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Thumbs Up Thursday: Fur-less Friends

Okay, so you’ve probably guessed by now that Crowdtap HQ can’t get enough when it comes to our dogs, and we’ve got a decent amount of fiercely loyal feline fanatics as well. But ever since we got an in-office fish, we’re discovering a whole new world of alternative pets. Last month we asked you all to submit your own photos, and my oh my, were we pleased.

Here, to kick off our are our holiday break on an original note, are our Top 5.


Seriously? Just look how regal Allexus N‘s parakeet is. His name is Elvis, and we’re totally singin’ his tune.


Jamie D‘s fish captured her son’s attention just as quickly as our hearts were won over. We love what you’ve done with the tank, Jamie!


And check out these two cuties! Kanye the hedgehog sure found his cuddle-bunny. Pun intended. Nicely captured, Tori A.


Lindsay O. showed us what quality time with Pearl looks like. Love the name, and how into hanging out she is!


Okay, Fred looks a little stunned, but we’re sure he’s loving hanging with Amanda F‘s kid. And who can blame him, on that cozy-looking couch.

Thanks for submitting your photos, Tappers! Make sure to tell us what you’re thankful for this week.

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I have had my pet Owie for 26 years now…she’s a Milagold Macaw. She loves attention and enjoys music.Her favorite treats are peanuts, pasta, blueberries and fresh tomatoes from our garden.


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