Members Weigh In

Members Weigh In on Black History Month

Every year, the month of February celebrates the achievements and progress of black Americans during Black History Month, from entertainment to politics, sports to science, and beyond.

While there’s plenty of discussion about the singular nature of a commemorative month, we wanted to find out how different people immersed themselves in the cultural moment that Black History Month provides. Here are the results!

BHM - Gerald Ford quote

53% of respondents didn’t know that Black History Month was officially recognized in 1976 by President Gerald Ford.

A combined 39% of respondents indicated they were excited by recent black-authored or produced projects in film, TV and literature, leading us to probe for specifics.

35% said you’d be watching “Blackish” on ABC, starring Golden Globe winner Tracee Ellis Ross, while 25% said you’d catch the award-winning film “Moonlight” — hopefully before the Oscars!

The documentary “I Am Not Your Negro” was the non-fiction film pick for 18% of respondents, while the non-fiction books “Between the World and Me” and “Americanah” captured 12% and 7% of your interests, respectively.

Overall, most members said they would be celebrating Black History Month in one way or another.

BHM - Commemorating

We hope you catch all the shows, movies, book and events as Black History Month comes to a close in the next week and a half! Make sure to tell us about any other events you’re checking out that we didn’t cover, and hop on over to Crowdtap to share your opinions on award season!

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martha crittenden

very educational love reading and watch shows that ave historical factors

Rebecca Hayward

Very interesting! It gives a look back into history.


This is actually very interesting. When doing the polls I didn’t realize a lot of the facts or statistics. I’m glad Crowdtap did a segment on Black History Month

Valencia Ward

Always gives me motivation to do the right things and to not be influenced into negativity, nor hatred. Black history month reminds me to love everyone, not just my ancestors. Because we were all created equally by Our Heavenly Father Whom Art In Heaven. Glory be to God.

Kasey Lemasters

I love all of the history facts alot of people would never know certain things

Shelly Bradley

I like watching shows that teach me things on our history.

Mars Rouleau

Interesting poll & information about President Ford

Jenny Patrick

We worked on Martin Luther King at school this whole week with the kids at school.


Most interesting – many positive influences out there – we just need to work together to make the good happen!


I wish Martin Luther King were here today. I wonder what he’d think of our current racial situation.

Patrice Green

I like learning about Black History!

Dhanak Kainaat

I wish you wrote more. I didn’t want to stop reading. Thank you so much for posting this!

joan fitzpatrick

nice that there is month dedicated to their strife…but,there are other ethnicities that could use the platform to show their history…like mine,Judaism


it is wonderful to see it celebrate all lives that matter!! what they have gave us in history and for our children to learn in and out of school as well!!


very enjoyable!!

Alexis Turner

Great work putting this together! It was very educational and interesting!

Dan Anderson

Very interesting concepts so many have never even thought about.


I enjoyed reading the article


I believe we need an american indian month, an irish month, italian month, chinese month, and so on and so on..

Jamie Covelli



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