HERSHEY’s Spreads are Worth the Wait!

Written by Lindsey

HERSHEY’s Spreads are a creamy and delicious way to upgrade your snacks! 

We know some of you in the sampling still haven’t received your samples yet due to slow shipping during thepeak, holiday season – please be patient! They are on the way. We cannot wait to hear what you have to say about the product once you receive it.

The Crowdtap team had a chance to try out all three flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate with Hazelnut, and Chocolate with Almond. We enjoyed a Friday afternoon snack buffet with fresh fruit, pretzels, pound cake, cookies and bread!

Check out a picture of the spread we put out to try the Spreads: 


What did the Crowdtap team think about new Hershey’s Spreads?

“It tastes so good on a sandwich – and on pineapple!” – Becca M

“These Spreads are YUMTASTIC” – Brent M.

“I’ll do you one better, YUMALICIOUS!” – Arjun A. (a fight ensued about how to properly describe how delicious Spreads are :))

On the chocolate flavor: “It tastes like a melted Hershey bar to me.” – Mike D.

“I love all three flavors!” – Sam S.

“Spreads are quite lovely! ” – Michael P

Even Maulin P., the office curmudgeon, had to admit, “This is delicious!”

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about your samples. Here are some uses for HERSHEY’s Spreads we suggest: 

  • Try vanilla wafer/Spread sandwiches 
  • Spread ‘em on Pretzels!!!
  • Try pineapple with a thick layer of Spread
  • Check out Spreads on cookies with almonds
  • Make mini-sandwich bites with peanut butter
  • Sandwich Spread+banana+peanut butter on whole wheat bread
Click here to read more about HERSHEY’s Spreads and check out the Tagboard filled with Crowdtap content! 
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69 comments on “HERSHEY’s Spreads are Worth the Wait!

  1. i would like any of the flavors. I would like to eat it on pretzels or just straight out of the bottle.

  2. Hi Lindsey! I’m a little bummed tonight having just seen my Buckeyes lose to the Clemson Tigers but as they say, we’ll get em’ next year! I wish I would get my Hershey’s Spread as my granddaughters and I are anxiously awaiting to try it out!! :-)

  3. I finally got my sample yesterday and quickly dug in. It is so good!! I have already told my sons not to leave me alone with this jar and a spoon..or a fork,,or a knife. Just tie my hands behind my back, because that is the only way I won’t get into this jar.

  4. I never received my sample. It states it was mailed mid December…hummmm which one of you guys raided my mailbox?????

  5. yummy hershey…daughter made a sandwich with some peanut butter snd fluff… shes addicted!!!

  6. I’m still waiting to receive mine, can’t wait to try it!

  7. love the spread warm, over cheese cake, then topped with whipped cream and more drizzle with hershey’s spread with almond

  8. I got a jar of the Chocolate with Almond for my share, & we agree – it is Yummalicious! I’ve run out of things in the house to try it on, I have to go shopping! It tastes really good as a sandwich all on it’s own too (on rye bread!)

  9. I had my Hershey’s Sample Share yesterday with my Sister & Nephews. Not only did we enjoy the wonderful flavor of Hershey’s New Chocolate Spread but we enjoyed our time together and being creative. As we watched what one another was sampling our eyes widen with excitement and couldn’t wait to try what the other was pairing. When asking my youngest Nephew (because you know kids say the darndest things; I was looking for the most honest opinion) what his opinion of our pairing party was; He simply said ” This was the Best Day EVER”.. I’m assuming because he was allowed to go hog wild – Not only try but encouraged TO eat more chocolate – and use his imagination and last but not least – didn’t have to worry about messy hands & face – as that was highly encouraged by me; his Auntie. Crowdtap, I’d like to thank you for inviting me to Sample/Share this product with my family as I have taken my Nephews unadulterated statement — and well, adulterated because I have taken it this way — “This was the Best Day Ever” to Mean “YOU ARE THE BEST AUNT EVER”.. LOL. I had such a wonderful time – you helped bring our family to gather and share in a fun & Yummy way —- “EVER”!!.

  10. I would love to try the chocolate spread on a peanut butter, banana and marshmello cream sandwitch.

  11. the chocolate almond is awesome with marshmallows!

  12. Hi I am stephanie and I can’t wait to try the chocolate almond!!!

  13. Tried the Hershey’s Chocolate w/almond on thick Italian bread. Love it!

  14. Still waiting for my sample to come in the mail. I’ve been notified of the delay due to weather…Can’t wait to get it and try it!!!!

  15. Yummy ideas I can’t wait to spread the possibilities! hope to get my sample soon.

  16. My Sample came today! (YAY) I called my husband freaking out because we got the almond one, now I know this may sound strange but I am looking forward to trying it on Cinnamon waffles! :) #Spreadpossibilities #crowdtap

  17. We tried it with starfruit and eating it straight out of the jar. Awesome!

  18. I really hope I can get in on this I hope I’m not too late.

  19. My daughter and niece loved the Hershey Spread they made smores

  20. Hi Linsey, Perhaps you can help me.I have been on Crowdtap the last two days, since I received my Hershey’s Chocolate spread. I have liked, tweeted and submitted text, but can’t seem to get into the sampler post to submit… o.O

  21. taste great

  22. great ideas.

  23. Lovely ideas on things to use the Hershey’s spread on :)

  24. These look so yummy!

  25. I receievd my sample and had a get together with my family and a couple of friends, Made some cookies and spread this on top ,, made them taste more awesomeness… great product glad I was picked.

  26. I finally got it. Still in process of sampling. Will post pics on my social accounts and submit my report real soon though. :)

  27. I just got mine and used it to make S’mores rollups for the kids for lunch. yum! yum!

  28. Just received my sample jar finally! The chocolate with almonds is FANTASTIC!

  29. We got the Chocolate with Almonds today. The kids are trying it and taking pictures as they experiment. I can’t try it because I’m allergic to almonds, but plan on picking up the plain Chocolate one at the store to try.

  30. They paired really well with Newman’s Own Organic Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies!!

  31. Just got it today and used the spread with banana and crackers.. delish!

  32. just received my chocolate almond spread and took it to trivia. Everyone on the team loved it. We used it on apples, strawberries, pretzels and pita chips. Love the ideas that are suggested. Thumbs up from all who tried!!!

  33. I Finally Received my sample. I love chocolate and this taste so good. Bring on the marshmallows and graham crackers

  34. I got my Hershey’s Hazelnut Spread and my samplers gobbled it up! Mine fav is paired with tart apples. They have to be tart and they have to be crisp. Yummy!!

  35. Got my almond flavor jar yesterday….delicious. I tried with strawberries and raspberries. Ran out of fruit so just ate off of spoon!

  36. My mind is getting overloaded with so great recipes and goodies to try. Can’t wait to try them all out.

  37. yum greatness

  38. Hi everyone! I received my jar of Hersheys chocolate spread and can’t wait to try it out with fruit and pretzels!!!! Yummmm.

  39. tastey

  40. An absolutely delicious treat. Loved the chocolate with hazelnut

  41. I received my Hersheys chocolate spread with Almond Yesterday. I Love anything Chocolate. I Did try it with graham crackers and loved it. I Would Like The plain Chocolate better. It would be Great on Some Kind of Cake,Like a Cheese Cake.#SpreadPossibilities

  42. being we got this late after the holidays and all the family went back to their home states…just hubby and our daughter taste tested it..we got all sorts of fruits…melons,, apples, bananas, kiwi, starberries, grapers(seedless) pineapple. It was wonderful..didnt like it with peanut butter..

  43. My wife got chosen to do this. Yes, it arrived a bit late. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the delivery it was impractical to do a party surrounding it (XMas and NY’s were already over with). We tested it with close family. This stuff is AMAZING. Imagine travelling back to your childhood, to that Hershey’s bar you accidentally left in the backseat of your grandma’s car on a warm summer’s day. As a child, I remember tearing up with sadness when I unfolded the foil to find what I thought was an inedible mess. Now, imagine someone giving you a little happy nudge and a bag of pretzels and telling you to go to town on that melted candy bar. This is a “win”.

  44. My sample just came in the mail two days ago….so the only people that have tried it so far have been myself and my family. I received the chocolate flavor sample. It’s delicious all by itself on a spoon, or dipping cookies in it or smeared on fruit~ I tried it on pears and oh my yum!

  45. I got the Almond & Choc. What is not to love with Hershey’s? This was a real treat for toast, apples and frosting!

  46. I got the Chocolate and Almond. I took it took work and left apples, oranges, pineapple, pretzels, and candy canes with it. Everyone loved it

  47. We received the chocolate sample. I tried dipping bananas into it. MAJOR HIT with my kids! We also tried drizzling it over vanilla ice cream….HEAVEN. This is a dangerous item to have in my house because it is so good. It’s too hard to stay out of it. My family devoured it in just one weekend.

  48. Once I received the free Hershey’s Spread sample in the mail, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Once I got a taste of it, I was hooked. The rich chocolate flavor was delicious! The creamy and smooth spread was a hit with my children as well.

  49. We received the sample and it is absolutely delicious! I opened it as soon as I could and we’ve been reaching into the cabinet for a quick nibble every few hours!

  50. I received my sample of the Hersey chocolate spread. At 1st I was a little hesitant to try this spread since I am not a fan of it’s competitor’s brand. My 3 yr old asked for a snack and I decided to make him a peanut butter and Hershey spread sandwich. As I was making this snack I gave it a little taste and my goodness was it delicious! The speed had a great balance taste and a very distinctable Hershey flavor. It was a very pleasant surprise.

  51. I was disappointed I did not have it in time for the holidays, but, it was worth waiting for! My family loved it. I thought my daughter was going to eat the whole jar with a spoon, but she did end up sharing it. Dipping fruit in it was tasty, but I think I like the saltiness of chips with the Hershey Spread.

  52. I just got my Hershey’s spread the other day and I was super duper excited! I was hoping to get one with either Almond or Hazelnut but I got the regular chocolate. I love it! I thought I would be a little disappointed but that’s happily not the case. It’s almost like eating chocolate frosting on everything. My favorite pairing so far has been oranges and my awesome chocolate hershey’s spread :)

  53. I received mine and was able to serve it at my son’s 12th birthday party. The guest enjoyed trying something new that they had not heard of. Great Product!!!

  54. I finally received my Hershey Chocolate Spread sample this past weekend and I immediately ripped open the package and WOW!! The creaminess, the TASTE and the way it satisfied my chocolate and sweet craving was unbelievable. I tried it on pickles (love the sweet and tart mixture,) pretzels, pineapple and my absolute favorite waffles and I find that I have to hold myself back from eating the entire jar in 3 day! GREAT STUFF!

  55. I received my sample of Hershey’s Chocolate Spread a few days ago. Since then we have been going through the refrigerator and cupboards to find things to try it with. So far we have paired it up with- bananas, oranges, bell pepper, celery, pineapple, toast, peanut butter, yogurt, ice cream, pretzels, apples, and crackers. Now it’s almost gone. I hope they have more at our store.

  56. I received my sample and now I am totally addicted to Hershey’s Chocolate Spread! It is so rich and smooth and creamy! I tried it on a little bit of everything – from apples to sandwiches and everything in between and it was awesome on everything it was eaten on!

  57. I tried mine with fruit, pretzels, cookies (baked into the middle and as the filling of a cookie sandwich), and crescents (rolled inside and in the middle of a blossom). I can’t wait to try it in my ice cream maker – have a feeling it will make a nice fudge ripple when added at the end. Also want to combine with cream cheese and swirl in a brownie mix. Yummy!

  58. This stuff is the best. I got the sample almond flavor and bought the chocolate flavor. Love them both! It doesn’t get any better than this!

  59. Finally got my sample! Tried it on chocolate chip muffins, pancakes, bananas and apples so far! So tasty! I got the non-pancake lovers in my household to eat pancakes – covered in chocolatey goodness! Can’t wait to try it out on some more snacks!

  60. I was thinking of making homemade doughnuts with the spread as a glaze and bacon crumbles ,I did it and it was excellent! #crowdtap ##thespreadpossibilitiescrowd

  61. I loved the Hershey spread (Chocolate w/almond)!—I was a little aggravated that the post office didn’t get it here until Jan. 11, and the package was damaged, & they made me pay $5.85 postage extra! but I have to admit the spread was great! Like a melted Hershey bar, lol! #crowdtap #SpreadPossibilities

  62. I bet they’d be great on graham crackers as a quick and easy afternoon snack

  63. Hi guys, just recieved the hurshey’s today after a long antisipated wait! I was going to “blow this project off” since the cut off was yesterday to submit for the sample. Now that I have it in hand, I’m trying it dipped and smeared in/on everything that I can find. Can’t wait for the party to begain.

  64. Now My pictuer shows up :~ }

  65. I was hoping for the Chocolate with Almond Hershey Spread. I wanted to use it as a filling between shortbread cookies and roll the edges in chopped almonds.

  66. i would like to know where is my hershey chocolate spread??? im still waiting going on three months?????i think three months????im just dieing to try it….

  67. My account was deleted accidentally and now I can’t get back on. Can you help me?

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