Members Weigh In

Members Weigh In on Smartphone Habits and Needs

Here in the Crowdtap office, most of us think of our smartphones as an extension of our bodies. They help us keep up with our emails, stay on top of our daily schedules, and send our BFFs frowny-face selfies during frustrating moments. As for land lines? Well, most people we casually queried around the office seemed confused about where to go to even get one hooked up.

We were curious if these traits were universal among our members. Think the stats will stack up similarly? Read on to find out.

94% of members stated they had a smartphone. However, that didn’t mean that they were as ready to part with their landlines as the Crowdtap employee contingent. 39% of those surveyed stated that they still have a home phone.

When it came to typical smartphone uses, communication was top priority.

By far the most common use for smartphones (50%) was keeping in touch with loved ones through calls and texts. Social networking was a distant second, with 26% of members stating it was their primary way to use their smartphone. Unlike most of us here at Crowdtap HQ, members didn’t find productivity apps like email and calendar too necessary. A mere 7% stated this was their phone’s primary purpose. Also in the single digit club: gaming, website browsing, and external messaging apps.

When we asked members to describe their relationships to their smartphones, opinions were split between those that considered them a toy, a tool, and a straight-up addiction.

In fact, members were so into their phones that when asked which additional features they wished smartphones had, the majority were unable to come up with a response.

“My phone has all the features I can imagine” stated Milli Rani S., 27. “My phone has everything I want on it as of right now”, echoed Caral J, 37. “It’s perfect”, agreed Travis T., 43.

Most of the suggestions that did come up had to do with improving the phone’s usability — not it’s feature set.

Solar-powered charging, WiFi charging, and a built-in second battery pack were all common suggestions.

An easier way to locate a lost phone around the house was also a frequently mentioned wish, as was more effective voice recognition technology.

Finally, a few users chose to truly dream big with their suggestions:

“The ability to mute the sound around me. I know it sounds like a super power, but I would love to be able to make everyone just shut up when I want to!” – Adriann H, 34

“Ability to teleport please!” -Donna, 29

“Would be nice if it could see into the future” -Annie, 32

“Unlikely, but it would be so great if we could print food from our phones.” -Dan,47

AGREED, DAN. We’d be printing out this beauty below right now.

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