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Thumbs Up Thursday: Unboxing Crowdtap!

Happy 2016, Tappers! We hope you didn’t miss us too much. We’re back from our holiday break and eager to start right in on a year of helpful new tutorials, amazing user content, and some pretty darn exciting developments to our platform.

To start off, we’re diving into all of the unboxing videos you submitted based on our last Tutorial Tuesday. We loved keeping all our warm and fuzzy holiday feelings going strong by watching your faces light up as you opened some fun-filled boxes, including our own Crowdtap Sample Mission and Hosted Party Crowdkits. Ready to revisit some of the magic too? Check out our four favorite unboxing video submissions below!

The focus of any unboxing video should be what you’re unboxing, and YOU! We like how Diane R picked a place in her house to record the video where the background isn’t too busy and complemented her. She spoke clearly and slowly about the items she received and we think the most important part of the video was when she walked her viewers through how to use the Garnier Micellar Water. Viewers will have an understanding of how to use it, in case they want to try it out for themselves and it fits their skincare routine!


Diana C has her camera set up by itself so she can use both hands to show us what’s in the box, and her voice is recorded very clearly right next to the device. This means that the video and sound quality are consistent throughout the entire video, which is just really pleasant for our eyes and ears! Around 4:17, Diana gives us her opinion on which layered nut bar she likes better. Including your own opinions and interests is important for these videos because they’re being published on public video sites and can be a great resource for fellow shoppers! The more useful and relatable you make your video, the more you can grow your subscribers.


We thought Sarah B’s video was so clever! At first, we were all like, “Wait… what’s going on…?” But then we realized that Sarah had recorded her video and voiceover separately- not a bad idea! This way, Sarah has both hands to show us her unboxed items, and her voice is clear because she was focused on speaking slowly when narrating the video. This way, she was also able to put more thought into what exactly she wanted to say, instead of rushing through it. If she messed up anywhere in between, she wouldn’t have to redo everything from scratch!


Look at how much fun Kathryn C and her family are having unboxing the latest PLAYSKOOL Crowdkit! Oh, to be a kid again. The excitement of opening a box of goodies never quite goes away, so we hope that you’ll be able to convey it as well as Kathryn’s little one did! Getting to show genuine emotion is one of the best things about unboxing videos, and has the most potential to set your unboxing video apart from others.

Some takeaways?

  • Good lighting is key so that your viewers can see exactly what you’re showing in the video!
  • Make sure to speak slowly and clearly, and mention the product name.
  • Unboxing videos should be exciting for you AND your viewers.
  • Don’t forget to tell us your opinions as you show off your new items, so that your viewers can relate to you.

We saw some awesome videos submitted for this Tutorial mission, and hope to see you all using your new skills to create even more unboxing awesomeness in the Tap-o-sphere!

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Shannon Place

Nice products


Love the products!


How cute!!!


Congrats to all the winners of the unboxing contest

Elizabeth woods

Not sure what to comment on… I was waiting to answer if I eat baby bell n this came on. Sorry getting confused.

Laurie F

Love the products

Bobbi C.

Great products.


Wow! those were some awesome boxes.

Angela hall

The boxes were awesome and loved the videos! My favorite was the one with the mom and girl. LOVE seeing kids get excited over surprises .


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