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Tastemaker Feed: That Spring and Summer Clean Feeling

Quiet, peaceful evenings in the spring and summer are one of a kind. You know the type—when it’s warm enough to have the windows and screen doors flung open, and all the sounds of the night (crickets, faraway cars) gently cohabiting with you as you relax with your family in the living room. Nights that aren’t so unbearably humid and hot that you feel the need to park it in front of the air conditioner all night.

The only thing that makes evenings like that even better is knowing you’re relaxing in a clean home. It’s easy to clean your house in the winter—there’s always snow and muck and who knows what else being dragged into the house and you want none of it! In the summer, when you’re generally in a more relaxed state, it’s harder to stay on top of household chores, but that doesn’t mean the messes go away, however. Here’s what some of our influencers have to say about keeping a clean home, especially when kids are involved!

“If you think kids and kitchens do not mix, then you are depriving yourself and your little ones a wonderful experience that mixes the wonder of discovery and the unique joy of creating stuff with their hands. Cooking with kids can be fun – a great way to bond and experiment safely. If the thought of dealing with the mess is stopping you, learn how to keep your kitchen clean when cooking with kids using these easy tips.

Prepare Everything.
From the tools to the ingredients to a copy (or two) of the recipe, have everything ready and within easy reach. Make sure the kids understand what your game plan is and what the expected results are. Designate small cleanup tasks to each child so each one knows what he/she is expected to do. Make sure the tasks are age-appropriate and that they can safely handle them with your supervision.

Cover the Work Surface.
This weekend, when Z.E.N. wanted to make pancakes, I covered his workspace with some parchment paper. Putting down parchment paper, plastic sheets or wax paper sheets will protect the work surface and make cleanup a lot easier. It will collect spills, cut fruits and veggies, flour and other ingredients while you work. Once done, lift the corners of the sheet to throw away the waste in the trash can.

Teach Your Kids to Clean As They Go.
The best kitchens are the most efficient, so start the kids early on learning to clean up as they go through a chore. For instance, once they are done using the measuring spoons or measuring cup,instead of just dropping them into the sink, they should just wash them. Training the kids to pick up after themselves will minimize waste and keep things in order.” – Diane, Juggling Family Life 

swim lessons[2]
“Hello there! Summer is almost here! Eek! My kiddos have exactly 3 weeks until the last day of school as of yesterday. Oh my! I am busy getting the house clean, in order & getting our summer break all planned out.

Let’s get to my list of 7 Things to do Before Summer Vacation.

Be sure to sign up for camps, swimming lessons & summer classes before school gets out. One time I forgot to do this, & every swim class was full. So sad! Don’t procrastinate!

Go through your kid’s clothes. Now is a great time to go through their clothes. Throw out any clothes that are beyond repair & donate the rest. I love to do this while my kids are still in school. If they are home when I’m doing this they’ll want to keep everything! ha! Also, make note if they need more shorts, t-shirts, a new bathing suit or sandals.

Come up with a summer chore routine. Yep! My kiddos do chores in the summer! ha! Well, really they do chores year round. Since they are home a little bit more during the summer, I do adjust & add a few extra chores in there (like mowing the grass!). Here’s some examples of chore charts we have tried in the past. I like to switch it up every year. It keeps them on their toes! ha! Feel free to use these charts. Just right click & save to your computer. For personal use only! – Ginger, Ginger Snap Crafts

chore chart at GingerSnapCrafts.com[5][2]

Do you guys think it’s easier to keep your home clean in the summer or in the winter? How do you teach your kids to be conscious of keeping things clean? Share your tips with us below!

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If your little one is walking, have them put their dishes in the sink, the sippy cup, lift them up and let them throw! Then it turns into throwing the cup in by themselves. Be prepared to one day forget and leave your own real glass within reach…That teaches mom to pick up too!

Laurie Miller

I am ready for summer to spend time with the grand kids!!

Crystal Wallace

Im ready for summer. I am expecting my youngest son to come visit.
We usually gi swimming, Go to the arcade,go to the movies, golf,and a bunch of other cool stuff.


So many opportunities this summer for fun with the kids!

Diana Sypolt

Summer for sure! Much easier for me, my furbabies aren’t tracking in snow everyday, even though I wipe their paws, they love to roll in the snow.


I say summer is harfer in our house. We are always outside fishing or kayaking. Getting muddy and dirty. The house gets crazy with out us even trying


Some great ideas about getting ready for the summer!

starla peavy



Summer. Fair time especially is difficult


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