about. Crowd tap is exactly like a “Show and Tell” for adults! It’s the best way for mom’s like me to stay in the loop.

  38. I am kinda new to this and have been doing the quick hits and was even invited to participate in a new action, although I did not get excepted it was a boost for me to just get the invite. I kind of understand the quality score, what I don’t get about it is how to make it go up. Am I doing the right things to get it going up or should I be doing more? I enjoy using this site, and hope to get invited to more new actions.

  39. This is a great article with practical tips that will surely help me keep my Quality Score at 100 percent! Thank you so much for the advice and tips. I love Crowd-Tapping!

  40. Thank you for the insight, I am fairly new to the community and have wondered how the quailty score works and how to raise it. I am hoping that I can start raising mine very soon, that 50 would look so much better if it were say 90 or even 100! Is that possible, can I get a 100! I sure can try!

  41. Very insightful! I’m glad I took the opportunity to look into this. I too, am new to the community and have started “digging” around to see what kind of information I can find about what to do and when and how. This is great. Thank you!!

  42. Reading this does help me understand how to use the discussion board. But there are a lot of non-crowdtap related ones. But thank you for thinking of us and trying to make things clear. 😉

  43. Thank you for postin this. It makes it much easier to understand why and how we receive our scores. I wish there were more ways to enflate our scores! thank you!

  44. when I first started using crowdtap I had no idea about the quality rating so I blew through the questions pretty quickly and there were some shorter answers among my initial responses. When I found out about it I found my quality score was a 50 and then I decided I was going to try to have more lengthy responses however I was regularly getting quick hits with no write in answer options. I saw my score still go down to a 37 even after I participated in a discussion where i earned a star for my response.. Now I log in today and I only had one quick hit to answer without discussion and noticed my score dropped down to 35. What can I do? I’m about to just give up on it because it doesn’t seem that there is any logical method that is being utilized.

  45. Thank you for the explanation of the quality score number, but I feel similar to a lot of the people who have commented below. It would be nice to have more opportunities to raise your quality score. It sounds like if it gets low, you receive less opportunities, which in turn means you have less ways to raise it back up. I personally work full time and am unable to get onto crowdtap during the day due to it being linked to facebook which is blocked at my job. So when I receive opportunities for things during the day or in the middle of the night I cannot respond immediately and I lose out. Seems like you are rewarding people who stay up all night or are home during the day (or at least work somewhere where they can be on your site). I think your site is fun and would like the chance to be more active in it.

  46. Hey N’dia,

    The amount of quick hits you receive is not affected by your quality score, but they are launched on a limited basis and you may not qualify for certain ones due to targeting parameters. We are making some changes to the way quality scores are calculated, so you will see your score start to fluctuate much more than before. Don’t worry though, this is happening to everyone and does not mean that the quality of your contributions has gone down! We will be posting more information about stars and quality scores soon.

    If you are having trouble with commenting in discussions, please send us a help ticket by clicking the Feedback tab in your Crowdtap account so we can look into the issue.

  47. I’m still trying to figure out the quality score! I admit I signed up for crowd tap a while back and honestly didn’t login much. I was very sporadic about comments, etc. A friend filled me in on the details and what it was really all about it. Since then, I’ve tried to be very active! I love this site! Everyone’s comments are extremely helpful! I’ve completed all quick hits in a timely manner, answer questions with plenty of detail, commented on others’ posts, and invited friends to join. All of that said, my score is still a 38!!! Why won’t it change? I don’t know what else to do!

  48. I agree with what everyone else has written. I, too, had a high quality score (100). One day recently I logged in and it is at 48. I am not sure why the huge drop and it keeps dropping. I am active. I do participate in conversations with more than one sentence. I have had friends join. I also completed a sample share and received high scores and cash. What am I missing to pull up my score?

  49. i can’t even find mine. its not there. :( can someone help

  50. Thanks for the explanations! way helpful.

  51. Thanks for the explanations! way helpful.

  52. I do not have the quality score on my stats page?? Can anybody tell me how to find it..or where I can find it!?!?

  53. I cannot find my quality score…. :(

  54. I have gotten 400 Bonus points 3 times!! and my score is a 54. I don’t get any new missions anymore and very few quick hits. My friends are getting Old Navy clothes and I can’t even comment on a post. I must say I was having a blast logging in everyday but now I feel lost and am losing interest rather quickly. I liked to old page better.

  55. This design is wicked! You most certainly know how to keep a reader
    entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved
    to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how
    you presented it. Too cool!

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