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Tastemaker Feed: School’s Out, Summer’s In

Hear that? It’s the end-of-the-school-year bell, followed by a flood of cheerful kiddos ready to soak up the sun, splash around, and be free for the summer.

…only problem is, we know that in about a week or so, the chorus of, “…I’m bored…” will be echoing through the house if they’re left to their own devices. Thankfully, there are ways to prepare yourself. Read on for a few tips from our tastemakers.

1. Start with me-time.

When you know you have a big day of keeping your kids entertained ahead, starting with a sliver of peaceful time to yourself can make a big difference. Whether you’re pairing up with a big mug of coffee or tea, or basking in the comfort of the morning light while lying in bed, nothing beats a few quiet minutes to get in the right headspace.

“I try to spend at least 15 minutes in my living room sipping coffee and reading a book, catching up on personal emails, or just sitting and reflecting on what I’m grateful for, which always puts me in the right mind-set to kick off my day,” says blogger Maya, featured in the photo above.

2. Go outside while the sun is low.

Getting outside for an activity in the morning is a great way to start the day, and to avoid a crash because of heat or a nasty sunburn. Plus, it’s a lovely and enjoyable way to bond with your little ones.

Parents Kristin and Del Ruiz of the blog Our Ordinary Life love taking their kids outdoors during the summer, especially to the tide pools along the California coastline. You can find more tips on getting outdoors with your kiddos in their blog post.


3. Get artsy.

“This is the time of the day when I give him his beloved markers and let him color outside of the lines (and off the paper), and know that things are about to get real colorful.” – Shannon, MuchMostDarling.com

Back indoors and after lunch, break out the art supplies. We’re talking markers, finger paints, beads – whatever floats your kiddo’s boat.

Let them go wild (and catch blogger Shannon’s tips on clean up), and maybe even join in. Your kids will love that you’re participating with them instead of checking out, and you might need that artistic kick more than you know!

4. Always end with ice cream.

Every day should have this tip, don’t you think? This homemade, no-churn “Unicorn Ice Cream,” made by Stephanie (recipe here!) after a day of bike riding with her son, is a great win-win. Spend time making food with your kids, then enjoy the foods twice as much.

Even if you don’t make your own ice cream, savor the moments with your kids as you eat. Don’t worry about the mess (but clean up the stickiness before they head off to dreamland!).

How would you spend the perfect day with your youngster? Share your advice in the comments below.

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C Creel

Taking a bike ride around the court gets rid of some energy before it gets to hot or later in the afternoon.

Brit Lopez

My kids love going to the library, which has free lunch and snack during the summer months. Also, during the week there are always activities or story time available.

tabitha a sanders

We generally love to go camping. That way we can fish, hike and swim.

Diana Duda

One summer I found that local bowling alleys allowed kids to bowl three free games on certain afternoons. Still had to rent the shoes, but since I took my own snacks along it was not a huge investment and kept the kids busy for an afternoon.

PS – instead of ice cream – why not have the kids help create fruit pops in the morning to have during their afternoon break. Healthier and gives them a morning activity. Or have them help plan afternoon snacks for a week at a time and be the one who prepares them in the morning. Ants on a log, flavored popcorn to eat while watching a movie?, trail mix. fruit kabobs, fruit salad, rice crispie treats (lots of variations), no bake snack balls or cookies.


When my daughter was younger we always took a walk to end our day. This was our alone time to talk about what was on her mind.

Heidi Todd

I take my nieces to the childrens museum on stifling hot days… so much fun!


Quiet time and naps!


Take it easy and spend time with family and friends…poolside if possible


My kids and grandkids are now grown. But i remember trying to make the summers fun, but relaxing and stress free for all. We spent lots of time in the pool which is always fun, everyone helping with food prep for grilling out. We also went camping a lot.


When it is 120 in Phoenix, we do indoor activities!


Play one of the many board games (that are unopened from the holidays!) that are gathering dust in the closet!


My kids have been out of school for a month already. They have been to camp, on a choir tour, and we are leaving for NYC this week

Christina intemann

I live taking my kids to fish, swimming and sometimes just enjoy going out back and throwing a ball.

Darlene Barr

Anything that keeps the kids off the phone and video games.


I like taking the kids frisbee golfing they enjoy it and there are alot of wooded courses near me so the sun is not as much of an issue as bugs


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