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Tastemaker Feed: Afterschool Routines

The outside world is getting brighter, and warmer, making us feel like summer is just around the corner. We can’t wait for the long, lazy days, the lack of need for layers, and the loosening of the schedules and structures that bind us throughout the rest of the year. Before we arrive at that magical time though, there are still a few months worth of school days ahead.

Those days still have to fit into the time constraints of the rest of the school year, the weather outside fills them with an ever-growing sense of energy. It’s on these hopeful yet regulated times that our latest batch of elite member photos are focused. They showcase after-school rituals of all kinds –from dutiful attempts at homework to joyous snacking to outdoor play. No matter what the activity portrayed, they are all filled with the bright light of coming adventure.

Below, our members dish out their advice for getting the most out of those times.


“I’ve learned that we can’t wait too long on the homework since my boys usually have some sort of sports practice or game later and would have to do it really late or they’ll be too tired to want to do it at all. So, our habit has been to have homework time almost as soon as we walk in the door from school.” -Shell, Things I Can’t Say


“One of our favorite activities to do together is making home playdough and playing with it together. You can easily make it in little time, any color you want and it’s such a great way to discover and learn with your little ones. We love using cookie cutters to make shapes, practice our colors and measuring skills, and making letters with our homemade playdough.” -Amber, Mommy Gone Healthy


(cont’d) “We take advantage of his little sisters nap time to connect, do a fun activity together and we always share a special snack during that time.”

running“This time of the year is great, it gives us time to let the kids start playing outside more but we also are able to get some garden and yard work started while they are playing.  Kids are easy to please when it comes to spring time activities outside and lets not forget that all at fun and running means nap time goes a lot easier!  Nap time for everyone!!” -Censie, Building Our Story

How do you and your little ones spend those after-school hours now that it’s getting warmer out? Tell us in the comments below!

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My babies love to play Just dance on the PS4.


My grandsons love to play outside


After homework and a snack we head outside

joan fitzpatrick

healthful snack to get over the day and prepare for homework…after school activities


My kid’s go out with there friends.

Kelli walker

After school we have a snack and chill out for a few minutes and then we get ready for homework.


After school we have a snack, play outside for half an hour and then do homework

Carrie Mahoney

We started my nephew in head start and he just enrolled in karate . he loves it .


Snacks, board games, fishing now it’s warming up. 🙂


don’t HAVE any kids


Very cool read!

Tina Ross

Going for a walk with the dogs and when we get home we have a lite snack


Cartoons and snacks

Kathleen White

I have no little ones anymore.

Jenny H

We build with blocks and do puzzles. When dad gets home we go outside.


No tv, no computers, no cell phones! There is a large common area (one of the buying points) that gets used for baseball, football, etc. Kids spend waaaayyyy too much time sitting, I want mine out, in the fresh air, running, having run.

anna king

i let my kid play out side and explories the woods


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