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HOW TO: Get your friends and family in on the Crowdtap fun!


Welcome back to Tutorial Tuesday! Today, we’re focusing on recruiting your loved ones for photo mission fun.

Every once in a while, we ask you to showcase some samples with your friends or make your co-workers pose in a photo mission. Making Crowdtap missions a collaborative process is a win-win-win.


  • It allows us at Crowdtap to get to know our current members better and to grow the community even further.
  • It lets your buds get some creative quality time with you and, in the case of sampling missions and hosted parties, to try out some rad new products for free.
  • It positions you as that“in-the-know” person in your social circles, gives you the resources to create more interesting mission photos, and allows you to share something you enjoy with the people who matter to you.


Of course, we know that no matter how good the reasoning, it can be kinda weird to ask your co-workers to take a photo with a Folgers Flavor Enhancer bottle, or for your teenage daughter to pose for a Clinique Photo Mission. For the shy amongst you, it’s probably at this point that your palms start to sweat and your heart begins beating two times too fast. How do you pop the Crowdtap question? How do you explain your motives? Are promises of future favors necessary? So many things to consider! Fear not though, timid Tappers. We’re here to make the process a cinch.

Read on for our tips on introducing the various people in your life to Crowdtap and getting them in on the Tapping fun!



WHO: These are the people that you talk to all the time online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) and in real life too! They’ve seen that weird way you dance after two glasses of wine and still manage to think you’re pretty cool, which means you don’t have to tread too lightly.

HOW: Whenever you’re asked to share a fun mission to social media, tag your friend in the status you post. This will allow themScreen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.00.12 PM to stay up to date on your Tapping and become acclimated with the kinds of cool missions we send you on. It will also give them a chance to offer up their opinions and support on executing future mission!

In the case of sampling missions that come with some extra products or coupons, these are the perfect folks to share with. It shows them you value their friendship and exposes them to the sweet opportunities available on Crowdtap. Make sure to capture these moments on camera for your reports! We love to see you and your friends are enjoying our samples, whether you’re munching on meatballs during some video games, or catching up over a coffee date.



This is the person you trust not to tell your boss that you’re tapping Polls and Missions instead of working. They get it; everyone needs a break! They’re also there for you when you just HAVE to talk about that crazy episode you caught on TV last night or the awesome new sandwich place you discovered during lunch.

HOW: Start by rewarding your office confidante with some of your latest sample. Everyone could use a pick-me-up now and then, and the extra samples that come in your Crowdkit might find a happy home at your office!

Since you already know that we love seeing photos of our samples in action, entice your co-worker to get in on the snapshot by offering to be in the picture too. Trust us, they will be way less shy if they don’t have to pose alone.





WHO: They know all about your Crowdtap addiction and have rolled their eyes more than once while trying to get you off the site and into the Netflix and chill part of the program. *Sigh* If only they could understand how much fuunnamedn Tapping can be…

HOW: Make them understand! This is the person who has agreed to stick by your side for better or for worse. That means you can skip straight to enlisting them in a photo mission. There are tons of Photo Missions that ask you to pose with a product, and it can be difficult doing all this with one hand and taking your photo with the other. Ask your significant other to help out. Who knows, they might even have some dynamite creative direction for you and before you know it, you might tap your way to Crowdtap stardom!

See an opportunity that you aren’t eligible for, but your significant other might be? Help them sign up for Crowdtap. Remember, multiple people in a household can have Crowdtap accounts, as long as everyone is uploading unique photos to their own accounts.




WHO: They don’t quite understand what Crowdtap is all about but still loveScreen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.57.28 PM having fun with you, whether that means setting up for silly photos or munching on some Goldfish® cracker samples together.

HOW: Turn up the creativity and let your kids have a lot of input! Encourage your children to get as inventive as possible when they help you with Photo Missions. We love it when we can see their personality and energy bursting
through the things you upload, even if it does result in some kooky photos.




WHO: They’ve always known you were special! That one time in grade school your English teacher called them in for a conference and said your writing seemed a just a liiiiiiittle out there but they insisted you were just a visionary marching to the beat of your own drum. Reward them for all those years of support and loyalty by sharing your hobby (and some quality time) with them.screen_shot_2015-10-06_at_3.23.10_pm_360

HOW: No need to be sneaky here. They dealt with enough of that during your teen years. Explain clearly to your parent (or parent-figure) what Crowdtap is all about and give them some examples of fun missions and parties you’ve participated in in the past. If they’re feeling a little insecure about posing for a photo mission, make sure you’re sensitive to those feelings. Let them see the photos you took and select the one they like best before uploading OR go for a total redo if they request one.



What did you guys think? Will these tips help arm you for recruiting your nearest and dearest in Crowdtap fun? What other methods do you use to convince friends to participate? Let us know in the comments below and remember, we’re looking out for your awesome group photo submissions for this week’s edition of Thumbs Up Thursday!

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Robin Peck

My friends started to ask what were all the postings on Facebook now I think they look forward for more post that I post on Facebook.

Jen Hartnett

I am retired so don’t have co-workers, and am fighting a losing, but strong battle with cancer. Crowdtap has given me some not only to do but to be able to prove to myself that I can still do things. I don’t see many people anymore, but have a super supportive spouse.
Yes, I’ve seen those eye rolls so many times, but they are always followed by “what do you want me to do” and he has yet to let me down.
With 2 dogs and 2 cats we can have some fun photos and I know he will be glad to help with anything I need..the animals, well they may take a little more bribing !!

Athena Onken

It’s good that you have some support.

Cheryl Tucker

I have copd can not work so i use a lot of my time on crowdtap. I have been telling my family and friends about the site. I have gotten a gift card but they like samples. I have not seen any on here yet but I see they say there is free samples


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