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Tastemaker Feed: Spring’s Here! (Says the Calendar)

Global warming might still be making a mess of our daily wardrobe decisions (and, you know, wreaking havoc on planet Earth) but according to the calendar at least, the spring season has officially begun. And while we’re spring-cleaning our way through our old duds, tossing worn-out shoes, and refreshing our bathroom products, we thought we’d check in with some of our elite members.

Seems that just like us, they’ve jumped head first into spring… whether or not the weather forecast is ready for them.


Anna‘s post is inspiring us to start sprucing up our spring accessory collection. Her effortless clutch and jazzy earrings could make any outfit say “spring.”


We commend Christina for adding spring flowers, and an apricot scent to her relaxing bubble bath. It’s basically a mini spa day at home, which is perfect for all the “spring” days that can’t seem to warm up.

Rocy philosophy

Rocy also had some “me time” with a bubble bath, but she took it a step further and used philosophy in her hair. Adding spring scents to your strands is genius, because it’ll make the experience last longgggg after the bathwater’s gone cold.


Whether you’re immersing yourself in a minty bubble bath or like to rock florals as a reminder to Mother Nature that we’re waaaaaaiting, how are you planning to spring into spring? Is the weather in your area cooperating? Let us know in the comments below.

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Jenny Patrick

Peonies have started up and the green leaves on my naked lilies have appeared.

Christine Sickley

Spring cleaning getting rid of old clothes and accessories and making room for new

Julia davison

Love spring cleaning. It’s like a fresh start every year.

Rodena MacNeil

Rodena MacNeil · University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
I just want the warmer weather with lots of sunshine! The electricity bills are also lower because in the spring there is less snow on our solar panels! 🙂

Terry Ward

Spring cleaning and getting ready to plant veggies and flowers soon

Kristi Barahona

I have a full garden with trumpet vines now, hummingbirds love them 😍


I went and had my hair colored and cut for a shorter “do” for spring. Our grapes are beginning to leaf and we have tiny bunches of grapes already. The weather is cooperating for the grape growth we have in our back yard.

Angela H

We’ve been cleaning out our house and prepping for fun in the sun from our home away from home in the mountains!


Planting my favorite flowers!!


Can’t wait to start my veggie garden


Need to cut back my hibiscus 🌺 and always wait until spring to do it

Jessie Rhodes

I plan on bringing in spring by planting more flowers, going thru old things, and going on many walks

Allison wujack

A little spring cleaning and a lot of spring pampering!


I’m getting ready by tanning out in the sun, wearing more dresses, and planting wildflowers! I live in Florida so it’s 90° and definitely cooperating!

Ellen Roark

My flowers are ready to be outside just like me.. Look out sun here we come…


I love opening. Windows putting up flower curtains just air in out the home from winter


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