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Tastemaker Feed: Skin and Self-Care

While self-care has always been a movement to believe in, lately the term seems to pop up in every direction you look. It makes sense, seeing how much time we all spend engrossed in our computers and smartphones, which is basically like being in five different places at once. It could get exhausting.

That’s why the media, bloggers, and also all of your coworkers agree that self-care—while it might mean something different to everyone—is essential. It’s the time to think about (only) yourself, treat (only) yourself, and truly enjoy spending time with, well, yourself! Here’s what two of our favorite Influencers had to say on the topic.

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Cheryl of Oh To Be A Muse decided that her act of self-care is focusing on keeping her skin healthy and supple. Here are a few of her tips!

“APPLY SUNSCREEN: We tend to always remember to apply sunscreen in the summer, but it’s good to make it habit year-round, even in the spring. Using a sunscreen on your face (SPF 30 or better) can keep your skin smooth and protect it against harsh elements that could aid in drying out your skin.

KEEP MAKEUP LIGHT: No one really likes to lay on heavy makeup because no one likes a cakey look. But heavy makeup can also clog pores in the dry areas of your face. During the spring, opt for lightweight foundation (or just a tinted moisturizer) if possible.

PROTECT YOUR EYES: Spring time also means that it’s sunnier out, which is a good thing. But more sun can mean more squinting, and squinting can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Protect the delicate skin around your eyes by investing in an eye cream with a high concentration of antioxidants and peptides. Or, better yet, buy a nice array of sunglasses!” – Cheryl

For Jenn of Hello Rigby, sticking to a routine is key.

“Spring has officially sprung, and for me that means it’s time to take a look in both my wardrobe and beauty routine and make a few changes. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the need for proper skin care routine! As a dry skin girl, this is something that is incredibly important for me, and falling off the wagon of properly moisturizing and exfoliating my skin can be a critical error. After all, who doesn’t want their skin to look silky smooth in a new spring dress?!”- Jenn

How have you indulged in self-care over the last week? Share any tips you have below.

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I loved the cat, and could relate to ad.

Tammy mills

Never leave home without wearing Sunscreen and always wash off makeup before bed.

Jenny Patrick

I don’t wear much makeup at all in the summer. Spend too much time in the pool.

Nicole Gavin

My skincare routine consists of dove soap proactive wash and gold bond face and neck skin firming cream. I don’t get breakouts often and I have normal skin so this always does the trick for me.

Adrienne N Jones

Always use an astringent, a toner and a moisturizer daily. Once or twice a week a mask and an exfoliatiant


I do NOT use chemical sunscreens- the chemicals are FAR worse than sun- and sun is Good for you, and without it you will find yourself with a serious Vitamin D deficiency. I have this from my DOCTORS. PLEASE don’t buy in to PC nonsense that will make you sick! Yes, some people who are very pale and who have a family issue with skin cancer DO need to use some kind of sunscreen and hats and long-sleeved clothes- my husband is one of them. If you need a sunscreen, the best thing is good, old fashioned zinc oxide- DESITIN. Yes, baby bum Desitin!

Laurie Miller

Always wear a good foundation with sunscreen in it. And cleanse face well before bed. And moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!!


I like

sharron parker

I use a sunscreen. I have sensitive skin.

Christine Boyer

I use a moisturizing night cream and just a tinted moisturizer for daytime


I have started a new anti aging skin care routine and wearing lighter weight makeup

Spring Holtz

Never sleep in makeup, it gives you wrinkles and clogs your pores.

Dorothy Andrews

I use sunscreen and moisturizer every day. I also use a oil on my skin once a day

Suzie Smith

I try to use natural sunscreen when possible.

Sarah Stevens

I love this idea, I hate having to use multiple products to get protectiom, moisturizing, etc. As I have extremely sensitive skin.


I get heat rashes really bad so i have to really cautious of what i wear and use!


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