Members Weigh In

Members Weigh In on Valentines Day

Oh boy – it’s that February holiday we all love to hate, or hate to love, or perhaps just enjoy ignoring?

However you personally happen to feel about Valentines day, anyone can point out the qualities of the holiday that make it divisive. For instance – if you’re in a relationship, how long you’ve been in a relationship, whether or not you’re deathly allergic to chocolate, your financial situation. These are all
factors that can affect how joyously (or not) you celebrate the holiday of love.

Fascinating, right? That’s why we wanted to get the scoop not only on what your plans are for tomorrow evening, but your thoughts, feelings, and histories concerning the holiday! Here’s a bit of what we uncovered:

Are you celebrating Valentines Day this year-
A whopping 61% of you are celebrating Valentines Day this year, and make it a point to celebrate every year! 9% of you admitted that you don’t usually partake, but this year you are totally planning on doing something special. (That makes us smile!) As for the rest? A combined 29% of you feel rather “meh” about the whole ordeal.

We also took a walk down memory lane and and reminisced about some of the best gifts you guys received through out the years. Of course, there was a healthy smattering of flowers, jewelry, and chocolate goodies, and some of you even got engaged on Valentines Day! Here’s what else you had to say:

“The best gift I ever received for Valentine’s Day was a home cooked meal from my children. Melted my heart I tell you” – Raygen A.

“Handwritten cards from my husband and son were by far the best gifts I’ve received on Valentines day” – Krista H.

“I received a painting from my boyfriend. It’s one of my most treasured possessions.” – Caitlin H.

“My husband made us a picnic style dinner and we enjoyed it in front of the fireplace. It was completely romantic and cost-managed at the same time. 🙂 ”- Kari E.

As for 2017, you guys are planning on…

  • Cooking a homemade meal….34%
  • Netflix + Chill….31%
  • Going out to a fancy dinner….22%
  • Dinner or drinks with friends….7%
  • Going to a show….3%
  • Couples massage….3%

Psst…send us an invite, and we’ll be there! Particularly for those homemade meals…

Oh, and speaking of food, we now present you with THE most important piece of information you’ll absorb this Valentines Day.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 5.00.48 PMTHE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! Chocolate (and pizza) rule all.

We hope you have an enjoyable Valentines Day, full of the people and the things that make your heart happy! Fill us in on how your day went in the comments below.

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Stephanie Esparza

I wasn’t really into Valentine’s day before or after I was married,so now being single again doesn’t matter.

Layla Moore

I agree!!

Christine Meissner

My son was born on Valentine’s Day. It’ll always be the most wonderful day of the year for me.

Gerardo Gonzalez

I spent valentines day stuck somewhere I did not want to be.

Christine Meissner

I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with my son whose birthday is Feb. 14th.


I spent Valentine’s Day watching television with my husband at home doing nothing.


Had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Very simple but great.


Being with the one I love, is all that I needed for my Valentines Day❤️️


My fiancée is on the road most of the time so we had to spend Valentine’s day apart but we made it special when he came home with a home cooked meal, chocolates and wine.


I didn’t do anything for Valentines Day. My boyfriend forgot, which is normal, so I just had a regular day. Not really a big deal to me.


We are celebrating later that way there is no pressure to out do others by making Valentine’s Day a big deal. You love them everyday, not just Valentine’s Day


It was nice! Spent time with my son and my boyfriend (his daddy). We had a really nice time together!


We generally do not celebrate Valentines Day. Sometimes we buy our kids a little bit of candy. And get them Valentines to send to school for their classmates.


Spent Valentines Day? with my family at home ❤ Had a wonderful happy day?

Jasmine l

I had a great day with my family my kids and husband suprised me to a very nice dinner and a family movie it was very special


No one in my family has really ever acknowledged Valentine’s Day as a holiday so I wouldn’t know what to do if I dated someone who thought of it as a big deal. If it wasn’t for all the red cards and heart shaped candies in the store this time of year, I probably wouldn’t even remember it.

Michelle Russell

It was very nice. My husband and I never exchange gifts, this year he got me a dozen long stem red roses, a bear, chocolate.

Kelly Smith

My husband took me and our son out to a local Mexican restaurant and then to a local chocolate shop for dessert. It was a perfect V Day for us!

Jenny Patrick

Got flowers at work!



Anamaria Noriega

Spent the day with my son. It was nice…


Gave my wife diiner & a movie. Have done this for years


I totally agree I would rather eat pizza then a fancy dinner

Jessica Dempsey


Jessica Dempsey

Not a good day??


Its just another day

Mercey Epperly

Made dinner and watched movies with my baby and my boyfriend. Just a,nice quiet night at home. Very relaxing!


I celebrate myself. ?

Viviana Aguirre

Forever alone :'(


An answer from an expert! Thanks for cobtninutirg.


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