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Thumbs Up Thursday: Celebrating our Veterans

Tappers, we know it has been a rather tumultuous few days ever since Election Day. While we’re certainly not here to counsel you on how to feel in a face of a country struggling to unite as one, we are here to remind you of one thing: regardless on which side of the map you fall on, at the end of the day, we all want the best for this strong, resilient country that we have made our home. Thus, a celebratory holiday like Veterans Day could not have come at a better time.

Over the past few days, you guys have been submitting some moving, beautiful photos of some of the Vets in your lives, and we’re honored to share them here today.

Nancy G. shared this iconic photo of her father. She tell us he was an ambulance driver in World War 2 and helped liberate France following D-Day.

original-40This photo was submitted to us by Chelsea W. We were so touched by her story that we decided to share it here in full.

This is a photo of my grandfather at my wedding. He is holding my flowers for me while I say my vows (we had no bridal party). He is one of my most favorite people in the world and he was a Merchant Marine. He joined when he was 16. He ran away from home and lied about his age to get in. I have a jewelry box that he brought home from Japan in the ’50’s. Today I honor my grandfather, even though I have no photo of him in uniform.

We absolutely love these two images of of Elisse G.’s mother, who is a World War 2 vet. Elisse tells us that today her mother is 94, and bowls and golfs to her hearts content!

Rose R. was kind enough to share this wonderful photo of her father who was a Corporal in the United States Army. She told us that he was an ambulance driver in Korea.

original-43Last but not least, Allison I. share this joyous photo of her husband and his father. It’s pretty incredible to see two generations of war veterans, side by side.

On Veterans Day and every day, we’re so grateful for the people who put their lives on the line to protect all that our country stands for. What are you thankful for these days, Tappers?

After you finish commenting on this post, make sure to head on over to Crowdtap for our next Thumbs Up Thursday mission! We hear hedgehogs might make an appearance…

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Saundra Juniet

Thankful for our veterans who risk their lives to give us freedom


Absolutely beautiful pictures of our veterans…thank you all who serve our great nation and help keep us safe. Peace.

Kimberly Christensen

Thank you for fighting for our country


Absolutely loved seeing our veterans

Carol Yarborough

My Mother and Father in law were both veterans


Thank you!


thank you for your service


Thank you for your service.

Sheri C

Wow!!! I love all 5 pictures!!! I admire and respect our veterans for all they have done!!! Thank you all!!!

Linda Vicich

I LOVE Chelsea W. photo. It is so beautiful when your family is present on the important days in your life!!!!!


I love the story by Chelsea W. how her grandfather lied his age to get into the Merchant Marines as many young men at the time did to get into the service to risk their lives for the freedom they believed in!


Thank you SO much for using the photo of my WWII US Army Veteran mom in the top pix! She is, at 94, a165 avg. bowler and a great golfer- and a 20 year breast cancer survivor/thriver too! Her brother- my uncle David- lived to be over 100, so I am trusting I have her family’s genes! 🙂 I love Allison’s photo, too!

diane hofma

Thank you for your service

Fred Pabian


Stephanie Lashbrook

Lots of great photos here!! Always great to see proud veteran photos.


I Love them ALL!! Thank YOU!!

Debbie Segrest

My husband and I thank and respect all men and women who have served our country.


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