Members Weigh In

Members Weigh In on Austin, TX

Did you happen to catch parts of our Instagram Story this weekend? If you did, you already know that this week we took your feedback to the next level –not just soliciting info on your favorite Austin haunts, but actually checking them out in person!

On Thursday, the Crowdtap crew landed in Austin to get ready for SXSW Interactive, a yearly conference jam-packed with awesome panels on technology, marketing, and social issues. To ensure a rocking time full of the best Austin has to offer, we turned to YOU by launching a series of polls asking you to give us the scoop on everything from your favorite local dishes to your best general advice. If our newly-acquired potbellies prove one thing, it’s that our members definitely know a good taco when they see one.

image_uploaded_from_ios_720Let’s dive in to your advice in a little more detail.

We segmented the polls to differentiate between locals (members who have lived in Austin at some point) and visitors (those who travelled there for personal or business reasons.

Interestingly enough, the two groups seemed to agree on just one thing:

Most overrated

… How overrated they both found visiting the State Capitol!
Heeding your advice, we steered clear, instead focusing on some more out-of-the-way attractions.

When it came to regional foods, the majority of locals emphatically steered us toward breakfast tacos (32%), while visitors seemed more impressed with brisket and ribs (19% each.)

the best birthdaycheap andeasy partyideas

In a write-in poll, we asked both groups to suggest a must-visit restaurant. An overwhelming amount of locals shouted out Torchy’s Tacos, so we quickly added it to our trip itinerary. As the restaurant’s loud and proud decor claimed, our meal was damn good.


Franklin Barbecue came in first among visitors’ suggestions but, unfortunately, our time limits didn’t allow us to try it out. We’re still a little sad about it.

Overall, this foray into member-guided memory making was a rousing success. We came, we saw, we conquered shameful amounts of queso, …and all while avoiding sub-par attractions and eateries because of your help! Thanks for helping us make the most of our time.

In the comments below, tell about your upcoming trips and the plans you have in store.





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Betty J Hopkins

Sorry I’ve never been to Austin but this seems like a great tap for some of our members. Great job!


I just love finding local (not tourist) places to eat when traveling! Just went to the FL Keys and had to stop at Mrs. Mach’s for some local Key Lime Pie!

Samuel Phillips

This seems minor to me but why not caption that meal? This draws more interest into the article and into Torchy’s Taco. What are you eating that was so “damn good”


Never been Austin,but like to sometime.


Loved the bats!!!


Never been, I don’t travel much.

nobodys fool

The food is beyond awesome!!

Evelyn saari

I have never been to Austin but would love to as I love horseback riding dancing and of course good food

Amanda Ekkel

The best thing to do while traveling is to find the best food!

Orion Sheldon

We tend to head to one of the great lakes for our family vacations, being michiganders we love our water fun!

Nicole Thompson

Never been to Austin but I have been to Galveston!

Candy M Henderson

I also have never had the pleasure of visiting Austin, or Texas for that much. I live in California. Everything here is overated, except the ocean/beaches.
My favorite thing to do while traveling is eat and take pictures! And if there is a beach, I must go!!!


Favorite thing to do while traveling is to eat and try different foods.


Never been guess I’ll have to go


Never been there sounds good and fun


Never been to.Tx.but would love to go….

Fontella Wall

Those taco look so good I would love to try them in texas


Sounds yummy

Stephanie Hilton

My favorite thing to do while traveling is photograph the *real* culture and experience, rather than the “tourist spots” 🙂

Lamonica Vazquez

Always wanted to go to Texas to see all the “BIG” fuss everyone talks about😏😁

shanta valentine

I love the yummy food to eat when traveling and on vacation.


We like to check out local restaurants and parks when we travel.

charisa maynard

Always get a room with a jaccuzzi suite

Deanna Wooton

I love to find different places to eat!

Sandra Adams

Have only been to Texas once for lay over. Never left airport.

Denia Palacios

i love anything out of the ordinary when i travel. food.attractions.rooms. everything!

Dave finnell

Looks like you had a blast trying different things .

Allison wujack

I usually prefer to stay away from the “tourist traps” and check out the local hot spots that are less known to tourists.


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