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HOW TO: Participate in Twitter Parties


Tweet, tweet!

A little birdie may have told you that Crowdtap often hosts these parties… these Twitter Parties. How does one get invited to something as exclusive as a “Twitter Party?” Actually, they’re not exclusive at all! Anyone with a Twitter account is welcome to join! Want to participate in a conversation with some cool brands and maybe even win some prizes, but not really sure how? Read on for a break-down of how to get started on Twitter and make the most out of these fun parties!

What is a Twitter Party?
We live in a world where we can send emails to relatives in another country within a matter of seconds, and video chat our parents while we’re away at college. Communicating with our friends and loved ones has never been easier. Twitter Parties are an extension of that. Think of them as a giant internet conversation that connects hundreds of people, with a few polite hosts asking questions and making sure everyone’s having fun!

You can attend this party from anywhere you like (we think in your living room, snuggled up in pajamas sounds like a pretty darn good option), and might even make new friends in the process! Because each Twitter Party will have a specific theme described in its hashtag (more on this below), you’ll be partying with other Tweeters with similar interests!


RSVPing to a Twitter Party

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.48.18 PM
We post all of our Twitter Parties to Facebook, and ask that members RSVP there with their Twitter usernames. This helps give us a number of how many Tappers to expect! You don’t have to log into Crowdtap to do anything else to participate in a Twitter Party, and everyone is invited- just remember to show up! 😉 Our Facebook events will have all the information you need, including when the party is (the time will be ET), the party hashtag and theme, the prizes up for grabs, and who to follow in order to participate.

Twitter Parties are 100% optional! Don’t have a Twitter account and not planning on creating one anytime soon? Don’t worry- there are always fun contests and discussions to complete on Crowdtap and who knows? We might be seeing some other types of contests coming from the Tap-o-sphere soon!


How to participate during a Twitter Party
When you RSVP to our Facebook events, you’ll see which hashtag(s) and accounts you’ll need to follow in order to participate. Like so:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.33.44 PM

Hint: The hashtag is usually in the name of the party! Think of this hashtag as the invitation, or key, to joining this Twitter Party! We recommend you get yourself set up with a Twitter stream such as Tweetdeck, Tweetchat.com, tchat.io, or Twubs for the party. With hundreds of guests talking at once, it can get a little busy and difficult to follow, so you’ll want to use a tool that will help you keep up with the discussion and make sure that you don’t miss out on the host’s questions.

Give yourself some time before the party starts to follow @Crowdtappers and our partners, and load your Twitter stream with the party hashtag. Because Twitter parties move so quickly, it’s a good idea to just double check that everything is working for you!


Here are some tips to enjoy the party:

  • Introduce yourself to the party guests when you join.
  • Be sure that everything you contribute during the party includes the party hashtag so that we can track all the answers.
  • We’ll be asking questions during the party. When you reply, make sure to tweet @Crowdtappers!
  • We pick our winners randomly, but your tweets must include the party hashtag in order for your name to be in the drawing!
  • Winners will be announced by the @Crowdtappers account, so keep an eye out for those Tweets at regular intervals throughout the party!
  • Get social and respond to other Tappers’ tweets during the party. All you have to do is tweet @their Twitter handle!
  • Retweeting is never a bad idea. We may share tips, photos, or some much-needed words of wisdom during the party, so feel free to retweet anything that might be interesting to your followers!

That’s it! Pretty simple, huh? Now you’re all ready to flex those typing fingers and rock out at our next Twitter Party! If you can’t wait to try out your new knowledge, check out our Facebook page in the coming week. We’ll be announcing not one, BUT TWO, upcoming parties. Can’t wait to see you there!

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Sharon Kennedy

I still don’t quite understand how Twitter parties work but it seems to me to be a little unfair to those who don’t have and don’t want a Twitter account.

Kay Middlebrooks

Thank you so much for this very needed information! Now I can have some fun at the Crowdtap Twitter Parties!

Deb NeSmith

Ready to try one ~ FINALLY!


That was easy, thanks!



Raivyn dK

I didn’t realize you guys had a blog until today! I’m really liking the idea of ‘Tutorial Tuesdays’. Keep it up 😉


Hmm… Got me thinking about starting a Twitter account!

timothia ricketson

Considering doing one.

carrie loggins

Twitter party….sounds fun


Sounds like fun


I’m thinking of opening one


i used to have twitter but it is just like facebook but with limited words. so i didn’t like it. and deleted it.


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