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MWI on Hosting: Food makes a great party, 81% say.

Happy belated solstice, friends! With summer officially in full swing, 86% of you are gearing up to host family and friends.

What makes a perfect get-together? 81% said the food, followed by company (64%) and drinks (53%). All three together are the perfect party trifecta, of course.

With food topping the charts, most had grilling on the mind, with cookouts or barbecues capturing 61% of the vote.

For those drink lovers, beer, wine and soft drinks were the most popular serving options at 70%. Cocktails and mocktails took the other third of the vote.

But 14% said they didn’t like to host. Cleaning (before and after the party) was the most mentioned reason, with getting people to leave at the end of the night following close behind.

Other challenges included not having enough space to entertain, not having the budget, and having difficulty finding a time and day that works for everyone.

For the hosts, getting people together to have a good time outweigh all the struggles. Many also said they enjoyed organizing and being in charge.

“You have a bit more control over the entire event, such as music choices, foods, and drinks when you host the get-together rather than attend as a guest,” said Allie W.

Hosts and attendees could agree on one thing, however: potlucks are the best.

Many of our non-hosts did say that they’d never tried to host before, for a variety of reasons. We gathered a few top tips to share with them, in hopes that this summer will bring their first hosting adventure:

  • Plan ahead. “Organize everything while planning so you know it’s all together,” said Jill M. “Make yourself a little list and check things off as you get them done.”
  • Have plenty of food. “Good food is the best thing for a get-together,” said Amanda S. “It keeps everyone happy and their stomach’s full.” (Plus, it’s always better to have too much food than not enough!)
  • Ask for help. “Get everyone to pitch in so you’re not as stressed while hosting,” said Christine C.

“Just have fun and don’t take things too seriously,” said Melissa B. “Make sure to enjoy your company and not get too caught up in trying to please your guests!”

Ready to host? Tell us about your next summer get-together! We’d love for you to share this post with friends who love to host, and keep sharing your best party tips.



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Planning ahead is critical

Brooklynn Jorden

I agree. Invite friends and family to a cookout and have beer. Make your summer the best with a huge party!

Laurie Miller

I like to plan ahead make the dishes that I can before guest arrive, so you can socialize more then being in the kitchen.


I like planning ahead because is so much easier then planning the same day.. And those three things that get together all your friends and family.

Yadiel Ortega

Next time I host a party I’ll keep this in mind!

Brenda Edwards

I usually don’t host parties at my house because I don’t have a lot of space. One of my brothers usually has a BBQ at their house and everyone pitches in and brings a dish to pass, or pop and chips. We all help clean up when it’s over so no one is stuck in the kitchen all night. We always have lots of delicious food and all kinds of drinks pop, ice tea, lemonade and water to choose from.


When friends get together at our place, everyone brings something based on a theme that we’ve chosen, like multicultural night, for example. I t is very laid-back and the only dish to wash is the one you bring back home with you.


Than the stress is not all on just you to provide food everyone bring a dish of food and pickup after them self’sit’s sure let’s the host enjoy her self to .

Christine Sickley

I have pool so we have party everyone contributes in cooking something and bringing alcohol and other things to drink

Alicia Gonzalez

I just go to the parties 🤗


Planning a party soon, these are great tips


i always love to host parties and get togethers


I give get togethers and go to them all year long. The best trick to hosting is to make it pot luck or at least a bring your own drinks. Either way works for me, sometimes i like having control on the food though. But, if everyone shares in the process, the expense is cut way down, and everyone feels like they contributed.

Judith Hewitt

I no longer host get togethers. My daughter lives out of state, my son is busy with his family and his restaurant and I just moved so I don’t know anyone.


We bring out the China and good silverware every July 4, our friends come in their flip flops and shorts and dine under the stars drinking from the crystal wine glasses, great fun!!!

Jenny Patrick

We used to be the house everyone would gather at on the weekend s but since my husband passed away unexpectedly I am on my own now.

jennifer Baker

Sorry for your loss honey. If you’d like to have a gathering, why not use a backyard of a family members or a nice lake or park, close by?😘😃

Gail Frauenhoffer

Love to host fun parties with lots of good food!

Kelli McDonald

Kelli McDonald July 8th, 2017

I would hold a party strictly for adults only that way we don’t have to worry about the young kids breaking anything. I would also take the car keys from the adults so that they cannot drink & drive. They are more than welcome to staybtge night and sleep off the alcohol.


Love hosting and decorating is the best part

Judith Gustafson

These are great tips and ideas. Will incorporate some of them at my next get-togethers.

Kris Hebert

I always try to have a lot of finger foods and snack items. Fresh veg and humus and fresh fruit are favs.


Food is the highlight of our party. I always provide the main course and others bring side dishes or desserts.


And my family and friends celebrate every holiday.


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