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Fall Style 4 Ways

It’s about that time of year, Tappers: the hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us – and since there’s no escaping it, why not dive head-first into the season with some serious style?

Holiday gift shopping is best achieved using the 1-for-1 method… meaning 1-for-you and 1-for-me. To help you achieve this most ideal equilibrium, we’re giving away $75 gift cards to Hollister! How can you get in on this shopping spree? Snap a pic of your fall style & upload it to our Fall Fashion Contest.

But first, a little inspiration from a few of our favorite fashionistas on the word wide web:

 1. The San Diego Minimalist – @OliviaFaith_

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.19.51 PM


Olivia Faith, a University of California student and cookie enthusiast, styles her photos against stark, simple backgrounds that allow her signature style to pop. In this shoot, she shopped the Abercrombie & Fitch holiday line for moody florals, dark plaids, and whimsical  accessories. Seriously, does anyone else suddenly feel daring enough to try the socks with sandals look stat? 


2. The New York City Songstress – Dress like Jess

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.35.59 PMJessica Lemos also snagged her easy city-girl style from the racks at Abercrombie & Fitch. Here, she rocks a vegan leather jacket over a cozy marled sweater paired with a hint of punk rock plaid. We love how she takes advantage of New York’s changing foliage to compliment her cool fall look. 

3.  The Nocturnal Optimist – Tilden at TobeBright

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.46.04 PM

Also shopping the A&F holiday collection, Tilden picked out many of the same pieces as Jessica. But, where Jessica’s style is cozy and casual, Tilden creates an edgy look by pairing the ensemble with spiky heals, a statement tee, and tough, trucker hat. In choosing to set her picture on a beautiful country road, Tilden adds depth to her photos and puts her outfit front-and-center in the foreground. 

4. The California Dreamer  – Esmirana at Platforms for Breakfast

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.58.46 PM

As the mercury edges downward over here on the East Coast, we can’t help but envy that perfect California weather – Esmirina’s faux fur coat & mini dress pairing has us seriously considering a cross-country move! Also, the orange, sepia-tinged lighting in Esmirina’s first shot as well as the palm trees in the background of the second evoke a sense of old Hollywood glamour. Lana del Rey, anyone? 

Ready to show off your own instagram-worthy look? Use these posts as inspiration and complete the Fall Style Mission to enter to win a $75 Hollister gift card. We’ll also share the winners here!

In the comments, tell us which of these 4 looks are your fave and why!

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The New York City Songstress – Dress like Jess is my favorite. It shows the casual style and it’s more descriptive in appearance.

Carey Dorizzi Wright

I LOVE the Faux fur coat with the plaid dress!!(#4) That plaid dress is gorgeous!!!! But, #2 is also gorgeous!

Melissa Essenmacher

I love number 2! The leather jacket with the sweater is so cute. The boots and leggings go Great together and im from Michigan so id wear this over the othe.

Angela Hall

I love Jessica’s style the best although they are all good.

christy Yoong

I like the nocturnal Optimist outfit. ..Who don’t need coffee…lol


2. The New York City Songstress – Dress like Jess………………. Looks like a comfortable style to get out and enjoy your ady

linda etherdge

I Love the Faux fur Coat also no. 4 They are all very nice.


The New York City Songstress – Dress like Jess

Christina Spicuzza

I love #1. I totally have rocked similar outfits as in the picture on the left! I love all these outfits!


#2 is the type of outfit I’d choose!

Cameron Dahl

#2 …Just classic and comfy. 🙂


The girl in California Dreamer looks like she forgot her pantspants somewhere!

Carolann Leibenguth

My favorite look is The Nocturnal Optimist – Tilden at TobeBright. I love that she paired a ball cap with some super sexy stilettos. I love that she has mixed the feel of danger, down home girl, and of course the shout out with the coffee shirt.

Ruthann DeBaca

2 , 3,1 .. The 3 look comfortable and stylish 😉

Ashley Packard

I love the New York City Songstress. It’s comfortable and practical


The Nocturnal optimist is all about me

Rose Sanchez

I love The Nocturnal Optimist – Tilden at TobeBright The spiky heel and beautiful country road does it for me. Forgot the trucker hat also.

Heather Budge

I like the san Diego

Heather E

I love the California Dreamer! Very casual and comfy!

Dena Trone

I like the New York Songstress it looks more comfortable and I do not wear heels.


I like #2. It looks more of a fall atmosphere and love the outfit she has on.

Mary P



I like the photos with Olivia faith. Very Artsy looking


i love the new york city songstress


I love the #2 Dress like Jess. I love how is she is dressed for the weather.

Tina Eiser

Number 2 and 3 are my favorites since that looks the way I usually dress.

Staci Peebles

I love Nocturnal Optimist!

Donna Fee

Love the skirt in #1. Comfortable and classy. Wear it night and day. She had the most creative ideas about staging for the pics also


I would have to go with 2 the New York City Songstress. This is my usual style.

Tina Jones

Really liking #2 Dress like Jess. Seems to more my style and versatile for today’s fashion trends.

Angela Lackey

My fav would have to be #2 New York City Songstress. She looks classy, but very casual and comfortable, which are 3 things I like to incorporate into MY daily attire!! 🙂


I like style 2._

Jamie Gately

I like NYC Songstress the best. Her outfit is just so perfectly NY. Even though her clothes are carefully picked out, she put them together in such a way that looks like she put no effort into getting dressed at all. This look could go from a grunge bar to a trendy restaurant to a museum with ease.

Kalee Dutra

I prefer the songstress. The outfit looks comfortable, but also well put together. It also looks as though it would keep you warm despite the cooler Fall temperatures

Sarah Tomorrow

I love all the styles but for the fall I have to go with vegan and jean outfit

Carly G.

The Nocturnal Optimist is def. me even at age 41.

Zella Mckheen

Number 2 -The New York City Songstress – Dress like Jess is definitely my style. That would be something I would dress in.

Sandy Hardy

I fell in love with Tilden’s (#3) look. My normal style matches Jess’s but have wanted to add an edger look. I now have an example to inspire me.

Yolanda Davis

I like the first look better its more of somthing I would eear the faux fur msybe to club lol

Diana Robinson

I love #2 like jess this is more my style

kecionda morgan

I like the new York city songstress. Looks extremely comfy

Lee Durgan

I like the NYC Songstress


I love the NY songstress. Relaxed, practical, yet spunky and fun.


Love all the style but I would go with jess

Elaine Powell

#2 looks most appropriate for Winter weather


Dress like Jess all the way!


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