Members Weigh In

Members Weigh In on Planet Preservation

Tiny green buds are finally arriving on the trees, making us giddy with anticipation for the verdant days ahead and hyper-aware of just how significantly nature impacts our mood, productivity, and overall well-being. With these thoughts in mind, we polled members on what they’re doing to aid our planet and help keep this beautifully symbiotic relationship going.

First, we inquired if you and your fellow members were aware of World Water Day (March 22nd) and World Forest Day (March 21st), the celebrations of natural beauty and conservation that were launched by the United Nations to help draw attention to the countless ways natural resources like forests and rivers make our high standards of living possible.

We were a little disheartened to learn that only 24% of you could wholeheartedly say “Yes” when asked about knowing of the days and their mission. Apparently, there’s still a lot of work to be done when it comes to spreading the word about these worthwhile occasions. (United Nations, call us. We’re experts at this word-of-mouth thing.)


Despite lacking the deets on these specific occasions, you guys still seemed committed to doing your part to help preserve and replenish natural resources. An amazing 87% stated they were making an effort to do so. Of those that aren’t, 8% said they couldn’t due to time or money constraints.


Not surprisingly, given the high percentage of members doing their part, you guys were able to offer some stellar feedback on the things you’re currently doing to preserve and replenish natural resources. Here are some of our favorite easily-adoptable ideas:

“I try to do my best to recycle and reuse containers/jars from my every day purchases. I’m constantly looking for ideas of upcycling and crafting with my empty boxes and jars. I also use reclaimed wood to do a lot of projects. This way it reduces the need to buy things from the store so frequently, and also allows new life to an old item! I try to stay conscious when at the store with what is needed, and the second life they could have.”Amee L., 30, MO

“I try to use less water by turning water off when I brush my teeth, take shorter showers, reuse water used to rinse things off to water plants, plant trees and plant a garden.”Patty M., 58, MO

“My household has stopped using bottled water and instead using filtered from the tap, decreasing the amount of plastic used and recycled. Also, we’ve installed a filtration system in the den for all my children’s friends/neighborhood children to drink whenever they all come over (which is about 3-4 times a week).”Jessie W., 29, VA

“I recycle and reuse everything including redesigning old items for future use. I also live in the Connecticut river valley and participate in river and forest clean up. Also volunteer at the battery recycling center. I also donate and use mostly reused and sustainable items”Tasha T. , 29, MA

“We converted to solar electricity at our home and are considering purchasing a plug in vehicle for local driving. I take mass transit to work and do lots of walking. We reduce our thermostat to 55 degrees at 8pm until 6am. We also try to buy local, organic food when we can.”Saralyn C. , 53, NY

“Make sure to use your clothes washer and dryer when you have a full load. You could save 1,000 gallons/month! Water your lawn during the evening, when it is cooler and dryer. Watering in the morning, when it is hot and dry, leads to water evaporation. Pick up some earth-bags at your local grocery store. Say no to both, “paper” and “plastic!” Replace your old light bulbs with energy saving fluorescent bulbs. Sure, they may cost more money, but you will save on your energy bill in the future”Keshav B. 30, WA

As to why they all do so much? We think Jason G., 41, NH said it best — “We have but one Earth.”


Inspired? Underwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Share your opinion of these suggestions below!

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Dawn willer

I like their input

Colleen Reiser

I take short showers turn the water off when i brush mt teeth


This is neat. Im really thinking about starting to do this



Allison wujack

I have been raised to always recycle. I actually am genuinely shocked when I am visiting a friend and realize that they don’t recycle. It’s just so “normal” to me since I’ve always done it. I also brush my teeth in the shower in the morning to save water!

joan fitzpatrick

have been doing this for a number of years…little steps yield big results


I have start recycling

donna hope

I recycle paper, cans, water filters & plastic bags.

Jenny Patrick

We have had so many conversations about recycling for years in Ky and they are discussing again.No accommodations

Melissa Rebel

Thanks so much for the ideas we need to leave a cleaner earth than what we left it for our children.


I try to preserve energy and water by using as little as possible in my home.

Barbara Page Gentz

I turn water off when brushing teeth, take short showers.

Corrie Helton

We recycle. The problem is certain places stopped taking certain things. We have to drive way out of the way to recycle, but it is worth it for our children’s children.


I like the video.


That’s good.

betty crawford

We recycle and compost. Composting makes the biggest tomatoes!

Robin Vogel

Every bottle we recycle puts a nickel back in our pockets. We currently give all our bottles to a woman who has a rare disease so she can get together enough money for a service dog. With everyone in the community donating bottles and cans to her cause, it adds up fast! She’s closing in on the $15,000 she needs.



Jenny Hover

Great ideas! We are working on making recycling a habit.


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