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Tastemaker Feed: Making Laundry…Not So Bad

We’re all humans and, as humans, we’re all wildly unique in our likes, our dislikes, our passions, even our television show preferences. (Though seriously, who could not like Game of Thrones?)

Anyway, the reason for this spiel? Laundry.

In our experience, laundry is divisive. Some people really don’t mind doing it at all, some consider it a slight nuisance, and others will put it off for as long as humanly possible hoping for some sort of detergent-laden guardian angel. Various factors play into someones relationship with laundry, of course— whether you’re in close proximity to a machine, how detailed you have to be about separating your clothes, how busy you are, etc. Still, as with any chore or errand, there are workarounds to feel just a bit less stressed! We’ve rounded up a few for you here.

Krista, a momma of three girls, encourages her kids to be as active and outdoorsy as possible, especially during the summer!  Just as she holds lovely memories from her own childhood, she wants her kids to create memories of their own. Plus, she’s got a great list of tips for how to take care of the messes that sometimes come along with adventure, like the three below.

Do laundry more often – smaller loads and doing laundry every day will help insure that you don’t fall behind.

Presort your laundry – Use a hamper or basket that has several spaces for separating your laundry.

Keep your washer fresh and clean – It’s simple to keep your washer fresh just pop open the door to your washer after each load. This allows the inside to fully dry and keeps your washer smelling great so you don’t have to waste extra time to clean it between loads.

When it comes to bathing suit care (important when they’re as fun and colorful as the ones above!) Tania knows all the tricks. She’s gotta — she has five gals in the house to care for. She says:

“Chlorine and salt water are no bueno on your bathing suits, so if you want to keep them looking their best, I recommend rinsing them with fresh water when you get home or when you take them off. It’s usually easiest for the kids to rinse off at the pool in the shower and then dry off on the walk home. They also like to dry off on the trampoline. Another easy and quick way to rinse off bathing suits is in the shower at home, squeeze out the water, and then throw them in the washing machine right away.

I have a separate basket for wet clothes. This includes bathing suits, cover-ups, towels, anything that has gotten wet. I don’t like the kids to put those clothes in their laundry hampers just in case it’s a few days before we get to their regular laundry. Then all the clothes become wet and stinky. Add in the possibility of mildew and it’s just better to keep them separated. Plus the smell of chlorine is a little bothersome to some family members.”

Love it! Now can she please advise us where to shop for bathing suits?

All Things Mama’s Kasey knows that if you’re trying to save money, you’ve got to apply the mentality to all parts of your life— even laundry! To save a bit of moola on laundry she suggests:

  • Full loads – Only wash full loads of clothes. You’ll use less water and save on energy costs!
  • Detergent – Use a 4-in-1 technology detergent pod instead of buying multiple laundry products! See my favorite below!*
  • Cold Water – Almost all detergents are now formulated to work in cold water. Try using cold water to save money by not having to heat the water!
  • Hang Dry – If the weather is warm, hang clothes outside to dry. If it’s cooler out, only use the dryer until clothes are dry and not longer.

Are there any tips you’d like to share with us before you run off to do your next load of laundry? Tell us below!  (We know this post inspired you. Don’t run from your emotions, guys).

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Hang clothes if possible. I always wash in cold water

Rodena MacNeil

A lot of great tips! 🙂

Laurie Miller

I like the wash in cold water. I had no idea.


…. and always keep your dryers lint screen clean!!!

Amber k.

Hang clothes in the laundry room to dry during the winter especially if you don’t want your clothes to sjrink. Also always lay sweaters flat to dry!


I only wash in cold water. The problem I have is hanging clothes out but, the towels are stiff. I use a softner.


Helpful tips!

Tabitha Ball

Always wash in cold hot will sat the stain in and never dry your bras silk or sweaters and nerver ever hang sweaters it mess the neck line up snd puts dents in sholders learned the hard way

Tabitha Ball

Alwsys wash clothes on cold wster hot wster setscstsins in also nerver dry your delacates or cashmere silk velvet or sweaters lay falt to dry do not hang it will mess the neck and leaves humps in the showlders


I wash soon as im finished



Alicia Gonzalez

Cool tips thanks


hang clothes, use cold water

Yadiel Ortega

I do most of these things, however I did find some new tips!

Brenda Edwards

I use a detergent that has stain lifters and wash with cold water too! I hang my wet clothes on hangers on the shower curtain. They don’t shrink and it saves energy too!

Julie Goldsborough

Sometimese we forget to throw the load in the washer into the dryer and it sours. Throw a little baking soda in with your laundry detergent this will take the smell out.


I had white Vinegar to load of darks or colored items when it’s the first time that I wash them. It helps the clothes maintain their color.

Judith Hewitt

When you throw a load of wet clothes in the dryer toss in a clean dry bath towel and your load will dry faster, saving energy.


I hang a line in the basement to help dry clothing too.

Dian Johnson

Love to wash in cold water and line dry outside! It’s the best way and saves money!!


Hang outside if possible, fresh smell!


Sometimes clothes get left in the dryer after they have been dried and wrinkles set in. To get rid of wrinkles, throw in a few ice cubes and run the dryer fo 10-15 minutes….wrinkles will disappear! Then remove and fold and hang laundry.

Jenny Patrick

I add white vinegar to take out stinky smells .


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