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Tastemaker Feed: Looking Summertime Fly

We know the summer months aren’t exactly popular with anyone over the age of 18. They bring sweltering temps, hard-to-breathe-in humidity, and swarms of insect species that seem to only exist 3 months out of the year.
Even so, summer is our all-time favorite when it comes to fashion.

The trees and flowers are in bloom, turning every street corner into a runway full of complementary floral accents. The bulky outerwear is relocated to the deep end of the closet, no longer blocking the view of careful sartorial choices. People of all colors, shapes, and ages flash glistening glimpses of flesh: a big, bustling Benetton ad of inclusivity and bodily-affirmation in every direction.

Plus gingham. Have we mentioned how much we love gingham? That’s one classy af pattern right there.

This week’s batch of influential member’s posts seemed to have their thoughts swirling around warm weather fashion as well. Read on as they drop knowledge about surviving high temps with style and grace.

“Keep a little shea butter with you to combat inner thigh chaffing. It’s a natural skin protectant and it makes it easy to walk around in your cute sun dress on a warm summer day feeling completely comfortable”, advises CeCe O., NY

Here in NYC, everyone walks a lot, so we love any tips to help us minimize that dreaded chub rub.


“I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to be worried about when I’m wearing an outfit that makes me feel super confident is a sweat breakthrough. It’s really amazing how something as seemingly small as your choice in deodorant can boost your confidence.”Chelcey T, KY

Agreed! Confidence is key, so anything that helps you keep yours up is a worthy investment.

“Use a hydrating facial mist! A hydrating facial mist can be a life-saver during the summer heat. A quick spritz refreshes and hydrates your skin, while cooling down an overheated face. It also helps set your makeup to keep your skin glowing all night!”Ellen F., AL

This is a new one for us, but we’re willing to give it a try.

“Filled [my suitcase] with super bright colors, head to toe florals, statement making earrings and much more! Of course I couldn’t resist wearing a few of my favorite Spring trends at once and while I usually shy away from doing that, these 3 worked together so well!”Jacquelyn G, NY

In other words: LIVE BOLDLY. If not in the summertime, then when?


More than a little jealous of every one of these outfits! …And of these ladies’ serious amounts of poise. Now it’s your turn. Tell us your summer style dreams, tricks, and traditions in the comments below.

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Elaine Bolling

I like to wear lots of cotton, put my hair up and drink tons of water and iced tea!

Rodena MacNeil

I agree with Elaine! Those are excellent suggestions! 🙂

Lonnette Harrell

I agree. And cute flip flops that sparkle!


I love it and i wear shorts tank top and hair up with flip flops

Tara Depka

I would love to spend every day at the beach and have an amazing tan! T

Lindsey Schafer

I like to wear shorts, tank tops, sundresses and flip flops in the summer and I never leave home without wet ones and I also use a facial mist and drink plenty of water!

Diana Sypolt

I love Summer, I’m always hiking in the woods or on a trail somewhere. Hair is up, Tshirt & jean shorts with hiking boots, sunglasses & Smart Water to stay hydrated. Oh & Avon Skin So Soft Spray for BUGS! Me & bugs do not get along!

Christine Sickley

I like to dress casual and cool in the summer. Sit in the sun and work on my tan.


Light fabrics generally keep me cooler paired with my favorite denim shorts; in the summer season.


Looking forward to a week at the beach

Megan Kelley

Deep woods bug spray, a good razor, and a bathing suit are three things I need for the summer. I prefer Gillette fusion power razors for men they give a nice close shave without cuts. If you don’t want to use air conditioning all the time hang out in a bathing suit. A soaking wet bathing suit top can really cool you off.

Jo A Combs

I love to sit with a nice tall glass of ice tea on my porch and watch all of the kids playing in the pool and relaxing while they are having fun.


Hydrate! Drink water, moisturizer skin, wear a hat and lather on the sunscreen!


I dress in shorts and t’s all Summer except for dress up occasions

amy marshall

My bathing suit, bug spray and lots of water are my summertime essentials.

Sussan Castro

Complete agree!!

Judy Gustafson

Water, water, water. Stay hydrated. Skip the sodas. And keep lots of cut up fruit in the frig or cooler to snack on.

Donna Freeman

My flip flops..bandana and fun in the Sun wearing anything from a hundreds to tank too and shorts

Krista Smith

Love summer, love the clothes, love the outdoors, BBQs…All of it!

Laura Dunn

I’ll spend the hottest days at the Lake cottage with my sundress over my bathing suit and in the evening I go to the drive-in movies!

Samantha C.

It’s too hot to wear anything but sandals and sundresses in the summer. My goal is to stay as cool as possible.

Laurie Miller

Summer is my second favorite season. Sundresses,shorts, outdoors and sunscreen. Don’t forget hydrate—water, water, water!!

Heidi Todd

Sandals are my summer go to shoe… remember to treat your tootsies right by putting sunscreen on them too.


I love summer clothes!

Tonya Owens

I love summer; sundresses, tank tops and shorts have to be my favorite clothes. The shoes… sandals if I even have shoes on. Then there is the bathing suit for the days out lounging by the pool or out on the lake!

Kathy Bell

I wear a cool and flowery sundress soon after I come in from gardening I shampoo and condition with Suave and I use Nivea Hydrating Moisturizer.


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