Out of Beta Launch Update

Written by Lucas

We’re only a couple of weeks away from our Out of Beta launch in the first or second week of January and are very excited to show you what we’ve been working on! The entire Crowdtap team has been working day and night to make the updated version of Crowdtap as awesome as possible for this release.

As you may have heard in our Moving Out of Beta blog post, one of the big new features we’re going to be launching is the Crowdtap Store where you’ll be able to use your points earned on the site to purchase gift cards, donations to charity, and other awesome items. We believe that the new store is going to be great for all members because instead of only a small proportion of members earning cash for some of their activities on Crowdtap, all of our members are going to be earning redeemable points for all of their participations. Additionally, we will be launching missions in this release that will be available to all members and each mission is going to reward bonus points for completion. You will also receive brand new plaques for completing missions, which means that we will be removing all of our current types of badges (but don’t worry, our mission plaques are much cooler looking!)

Seeing as we’re going to be rewarding redeemable points for all activities on Crowdtap, we will be updating the point system to more accurately reflect our current rewards system (i.e. discussion top awards are going to be worth 15,000 points in the new system as opposed to the 1,000 points they are currently worth). This means some point values are going to increase while others decrease, however, earning redeemable points for all Crowdtap activities along with big mission bonuses is going to result in more rewards for everyone!

Additionally, because we are going to be changing our current point system, we are going to be launching a new leveling system that will allow you to reach higher levels in a shorter amount of time. We just want to give you a heads up that your current Crowdtap level is going to increase a few notches and your nameplate will most likely be changing as well. To give you a sneak peak, we’ll be adding new levels like Slate, Marble, and Titanium (and that’s just scratching the surface)!

We are really excited about these changes and think they are going to bring the whole Crowdtap experience together. Please let us know your thoughts or feedback you have below!



74 comments on “Out of Beta Launch Update

  1. I have been with you ever since you launched.I am so excited to this happen.Congratulations on your great success.

  2. Will you lose what you currently have or is there a system set up to transfer it to a correlating level and what not when the change is made?

  3. This is really exciting news! I’m looking forward to the launch!

  4. Hi Lucas and Happy Holidays! This sounds like it is going to be really good . I think the new leveling system will be better. I am pretty new to Crowdtap but I like it a lot.

  5. hey this sounds exciting! I can’t wait for the new changes!!!

  6. This sounds great! I am excited to see how this will change they way things are done. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. Excited for the new changes to come out. Hopefully it will open new doors, I’m a feen for all new opportunities!!! Thanks for the improvements!

  8. So how many points will we need to get a gift card or whatever?…
    and what are the amounts of the gift cards?…

  9. Awesome I think this is a great idea

  10. What type of items will be in the store?

  11. sounds like an exciting time to be a crowdtapper. Rock on

  12. Can we have a sneak peek of the points store??? i would love to see it

  13. Crowdtap Is Amazing !! Excited For New Changes.

  14. would love to have a sneak peak of the store and the point system. I work hard on Crowdtap and I love to do this…

  15. Eager for changes but a bit nervous about it too

  16. Cant wait to see the The Changes have in store!!

  17. So if we do have cash that is converted to the points what is the cash vs points comparison?

  18. I am looking forward to the changes,because as awesome as Crowdtap is I know it is only going to be better for the members. Thanks to the wonderful team that has worked so hard to bring us these awesome things!

  19. Awesome… I’m excited about leveling up faster. Once I hit Level 6 I thought, “Oh man! It’s going to take me a year to reach 100,000 points!”

  20. Looking forward to the new changes. I love Crowdtap. I just wish that I could be included in more discussions. Maybe I’m too old? Whichever, still having fun.

  21. this almost sounds like swagbucks in away..i kinda like being able to caash out at $5.00 bucks when i use it most right away.. so the gifts card when we order then how long will it take to process? i know swagbucks it takes 10-18 business days

  22. are we suppose to use the lifetime money we have is that what you mean when you say you will stop redeeming the cash after sunday please someone let me know thanks and so excited about the changes deff happy about getting higher leves faster

    • Yes~ it means that if you want to redeem your earned cash you need to do it before Sunday. If not it will be converted over to points.

  23. I’m so very confused on how to use this website as it is, and I’m not too sure how I feel about “point systems” :/

  24. i think this will be better for the charities!! maybe we can give more faster!

  25. Sounds exciting for SURE!! =)

  26. Could you let us know how our cash will convert over to points? Will, for example, a $10.00 Amazon card I have still be worth enough points or whatever for an equivalent $10 Amazon card from the store? It would really suck if it is worth less.

  27. good thing i just cashed out most of my money, then! curious, though – how many points is it going to take to redeem stuff now?

  28. All of these promotions! I feel like a loved crowdtapper!

  29. I’m excited to see the new changes you all have coming for us :)

  30. Is it going to take a ridiculous amount of points to redeem for something not so great?

  31. I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad thing.. It makes me wonder if it’s going to take a bunch of points to get something.

  32. I’m worried if I don’t cash out now that $10 gift card won’t be $10. It might end up being 10,000 = $10. When it didn’t take that much to get $10 now. Hmmm…… Anyone have any ideas?

  33. It will be nice to get more points and be able to try products… I like the idea of a (store) as I am a avid shopper lol. I like to see my points go UP but seem to be having a time getting to the TOP … And Lucas what a lucky guy you are to live in NYC. I love the city life as I come from a town that would fit in one of the alley’s of NYC. LOL.

  34. Katie you hit it on the head, I agree 100%

  35. They sounds great! Can’t wait for it to take place!

  36. It better all be worth the same or i’m done.

  37. cool cant wait to get start

  38. The cash payout was a big incentive for me to participate in crowd tap. Not sure how interested I will be without it.

  39. I’m can’t wait to see the changes! I have money to cash out on but if they convert to points I wonder if its better to wait?

  40. I absolutely love Crowdtap- I am consistently working to better my participation, I always check in to see if I have any new quick hits or actions, and I leave at least on comment a day on my current actions! I love the “Out of Beta” idea, and I hope to see it soon! I just want to know if the conversion of my money already accumulated will stay at the same value???

  41. What kinds of gift cards are there going to be available in the Crowdtap store?

  42. I logged on this morning hoping to check out the new stuff. I can’t wait to see the changes! :)

  43. Since I’m not in the demographic for most Crowdtap launches, I’m having a hard time getting a lot of points now. Is the new one going to be aimed at young folks just as much?

  44. I just looked at the redeem page and it says you have to earn $100 before you can redeem . Wow, $100?

  45. Wonder when we will be able to see the changes?

  46. I am so excited to see what you have in store for us! Thanks so much!

  47. When did the amount to cash out go from $10 to $100? Just the other day it was only $10 to cash out for an Amazon.com giftcard.

  48. I have 20 bucks currently but it won’t let me cash it out, am I going to lose all of the money I earned or will it turn into points and will is still equal 20 some dollars?

  49. I’m not looking forward to it at all. I really hope that the $69 I have earned will still equal out in gift cards. I have a bad feeling that the site I loved so much will be one I won’t enjoy nearly as much.

  50. I just checked my redemption page to see if my newest code had come in (it has) and I saw this, “You need to earn $100.00 before you can redeem your earnings” WHAT is that all about??? $100 before you can redeem seems a little ridiculous to me! (I am Lvl 6 Gold)

  51. $100 to cash out. I can’t say I’m impressed. I really loved this program. I’ll give it some time but it’s not looking to good for me now :(

  52. I love Crowdtap and i think the changes could be good..but my questions are…the level and points i am at now, am i going to lose the points? or are they going to carry over? The money that i have is that going to carry over?

  53. “Last Day to Redeem on Sunday
    As we get ready to say goodbye Beta and open the new Crowdtap Store, we will stop redeeming cash after Sunday, January 8th. If you still have cash after Sunday, it will be converted to points for you to use in the store.
    Check out our blog for more information about the Crowdtap Store.”

    This seems like important information that you should email to users so that they’re aware of the changes. I had no idea and logged in today, a few days after your sudden deadline, and am highly disappointed that I will not be able to redeem the cash that I earned. I want my cash. I don’t want points.

  54. …Just read that. Alright.

  55. this pisses me off, I check this nearly every day, and I hadn’t seen a notification of this changing until today…3 days after the fact. it would have been nice to of had an actual warning, like maybe a pop-up on screen.

  56. When is this new store going to launch?? I think we’re all a little apprehensive and excited to see it, and some of us are waiting to cash out.

  57. Im new to crowdtap, and I just dont really understand the whole point thing…im on level 4 and all ive been doing is quick hits, there should be better way of getting to discussions and other things on the site..im a quick learner at these things, and this site is just hard to understand!

  58. It’s interesting.

  59. I agree with this contents.

  60. I think, it’s good news.

  61. I just want to thank all of crowd tap. Its awsome to be able to help consumers and other tappers with voicing our thoughts on things. You all rock..!!!

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