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Tastemaker Feed: Park Fun With The Kids

Adults and kiddos – we’re really not all that different. In the same way that we sometimes go a little crazy being cooped up in an office with the sunshine and warmth just outside our window, kids can also feel a little nutty in the house, despite all of their toys

Once the warmer seasons hit, the best way a family can spend time together is outdoors. Even those of us who live in bustling metropolitan cities have probably uncovered an excellent acre of green space somewhere, whether it’s a sprawling city park or a lovely reservoir nearby.

Ah, but how to have the most fun when you’re there? Check out the creative ideas that some of our Influencers came up with!


Sticky Nature Frame is such an easy activity that kids love! Simply take some packing tape (the super strong and sticky kind) and make a square or rectangle out of it with the sticky side facing up. Tape your sticky tape square to a flat surface (side of house, garage door, window, etc.) with the sticky side facing out. Let the kids collect nature items (grass, leaves, small twigs, rocks) and place them on the sticky surface. Kids love this simple activity and being able to see all their treasures placed on the sticky surface.” – Amber, Mommy Gone Healthy


Tell the kids ahead of time how long you’ll be staying. Telling the kids it is time to go home is the worst part of a day at the park.  Kids are so smart, give them the amount of time they will be able to play and make sure you give a countdown warning of when it is getting close to having to head home. This will, hopefully, help not have any meltdowns. – Censie, Building Our Story 

What did you think of these park tips from Censie and Amber? We’re pretty in love with that Sticky Nature Frame idea! How do you and your families enjoy the great outdoors? (Or the great parks, at least). Tell us below!
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I love it! Me and my family love going to the park

Anne Tilson

I love the sticky tape idea! My grandkids would love that!

Kay Bonsell

I do not have any little ones anymore mine are groen up its my children’s turn to be the parent

Frances Eidson

We just love to be outside!

Jean Delbridge

The sticky tape idea is fabulous! What a creative way to let your child’s creativity go!

As parents, it good to share ideas on timing and having to leave to go home. We all need to try new ideas for sanity!


Those are great ideas


Love taking grandkids to the park

Anna Burt

We never plan anything except that by the end we’ll be hungry and dirty. So all I pack for sure is good food and a change of clothes!

Jenny Patrick

I am a kindergarten aide and this would be a good icebreaker for a new kid on the playground. All the other kids would run to see what’s going on.

Terri M Jessie

Love the sticky nature frame idea and excited to try it!!


i love the time idea, that will make it easier next time. I’m trying it.

Lynnora Sims

looking forward to having grandbabies so I can play in the parks again!!


I like the idea of setting a time limit but toddlers have no concept of time. I prefer to keep them active until they are wearing down and need to rest.

Marjorie Simpson

I am lucky. I live near a state park and can go swimming and campingl I enjoy the long walks.


Take the kids to the park often. They love the slide and swings!


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