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Tastemaker Feed: Keepin’ It Natural

If you’ve ever found yourself knee-deep in an intense Google search at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday trying to find the most effective eye cream or scanning reviews for face mask after face mask, you are not alone.

When you get sucked into that cycle of searching for the perfect beauty product, it’s really difficult to escape its clutches! There are hundreds and hundreds of companies to choose from, products to comb through, reviews to read, and before-and-after photos to click through. It becomes pretty overwhelming pretty fast.

That’s why here at Crowdtap we’re true believers in taking a deep breath, taking a step back, and going back to the basics from time to time, We think it’s important not only to focus on what you’re putting on your body, but also on what you’re putting IN your body! Seriously – how lucky are we to have a vessel that protects us, nourishes us, gets us where we need to go, and is all around awesome. Sometimes it’s best to reward our bodies in more natural ways.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 4.42.03 PMTake one of our Tastemakers, Kendall Rae, who has been on quite the smoothie kick. In her video (below), Kendall breaks down how to make three of her favorite smoothies. As a bonus, they’re all green, and they’re all delicious!

By adding important nutrients to your diet – like those that come from greens, apples, cherries, and avocados – you’re nourishing yourself from inside out. Rather than snacking on what’s easy – like chips or sugary cereal or crackers – whipping yourself up a smoothie will not only be more filling at the end of the day, but with fun add-in’s like almond butter, coconut oil, and lemon juice, you’ll be surprised at how delicious smoothies can really taste.

Check out Kendall Rae’s video below for all the #smoothieinspo your life’s been lacking as of late!

Do you guys find that it’s sometimes better to go the natural route from time to time when it comes to taking care of your health and beauty? Fill us in on some of your personal experiences below.

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Anjel Thomas

I use coconut oil for my skincare and also to cook with. It has a lot of different uses. I’m also getting into smoothies.


My family has a smoothie for “dessert” after dinner a few times a week. It’s a healthy alternative for a sweet tooth.

Sophia Rose

I agree that natural methods are probably the best and I do love my smoothies, but I also enjoy just eating my fruits and veggies raw, too.

Christine Meissner

Love organic coconut too. It’s fragrance free so it won’t irritate my skin, and as a cooking oil it’s light, doesn’t spoil readily, & is great for stir fry.


I love smoothies!! Great new recipes.

Lori Bowman

Love coconut oil!




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