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Tastemaker Feed: Keeping the Spirit of Your Resolutions Alive

You know the “New Year, New Me!” guy? The one who’s chomping on a salad for lunch the day after New Years and giving you a huge thumbs up? Yeah, he’s all of us. At least for a week or two, right?

Over the years, we’ve all realized that the excitement we get from feeling like life’s given us a do-over in the form of a brand new year fades pretty quickly once all the celebrations come to a close and the encouraging online listicles subside from our Facebook newsfeeds.

So how do we keep hope alive? Is it through constant vigilance? Therapy? Writing to-do lists on our hands? Well yes, maybe, but we can also always look to lifestyle professionals for some advice! In fact, Crowdtap has quite a few close friends whose words and tips we totally stand by. Check out what they’re posting on their blogs and social networks this week.


The last few days of December, I wasn’t sure what word I wanted to choose for 2017. The more and more I thought about it, the more I decided on “flourish.” I want to flourish in my relationships with my family, friends, and teammates. I want to flourish in Camp Gladiator and not struggle with running as much as I did when I originally started. I want my business with Young Living to flourish and bring essential oils to so many more homes than we did last year. I want to flourish in regards to my health and become more fit.

Stephanie of The Vintage Modern Wife  understands the need for a whole-rounded approach when it comes to improving your quality of life. You can’t just change one thing and hope the rest follow suit – you need to see the entire picture.

To stay motivated through 2017, Stephanie’s implementing an arsenal of tools that’ll take care of her body, mind, and spirit too! From essential oils to daily workouts, take a look at how she’s planning on tackling her goals, and see how you can take inspiration from her planning!



It really is amazing just how well the Ricola Dual Action drops can help my sore throat. Because I am pregnant, I can’t take traditional cold medicines. I really appreciate that I can get some relief with these drops! Ricola Dual Action Cough Drops are a multi-symptom cough drop that can provide relief for both coughs and sore throats. They have been so helpful! They also come in two flavors, Swiss Cherry and Honey Lemon so there is no chance of getting bored of the flavor!
– McKenzie

McKenzie of Girl Loves Glam  hates being in sick in January. Can you blame her? Being sick at any point is pretty frustrating, but especially during a time and a month in your life where you want to be out there, making things happen! She understands, though, that your body has to be ready to keep up with you, which is why she allows herself time to breathe, rest, and enjoy natural remedies. Browse her post to see how she handles post- New Year sickness!

What about you, Tappers? Have you found that any particular tricks or routines help you stick to your resolutions, and keep your drive going? Share them with us below!

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nicole hooker

Seeing as im trying to have more one on one time with each of my kids since having the new baby, i choose to put ideas in a jar and rotate which child gets to do the activity that gets picked that day. The jar sits on my counter so i dont forget to have a special activity planned.

Sherry Rankin

I joined a gym, eating healthier, and walking more. These are all very realistic goals and should be easily kept.

Sherry Rankin

I joined a gym, eating healthier, and walking more. These are all very realistic goals and should be easily kept. I also am making several different recipes of healthy green smoothies, that I love. They are so refreshing and good for me!

Kayla Massey

My spouse and I got monthly memberships to Planet Fitness. We’ve been attending almost everyday!

Jenny Patrick

My goal is to try and spend more time with my son as he is all I have left in my so called dysfunctional family.


Trying to cook dinner every night at home. Making whole good foods for my family and I.

crystal pusateri

I joined a gym

Jennifer J.

I’m just focusing on better self-care this year to keep my resiliency going. I shy away from making resolutions because I have put too much pressure on myself in the past and have set myself up for failure.

Sherri DiGiovanni

I keep plenty of fresh cut fruits and veggies on hand in the fridge ,to satisfy my hunger

Michelle List

I’m making an effort to walk my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels more rather than just letting them play in the yard. They enjoy it more and it is far better for me.


After two kids I had Ben slacking on the loosing weight area, making every excuse not to exercise but recently I have got into a routine an plan on staying on track

Gerardo Gonzalez

If you make a goal or goals you just stick with it. Or dont ever make any resolutions anymore.

Amy B

I try not to make the typical New Year resolutions. I want to make a change I don’t wait untilJanuary to do it. I just try to make small changes and then once I have that mastered add more changes that I want to make.


I cook slow roast style to bring out the sweetness of my veg and make my meats render the fats to pour off, and also more flavorful.


I ride my bike to work on nice days. Focus on making better food choices to be healthier. I also wanthink to try something new almost everyday.


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