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Thumbs Up Thursday: Cozy Nights In

If we were to create a word cloud of the most commonly used words amongst the Crowdtap community in December, it’d probably include words like “love” and “family” and “holidays.”

Our personal favorite, though, is the word “cozy.” Just the sound alone seems to invoke a feeling of warmth, like someone covered us with a fuzzy blanket and handed us a steaming mug of something super delicious and chocolate-y, without us even having to ask!

We were super excited to experience how you Tappers ramp up the coziness when you decide to have a night in! The main thing that we observed was how many of you have fireplaces, you lucky ducks. No such luck for most of us here in New York City. Still, we got to live the dream through some of your photos! Get snuggly and check our favorite five photos below.

Is Janelle W. living the life or what? Her cozy night in includes her partner, a cheetah print blanket, and a real live cheetah! Ok fine, that’s just a regular cat. Janelle calls him “a little heater.” We love how at-home he looks, perched on the couch.

We think someone might have a Masters in self-care, and that someone is Jackeline A., who cozies up with a lofty novel, tea, candles, and soothing hand cream! We can definitely dig it.

Ok, so we know it’s a Thursday afternoon, but we want to be transported into this scene immediately! Anastasia D. tells that blankets, hot chocolate, and a friend makes for an idyllic cozy night in.

We can’t get enough of this adorable photo of Brittany A. cuddling on the couch with her son! From comfy pajama bottoms to fluffy pillows and blankets, this scene has us ready for a cozy nap in front of the television. Someone hit the snooze button for us, will ya?

GAH. This photo somehow elicits all of the feels. That little pup looks so warm and cozy, and totally matches with both the blanket AND the couch. And that paw. Oh goodness, that paw. Thanks for making us smile, Jamie S.

How was that for an afternoon pick-me-up, huh Tappers? Which cozy scene was your favorite? Let us know in your comments below, and don’t forget to head on over to Crowdtap for next week’s Thumbs Up Thursday mission.

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alma brand

the book and candle

Becky Baird

I do not own a sofa but have a neat rocking chair for cozy nights.


That dog cuddled up on the couch with the half eaten bone is everything.


The dog with half eaten bone,seems really relaxed.


The doggie cudded up on the couch

Lauren Salter

The puppy was super cute looks so relaxed

omalee mckeever

I can not cuddle with my honey on the couch because I’m in a wheelchair. But we can have a cup of coffee and watch the Grinch siting close togather.


I did not see anybody doing any work!


how do you pick a favorite> Each photo sums up the word cozy!


Love love the Holidays, Chilly Cold days, with a snugglie and cup ginger tea!


Love seeing my kids smiles fav part of holidays!

Jenny Patrick

The puppy of course!

Karie Tumbaga

My favorite part of the holidays is being together as a family


I would have to say laying on the couch on a cold day with a favorite blanket, drinking hot coco, watching television with a very special friend is my definition of a great cozy day! Love it!

Melissa wells

We cuddle up on the couch along with our dog and just hang out watching tv playing games

Dorothy Nagel

Nice to relax after a hectic day of work.


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