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Thumbs Up Thursday: #HashtagThat

We’re back for another segment of Thumbs Up Thursday, where we pay homage to some awesome content submitted by our very own Tappers. In this week’s tutorial, we talked about using hashtags to up our social media game. Since it helps categorize your content, it also helps others who are looking for similar things to find your photo or tweet, making you more visible to the online community. That means more likes, comments, retweets, and favorites. All good things!

In our follow-up mission on the Crowdtap Crowd, we asked Tappers to come up with the wittiest, side-splittingest, #hashtaggiest captions to the festive image below. It was tough, but we chose our 5 favorite captions that best exemplified topic, trending, and cheeky hashtags, and each were awarded 500 bonus points!


Santa’s checking your FaceBook to see just how good you’ve REALLY been! #CrowdTapThis #LoveCrowdtap #SantaIsComing #FacebookStalking #NaughtyOrNice #CheckingItTwice #ChristmasIsComing #WinterIsComing #FlyingHigh #ReindeerGames

– Mikayla W

Why you don’t check and drive.
#CrowdtapThis #LoveCrowdtp #checkanddrive #santa #reindeer #baddriver #donttextanddrive #santamaynotmakeitthisyear

– Audrey A

“Just one more level of candy crush!” Santa exclaimed “I’ve almost passed Blitzen’s on level 436!” #CrowdtapThis #LoveCrowdtap #HashtagThat #whenSantaisaddictedtoCandyCrush
– Stacy A

Those elves punked me again; a 3 legged reindeer?! #HashtagThat #LoveCrowdtap

– Erika R

Only 25 likes on my last Instagram pic? My selfie game must be weak, Rudolph! #reallifefamous #santaselfie #blessedwithalotofpresents #straightouttanorthpole #HashtagThat #LoveCrowdtap

  • – Kathryn W

While you can get as “cheeky” as you want with long strings of hashtags, like Audrey’s #santamaynotmakeitthisyear or Stacy’s #whenSantaisaddictedtoCandyCrush, always make sure to include at least 1 or 2 categorical hashtags like #LoveCrowdtap or #donttextanddrive. Those long, funny hashtags are probably unique to you, and a few other people, so they might not be as well-searched. Particularly on Crowdtap, it’s important to include those crowd hashtags like #NTGAdvocate and #WomenWhoROC so the brands can interact with your content on social media!

Another tip, which Mikayla utilized really well, is to capitalize each word in your hashtags. Since they might comprise of more than just 1 word, reading a chain of text can be confusing, and your “cheekiness” actually lost on the reader!

We hope this mission, and our winning captions above, teased out a few chuckles from you! The whole Crowdtap Team over here wants to wish you, your family, and your friends a very happy holiday season- tap on, tap on!

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