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Members Weigh In on Budgeting

Keeping a budget is a valuable skill – one we, at least, tend to rediscover every year around Tax Season. But, through a recent Crowdtap survey, we learned that 52% of our members follow a budget year-round!

Some use it to save or cut down on debt; most do it as a way of life. Of the 4,000+ members surveyed, 56% cited having enough money to live as the main catalyst for starting a budget.

MWI - Budget 1 (2)

Balancing money tends to begin when people start making money (usually after finishing school and starting to work), though a subset of our community learned the budgeting basics before heading out into the real world.

MWI - Budget 2

Surprisingly, budgeting apps weren’t very popular among our respondents – only 11% said they used tools like Mint or Digit. Most people monitored money themselves, either by balancing checkbooks and accounts or tracking spending on a spreadsheet.

Sticking to a budget isn’t a piece of cake: a third of respondents said they’ve tried budgeting, but find it difficult to stick to.

MWI - Budget 3

The top tips our members shared to those looking to start a budget included setting realistic goals, using cash, and including fun activities to keep from feeling deprived.

“Keep it simple: if you overspend, just keep moving. A budget is organic, it will flow and change. Life is not lived in a box and neither is your budget. Find an app or method (envelopes, spreadsheet) that works for you and stick with it. Involve the whole family, kids too in budgeting!” – Tori B.

“Don’t neglect to save and give, even when you think you don’t have enough. Even $5 can make a difference if it gets you into the habit of saving.” – Heather L.

“Make it livable, if you make it too tight you won’t stick to it.” – Carley M.

Once you have a working budget, the fun part comes in: rewarding yourself with some of the money saved! Here’s how our members indicated they would spend:

MWI - Budget 4

Do you have any tips or tricks that we missed? Or did you pick up something helpful that will motivate you to start budgeting? Let us know in the comments, and share this post or the images within in with others looking for advice!

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Pat Z Anthony

Everyone should be on a budget of some sort, It just makes sense to be aware of spending habits.

lynn sims

You must live within your means! You have to know how much you BRING home from work each week/month. If you bring home $3-$4 grand a month, that doesn’t mean you can afford to buy whatever strikes your fancy. You need to sit down and make a list of all your bills, rent/mortgage, gas/ electric, cable food, insurance, etc. IF you have $$$ left over then treat yourself, or save it which is even better.


Nothing wrong with buying cheap and saving money.

Stephanie Esparza

I have always followed a budget and learned after having four children! I’ve learned to watch for deals at supermarket, clipped coupons or price matched at walmart from other competitors .

Deborah Porter

I’m learning how to make a budget.

Pamela J Cash

I try to budget my husbands check it seems we come up n something like check garneshong sets our budget back were we are devistated by uncle sams greedyness to take take take.

Lynnora Sims

open up a Christmas Club account at your local Credit Union!!!! We put away $10.00 – $20.00 each pay period depending what we can afford. By the time November comes, we have a nice little nest egg built up and we don’t charge ANYTHING. We started this over 30 years ago, and never have to worry about “holiday debt”. It’s liberating knowing Chistmas is paid for!


I live by my monthly budget. It’s not something I could give up on either.


I have always kept a budget and I have money automatically deducted from my check every week & deposited into my savings account so I won’t spend it….. it adds up quick!!

Kathy Montgomery

I have been budgeting since high school started out using envelopes for my special funds and bills. As year went by I have continued and now I budget and have opened up a extra savings acct to put funds in and can draw this money out for occasions like graduation, trips, grandkids presents, vacations, dr bills , dentis etc. I just go to my acct when I need extra money and I always have it

Lindsey Schafer

I have a family of 5 so we stick to a budget most of the time. I save a lot of money by cooking most meals at home and eating out less. It’s expensive for a family our size to eat out.

Laurie Miller

Everyone should be on a budget. No promise we will have Social Security when we retire and if we do , it sure is not enough to live comfortably.

Rosie LaVertue

Living on a monthly budget Just surviving


Ieverynody should be on a budget

Ava M

I have to budget so it is a way of life to me.

Teresa Combs

Using a budget helps keeping from overspending. Making lists when you get paid, esp. when we get paid once a month: writing down bills, necessities store list, gas for car, prescriptions, Dr. Copays, money for savings, money for credit card pymts, etc. All this helps keep money in your Acct for savings.


I’ve been budgeting for many years; so many that I have the budget in my head and seldon refer to my on line tracking.


Our family definitely lives on a budget. We are a family of five, my husband works and I’m a homemaker. I also coupon and do other things in order to save money.

Laura Hubert

Living on a budget is hard but, it is necessary.


In today’s world as a single mother you have no choice but to live on a budget.


I can’t get my husband to stick to a budget. I try and try but it doesn’t work.

Forrest Palmer

Everyone ought to develop a budget at various times in your life, but don’t get stressed out over meeting that budget. Things happen! Live life!


Mint is a huge help!! It helps me keep track of all my spending.


It would be a blessing to be able to follow a budget and save money too, yeah that’d be nice.


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