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Tastemaker Feed: Settling Cozily Into Winter

Groundhog’s Day brought it’s prediction last week: 6 more weeks of winter. That means it’s time to hunker down and learn to enjoy winter life. Instead of lamenting this chilly season’s resolve to stick around, try embracing what a cold, snowy day outside can mean for a cuddly-warm day inside.

For a little inspiration, let’s see how our VIP members are keeping things bright, warm, and cozy this winter.

Winter Tea

“One thing that is a must for me in the winter months, and is especially comforting, is a hot cup of tea There’s something so relaxing about cozying up on the cough or in bed with a good book and a nice, hot cup of tea.”
– Jennifer

We second Jennifer’s love of tea in the winter — nothing like holding a steamy mug, sipping on an herbal blend with a little lemon and honey, while the snow falls outside the window! See more of her winter wellness tips at Belle de Couture.


“Despite his puppy behavior, he has made a big impression on all of us and we love him dearly. He has a very special connection with our littlest, Ellie. They are the best of friends and it’s so beautiful watching them build their relationship.”
– Lynzy


“Bella is a mix of a Poodle and Golden Retriever and the mix is perfect!  She loves everyone, loves to play ball and uses her paws like hands.  It’s hilarious!  She’s also everyone’s favorite dog. Even our neighbors love her and spoil her with endless games of fetch and tons of treats and love!”
– Kasey

Nothing beats snuggling with your favorite little ones — human, canine, or feline! — when it’s cold out. We put these cute shots from Lynzy & Co. and All Things Mama together to reiterate that point. See the sweet smiles from the pups and their people alike, and start planning your day of snuggly relaxation with the family!


“Whether you’re trying to stay ahead of sickness or it’s already grabbed you, I think this Cara Cara Orange Smoothie is just the thing to add to your regimen. Besides looking appealing, it’s a quick and delicious fix.”
– Melodee

Boosting your Vitamin C intake keeps you healthier and more energetic during a season brimming with germs and sluggishness. Making this tasty (and pretty!) smoothie from Spaceships and Laser Beams is one way to keep germs out and energy in.

Now that you have some inspiration, go forth and enjoy these next 6 weeks of winter! Don’t forget to share with others, and comment with YOUR favorite way to embrace the winter chill.

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Rebecca Strickland

I love the pic of the hot tea and a book..also seeing the family being cozy with their puppy..I love snuggle up with my granddaughter and watching Disney Channel with my soft throw blanket

Miranda Perloff

Reading with a cup of tea is the best! I also love snuggling with my dog and kitty. However, the best is when it snows and I watch my kids play outside!

Amy T

I love snuggling up with a hot cup of tea


I like a good book and a cup of tea, but a pot of homemade soup does it for me

Gerardo Gonzalez

Hot tea is the most refreshing drink on a cold wintry morning.

Gerardo Gonzalez

I ? hot tea.

Layla Moore

That Cara Cara Orange Smoothie sounds amazing!

Arcelia Meader

I don’t know why but when the snow is coming down, when it’s really coming down. I love watching The Harry Potter movies.

Karen Stein

Keeping my family healthy and cozy during the chilly months!

Jenny Patrick

Hot chocolate and a good book!!!!

Brenda Edwards

I like a cup of hot chocolate or hot soup when it is cold outside. I pull on my fuzzy blanket and read a book on my Kindle.


I love hot water with lemon and honey. I like several flavored teas.

Kevin Davis

I love drinking hot tea and reading books when it snows.


Hot chocolate


We haven’t really had any winter weather in florida but I love hot chocolate

Bobbi Olson

Tea, coffee, and playing inside with the kids.


I love hot tea and honey!

Bebe Shrdn

Like coffee,hot cocoa and tea

Cheryl Tucker

Not a tea drinker but love a cup hot chocolate my snuggle blankie and good books. Best way to relax

Cheryl Tucker

Hot chocolate my snuggle blanket my dog and a good book. Im ready


Can never go wrong with a hot cup of tea!


Something about hot tea with lemon and honey, just warms me all over thinking about it.


Hot chocolate, my mukluks and a good book❤


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