Members Weigh In

Members Weigh In on Summer Style (and Spending)

With scorching, sunny days (and perfectly breezy evenings) just around the corner, we’ve been giving our closets a bit of a side eye. Are they ready? Are we?

Transitions tend to be tough, whether those complexities fall across your interests, your emotions, or even your wallets. We surveyed Crowdtap members on just how they transition and prep their closets for warmer weather.

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When surveyed about typical buying habits for summer styles, a majority of Crowdtap members put convenience and taste first. Nearly half of those surveyed said that they purchase clothing whenever an item catches their eye at random, while 20% said they only buy summer duds when they’re on sale. Spring came at a close third, when 18% of members indicated they start their summer shopping. Meanwhile, it seems that in the fall and winter everyone’s too busy staying warm to think about sleeveless tees and dresses.

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Pairing tanks or slogan tees with a scarf and cardigan? Apparently nearly half of you do it, with 45% of those surveyed proudly claiming that they transition half of their closet from season to season. In comparison, only 8% of Crowdtap members can transition their entire closet from one season to the next!

What do Crowdtap members enjoy wearing in the summer?

34% of those surveyed chose maxi dresses as their go-to summer ensemble, while a combined 24% preferred rompers and off-the-shoulder tops as their summer staples.

As for summer patterns, 46% of those polled felt their best in bright colors, while 25% can’t get enough florals.

When asked which stores Crowdtap head to when they’re in need of summer outfits that rock, Target and Old Navy came on top for their versatile, affordable styles.

Our members also shared personal details about their summer shopping habits, and whether or not budgeting played a role.

“I usually only buy clothes when I need clothes. I keep the clothing staples and basics (like plain tees and reliable shorts) for as long as I can. Typically, I’ll maybe buy 3 new pieces for each season as I transition my clothes and see what I’m wearing the most often.”Lindsay M.

“I have to work with whatever budget I have left after paying my bills. I usually bargain shop for my clothes so I can stretch my money further. I look for items I can mix and match to create multiple looks for the summer.”Rachael Z.

“I really don’t have a budget when purchasing my summer clothing. If I see something that’s pretty and comfortable and looks good on me, I buy it. Usually everything I buy is within a certain price range. Most times I will purchase a few dresses, some shorts, and the same amount of tops to go with the shorts.” – Judy M.

“I generally don’t like spending more than $15-20 on one particular item. I shop sale racks all year to find items to incorporate into every season.”Stephanie S.


Did anything you read characterize your own summer shopping experiences, or do you have a totally different way of doing things? Is there a magical item in your closet that transitions from season to season? Share your thoughts with us below.


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Stephanie Esparza

I buy my summer attaire during the Spring or when there’s a sale on summer clothes.

Adrianna (Audie) ☺️

Yes. I do the same thing.

Jatan Ehrhart

I shop clearance items throughout the year for summer clothes and half of my closet is winter clothes and the other half summer clothes. I would prefer Old Navy if it were closer to where I live.

Jenny Patrick

I have one closet for winter clothes and one for summer. I have a coat and jacket closet also.

Renee McKee

I buy randomly for seasons. I catch sales when possible.

Laurie Miller

I shop clearance and sales thru out the year. You can find cute items and save at the same time. But there is times when I see something I like and it fits great so I buy it right away.

Mandy Drost

Ahhh, I wish I had an organized closet for spring and summer or I wish I could just go replace my whole wardrobe with new updated clothing. However in reality, I can’t. I don’t have matching purses to go with my shoes or scarves or several pairs of shoes at that. Instead, I have children. I focus on them, their needs and even though I don’t always like wearing jeans and t-shirts, my children are happy. That, makes me happy.

linda hays

I keep summer clothes up stairs right now winter clothes downstairs

linda hays

I always buy new clothes in stores several times a week i like to keep up dated on all new clothes

sharron parker

I shop when everything is the cheapest. I check all sale papers & I go on-line & check sale items racks in the stores.

Christine Sickley

I like Wal-Mart, Target and Old Navy where I live. I always find clothes, shoes and accessories love

Lindsey Schafer

I buy from clearance and sales racks all year long. I also love thrift shopping but every once in a while I will splurge and get something designer.

Gabrielle Gilbert

Last year I RAIDED The end-of-summer Sale @ Walmart last year for 1$ swimsuit pieces ;))) 🐞

Judith Hewitt

When I do purchase clothes, either summer or winter I usually shop online. I find the best deals online, it’s so convient and I don’t have to fight the crowds.

Silver Jones

Yes I can use some fall clothes or spring clothes in the summer time .

Raelynn Hobbs

I only purchase sale items. End of season clearance is where i save for the next year’s attire for the whole family. Also purchases through the year during large sales or shopping the outlet stores has saved a bundle while allowing versatile outfits for every season.

April Kelly

Shop during fall or winter at walmart


I buy clearance and love thrift stores every once in a while I’ll splurge on myself but I have kids and they get whatever they want so momma comes last.


I shop clearance racks all year long, but my favorite finds often come from thrift stores or yard sales.


I love shopping clearance! So I buy summer clothes right after summer. Lol


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