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Thumbs Up Thursday: Tapper Blogs that ROCK!

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday gave you a quick overview on what exactly goes into setting up a blog and some tips on writing an A+ product review. Remember, it’s all about making the space your own, getting your opinion out there, and becoming an influencer in your own social circles. Your voice counts here at Crowdtap, and we want to make sure that you’re getting yours out there, loud and clear.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite member blogs to showcase for this week’s edition of Thumbs Up Thursday, so let’s give them a warm welcome:



Rachel R of Bubbly Nature Creations shares a review of Jif™Bars as part of her daughter’s lunchbox spread. It’s got the trifecta of product review photos: she includes a close-up shot of the product she’s reviewing, how’s she’s mixing things up and incorporating this product into her life, AND getting her daughter in on the product reviewing fun! Not only will readers find out what Rachel thinks of the Jif™Bars she reviewed, but they also get some lunchbox inspiration.






You know exactly what you’re getting into when you land on Kelli B’s blog. Her banner (which you can see on her blog no matter what page you’re on) tells you that you’ll be reading about weight loss motivation and product reviews, like this review of the new Kleenex Pocket Packs. Her review provides some background for her review: Kelli prefers to be as comfortable as possible when she’s sniffly, so this influences how she’s going to judge this product. A little explanation goes a long way, especially for others who are reading your product review to get an idea on whether this would be a good fit for them as well!



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Amanda L is called The Soap Lady for a reason, and like Kelli, you can ready exactly what she’s all about in her banner. She shares a bit of her personal story in her blog posts so that readers understand where her review is coming from and makes that space her own. We love how Amanda shares comments from her co-workers who tried the product and even provides some facts about Listerine® for her readers! You’re getting a really well-written product review AND some fun facts! 😉





McKenzie G’s family is no stranger to Elmo, so if you’re a regular reader over at Girl Loves Glam, then you know she’s going to be somewhat of an expert on the beloved character. She reviews the Playskool Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo toy and gives a comprehensive description of what the toy can do. Her blog post includes some gift-giving ideas so while you get a product review, you’re also going to end up with some holiday inspiration as well! Don’t forget about those clear, vibrant photos- they can really make a difference to an otherwise text-heavy blog post!



Now, one thing that our Tappers ALL have in common? They provide a full disclosure that they received something from us, but their opinions are their own. When you RSVP to a Sample or Hosted Party Mission, you’re asked to agree to some guidelines outlined by WOMMA and FTC:

These guidelines help readers understand where your reviews are coming from, so all product review blog posts that are based on a free sample need to have a disclosure statement.

And remember, Tappers, we’re showing you some awesome product reviews, but your blog doesn’t have to be 100% focused on them! It might take some experimenting to find your perfect style, voice, and message, but we hope you’ll take Crowdtap on that journey with you!


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I am excited to be apart of this group


Love to be informed!!


I know nothing about blogs. I am an infant.


I have never blogged before… But anything is possible if I learn how to do it. . I learn best from looking at them and seeing what others are doing and saying. .


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