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#MarchMadness Bracketology, Explained By You

Today begins the madness that is the NCAA College Basketball Tournament! Since Sunday, sports lovers and chart enthusiasts alike have been curating the (hopefully) perfect bracket to dictate what happens in the “Big Dance”.

With about a third of you following March Madness (even more when we look at just the millennial contingent), and more than half filling out a bracket each year, we wanted to know how you put together your brackets. Read on for the results!

41% of you follow March Madness for the love of basketball. College basketball is, to many, the purest of amateur sports, so we totally get why you’d follow this tournament of reigning champs and underdogs from 64 to 1.

March Madness

So, what dictates your bracket methodology (aka “bracketology”)? 47% fill out your brackets with your gut rather than statistics (#same). In our office, staffers were split between numbers, random picks, and a love of certain teams.

And, the big question: Who did you pick to win?

20% of you picked the Duke University Blue Devils to take home the trophy! (Their last NCAA Championship win was in 2015.)

If you missed the polls, tell us who’s winning your bracket in the comments, and how you picked them to take home the trophy!

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