Members Weigh In

Members Weigh In on Summer Sports

Whether you’re playing ’em or watching ’em, sports in the spring and summertime are unbeatable.

We polled nearly 5,000 members to ask about your favorite sports to watch and play over the next few months. (Spoiler alert: baseball remains America’s pastime!)


Baseball is the top sport to watch over the summer – sure, it has the longest season (April – October, for the lucky ones, with 162 games played), but the MLB All Star Game and MLB World Series grabbed the viewership of a combined 51% of you!

As for playing it?

About 1/5 of members indicated they would play a game of baseball this summer. Of the 718 members who participate in recreational leagues, 38% play baseball or softball.

Other top sports for rec league players were basketball (21%), tennis (13%), kickball (10%), and golf (8%). Most are playing in leagues with friends.


But there’s more to summer sporting than organized games! What about the backyard, public park, or sandy beach activities that need no league?


Beach volleyball won out with 19%, but classics like catch, frisbee, and badminton made a solid showing.


Did we miss your favorite sport? What game does your recreational league play? Share your summer sports ambitions, and be sure to tap back to Crowdtap to share your opinion for next week’s post!

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Samantha Stille



I watch sporting events once and a while. Ive come to the conclusion that most big sporting events are rigged. I play recreationally with my friends for fun all the time, though!


I don’t get into sports much, i do, however, go cheer on my son at his baseball games.


NASCAR is about all I watch.

Connie S Lamp Valentine

Looking forward to doing some hiking this summer in some of our beautiful state parks.


I don’t really watch sports, but my girls do dance in the summer and we try to get out and hike/enjoy nature while the nice weather lasts!


Not much of a sports fan

Chepa perez

Veo deporte de vez en cuanto ,pero mantengo a mis niños en actividades que les permita desarrollar algún deporte


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