Members Weigh In

Members Weigh In On Festival Season 2017

Dust off those disposable cameras, pack a backpack full of sunscreen and water, and slap on a pair of sunglasses because it’s APRIL, you guys, and that means music festivals are back in action.

Music is pretty universal – we’ve all got a song we love, an artist that reminds us strongly of our childhoods, perhaps even a live music experience that totally changed our lives. Sometimes, all of this goodness can manifest in a music festival, and we wanted to explore the roles that music festivals have played in your lives! Here’s what we learned.

In the past, 18% of you have graced Coachella with your presence, 10% at CMA, 9% at Bonnaroo, 7% at Firefly, and 4% at Essence.

Some of the festivals you guys are headed to this season include Coachella, Boston Calling, Panorama, Tortuga, Bonnaroo, Firefly, and When We Were Young.

And hey, while music festivals are centered around, well, music, there are plenty of other things to see and do. From gourmet ice cream to poke bowls to pork cubanos, festivals often bring in the best of the best when it comes to snacking in between shows. (Panorama Music Festival was even written up on Zagat last year!)

Plus, festivals love weaving in various immersive experiences to keep the fun going like photo booths, galleries, and interactive digital art experiences. Here’s what you guys enjoy at music festivals, apart from shows themselves.

What SPARKS your interest at a musical festival-

But while we ARE talking about music, here are the artists making the rounds this season that have you guys making heart-eye emoji’s.

  • Luke Bryan 27%
  • Lady Gaga 25%
  • The Weeknd 15%
  • Darius Rucker 8%
  • Lorde 7%

As fun and crazy as they are, music festivals STILL cannot thwart most of us social media addicts. While we assumed that most of you guys Instagram and Snapchat your way through festivals, the results were actually pretty surprising.

Social Media Use at Music Festivals
Looks like most of you are posting statuses and checking in on Facebook, instead!

Are you guys attending any festivals soon, or listening to any festival artists that we missed in our post? If so, we’d love to hear about them!

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Nicole S.

Movement Detroit best techno music festival ever!


Country USA

Jenny Patrick

Never been.


I have yet to make it to one of these events but it is definitely on my bucket list. Hopfully in the near future I will get to partake.

Carmen Herbert

I use to like going to these events, but now I’ve just gotten to old and unsteady on my feet to really enjoy them, but I do like watching some on my TV.

joan fitzpatrick

I don’t do concerts or festivals anymore…plus…they are not ever in proximity of where I live now


I want to go.


Last “music” event I went to was a Cars concert!!!!! lol

jennifer delong

Last concert I went to was Alter Bridge and it was awesome with Nonpoint I’m looking forward to the Seether concert in Seattle and I will be working and promoting Year’s day at work tour this year on the 16th of June in Seattle. I live for music and I love it and I can’t get enough of it also if you guys want to check out a great Seattle band check out Windowpane

jennifer delong

edit Its Warp Tour


Rockfest,waterfest summerfest,waterfest, and country usa


It;s been a long time since I went to a concert.

Sherry edentin

Waiting to see Luke bryan


I would love to go to a concert this year!!


Love to go to a music festival! Have never been!


We saw Crystal Gail at one of the casinos in Oklahoma. She was phenomenal. Her voice never changes.


we never have any concerts around our area. We do go to OkC some but its still a 3 hr dirve.

Lynnora Sims

Went to see Brothers Osbourne with my son and they were fantastic! This was before they became well known.


I have never been to a music festival. I prefer individual concerts of those I really like


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