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Exclusive Referral Contest: Share Verizon’s Microsoft Windows8 Party … and Win Big!

Many of you out there are buzzing about the latest and greatest Hosted Party on tap: Verizon’s Microsoft Windows8 Party! If you are selected to host, you’ll receive a sweet new Windows 8X phone by HTC and have the opportunity to explore all of its’ awesome features with your guests. If you haven’t applied yet, it’s not too late! Just check out this invite to apply now.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Crowdtap is launching an exclusive referral contest just for Verizon Crowdtap VIPs and party applicants. We want you to share this prime opportunity with all your friends so they can get in on the Verizon and Crowdtap love too. The best part? The 10 Crowdtappers who amass the greatest number of new Crowdtap signups by January 11th will win $100 Amazon Gift Cards! Not bad, eh?

Time to get share-crazy!

Here’s how to enter and win:

  • After you’ve applied for the party, share out your invite for the Verizon Microsoft Windows8 Party via Facebook, Twitter or email between now and January 11th (see the screenshot below on where to find the link)
  • We’ll track the number of signups you get, and the 10 people with the most new Crowdtap signups by January 11th will win $100 Amazon gift cards

In case you don’t remember where you can access your link to share the party invitation, see below for step-by-step directions on how to locate your link:


  • Copy and paste the link below the image and send it directly

Winners will be selected and notified via email on Tuesday, January 15th. We’ll also announce the winners to the entire community shortly thereafter. Until then, good luck and happy tappin’!

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France Garcia

This would be a dream come true for me I would love to try this phone and put it to a true test 🙂


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