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Crowdtap Member Highlight: Hanna E.

This Crowdtap Member Highlight is shining the spotlight on Hanna E, one of the top young members in the Crowdtap community! ย Her insightful posts and active participation have made her stand out as a top member both in the teen groups and on Crowdtap as a whole.

Hanna is a level 7 Platinum member, and has been on Crowdtap for seven months. ย  She is sixteen, and ย lives in Ohio with her parents and her 6 month old little brother. ย One of Hanna’s major interests is photography, and she is considering it as a career option for later in life.

Check out our interview with Hanna below:

What is your charity, and why did you choose that one?

My charity on Crowdtap right now is TWLOHA or To Wrote Love On Her Arms. I am an animal rights activist and a vegetarian but this charity is close to my heart because of past personal experiences with myself and with friends/family. I have supported TWLOHA for years through other websites as well.

How much cash have you earned on Crowdtap so far?

So far, my lifetime earnings on Crowdtap is $156.10. I never expected to earn cash at all when I signed up, so I am overjoyed with the amount that I have earned to date.

What has been your favorite action on Crowdtap so far?

I have loved the monthly Crowdtap community discussions ever since I began participating in them, but my favorite action available to me so far has to be the Adidas women’s gear! I just received my products and I am more than happy with them. I was sent five different articles of clothing, all at no charge to me at all.

What drew you to Crowdtap as a teenager?

What drew me to Crowdtap was actually an incentive to earn points on another website. Once I joined though, the charity aspect is what really kept my interest. I love to support charities in any way that I possibly can, plus I can earn money for myself AND sample new products! Who could turn down an opportunity like that?

You have given consistently excellent feedback in all your actions (especially for someone at such a young age), do you have any tips for other young members who want to give good feedback?

Thank you so much! I don’t personally believe that age is a measure of intelligence, but to anybody who is looking to give good feedback – Don’t ever blindly go into a discussion. If you don’t know about the topic being questioned, research it and be sure to answer all parts of the question in detail (include any pictures or ideas you may have) when you feel that you have enough knowledge on the topic.

What is your favorite thing about Crowdtap?

My favorite thing about Crowdtap is having the opportunity to voice my opinions and getting feedback from other members of the Crowdtap community through comments. When I receive a star it’s a great reminder that you guys are listening, that my opinions and ideas are getting out there.

Hanna E in her new Adidas workout gear!

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Krystle Warnock

Congrats Hanna for your hard work and commitment. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seven months is a long time. I hope to achieve something near that in the future. Keep up what you do. And I love the fact your Charity is TWLOHA. For your age I think you seem like a strong young woman who knows what her goals are in life. So really keep it up. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And Congratulations again. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I have been fortunate to be in discussions with Hannah. She is always an asset to the discussions and often has a refreshing point of view, which I appreciate. She is proof of how vaulable the younger members of Crowdtap can be and I am sure she is a shining light in all the activites she participates in! Congratulations Hannah!


Congrats Hanna you sound like a great teen:) keep up the great work!!

Janene Scarborough

Congrats Hannah, you are very wise for age, you indeed have an “old soul” I really enjoyed reading this about you, you keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nancy Zimmer

GO HANNA!!! Well deserved ๐Ÿ™‚ I think, if age wasn’t posted, no one would be able to even remotely guess that you’re a teenager based on your well-thought out answers. You’re right – age doesn’t matter!

Jessica Milliken

Hanna, Congrats for being you! There are so many teenagers out there that would never take the time to support a charity they believe in, it is sad that our world has changed the way it has. You are an amazing voice for your age and taking the time to discuss issues that affect our world!! Way to be!

Rachel Butler

Good job, Hanna E! I love your charity. That is the charity I chose. I am exactly like you though, I’m a huge animal rights activist and I’m not quite a vegetarian, but if I can find the will power I would become one in an instant. You seem to have quite a good head on your shoulders to just be sixteen! Keep up the good work and keep Tappin’!

Renee Ziaya

I just got done reading the post about Hannah what an inspiration to other teens she is. Her example is proof that there is still hope for the younger generation today. Way to go Hannah I hope one day we are in a discussion together :o)

Jamie Rogers

While I don’t know Hannah it certainly sounds like she’s the type of young person our country needs more of! I can tell from her answers here that she puts effort into everything she does and she comes off as very honest and sincere in her interview. Great work Hannah and best of luck to you as you continue your journey thru life.

Ruthie Rivera

Hanna, Congratulations! You are truly what this country needs for the future. Your are definetly heading in the right direction. Awesome !!

Patsy Clark

Congratulations! I am amazed at the insight given by such a young person! Thanks for all your hard work & keep tappin’!!

Drugstore Divas

Congrats for being selected for this feature Hanna! I just joined Crowdtap, and I’m learning the ropes. I was also drawn to it for the charity aspect of it. It’s amazing to be able to help charities out by doing simple things, like this. If everyone took a little time to help charities, we’d all be able to make a big difference. That’s awesome that Hanna sees this at such a young age!

Michelle Perry

Nice going Hannah! I’m always glad to hear when teens get involved and really enjoy being involved in charity. I hope you’ll continue to be a Crowdtap member and encourage other teens. Congrats!

Nancy Simms

Way to go Hannah. You have a great attitude for a girl your age. It’s refreshing when a teen shows compassion and responsibility.

Mohinder Narang

Wow! this wonderful work on highlighting about teen personalities with clarity of vision and achievements made in CrowTap is surely going to prove a lot inspiring for many members including myself. Do look forward to knowing more about her actual contribution to Charity of her choice and her photography work – as pictures surely can speak more than a thousand words.

Kristin Whitlock

Wow! She is quite the impressive girl! She seems to have an ‘old soul’. I hope I get to see her in a discussion soon!

Debra Moore

Congratulations Hanna for being a dedicated CrowdTapper. It is great to see a teenager very involved. Maybe this will rub off on more teenagers our there.

Jessie Joiner

Congrats!! I hope to one day get to the level you are!! I have not been able to sample products yet. Maybe one day!

Alison 'Evans' Dick

Way to go Hannah! I would of never guessed you are 16 years old. This is inspiring! Kepp up the god work and congrats!

Misti May

Way to go Hanna!!! Keep your self disapline and heart and you will definitly make it far in this world!!!

Stephanie Guenther

Hey Hannah! Your motivation and strong will are very awesome for your age. It’s rare to come across teenagers who are as driven as yourself. You have achieved a lot over the past seven months on this site. I applaud your dedication and your perseverance! Congratulations!

Sarah McNeely

Wow! Congratulations on being getting the member highlight. I also am an animal activist and I am trying to become a vegetarian myself. I think that is amazing that you have earned so much money on here for you and your chosen charity! I am still kind of new to Crowdtap and recently started to get really into it. I am level 5 and I am extremely excited to continue leveling up so that I will be able to sample new products and just be able to raise money for the ASPCA!


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