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Tastemaker Feed: To The Beach!

Yes, it’s June 8. Yes, it was 53 degrees in New York this morning when we left for work. Yes, we’re confused. We’re all so very confused. Still, life goes on—forecasts for next week are showing normal temperatures and (gasp) sunny days, so we’re hoping summer will be back on schedule for the rest of June. (AND July AND August! You hear that, weather?)

While most of us have already feasted on our first ice cream cone of the season, we haven’t yet made it to the beach. However, we’re definitely counting down the days. Plus, all these beach-ready posts from our Tastemakers are getting us even more excited! We loved reading tips from these lovely ladies on how they keep their looks fresh, even in the heat. Let’s take a look at some of them together.

“While I tend to go a bit more natural for a day on the beach, I still like to do a bit of primping for a day on the sand – what can I say, I was raised in the South and primping is a way of life. Rather than applying my everyday makeup routine, I prefer a few simple products to make myself look put-together, while providing the right amount of protection for a day in the sun.

Tinted SPF

Tinted SPF is one of my favorite products on the market, since it doubles as both protection and color. Not only is this great to bring with you to reapply throughout the day to avoid sun damage, the tinted factor acts as a light foundation – giving your face just the right amount of color and coverage, without the weight of a heavy foundation.

Texture Spray

While I can spend 30 minutes in Dallas working on “beach waves”, one dip in the ocean and my hair dries with the BEST beach waves naturally – there’s literally nothing better. When I need a bit of oomph after a day on the beach, I spritz a bit of texture spray in my hair to keep my waves all night. It’s the simplest beauty hack, but it works wonders!

Tinted SPF Lip Balm

Have you ever tried wearing lip gloss on the beach? Not only is the wind blowing your hair into your lip gloss, sand is sticking to your gloss too. It’s just a mess. To give my lips a hint of color, I always choose a tinted lip balm. Aside from the subtle color, the SPF also protects my lips from sunburns and drying out. It’s definitely an essential!”

– Ellen F, TX shared some of her absolute essentials in a recent blog post.


“In response to the gross weather, I’ve created my “Humidity Survival Kit” that I pull out every summer. Here’s what’s in my kit this year!


I have an oily t-zone, and in the summer I have a tendency to look like a shiny mess! Before I put on a drop of makeup, I make sure to put on a matte base. I personally like this primer from Make Up For Ever; it does a pretty good job at lasting all day and reducing all of the shine on my forehead/nose!


I typically have to skip the heavy foundations in the summer and rely on powders only since my skin produces so much excess oil when it’s super humid outside! Laura Mercier just introduced their medium/dark powder which is a blessing, and I’ve been using it on the reg. I will say the downside to this is that when I get super “tan”/dark in the summer, it does end up becoming too light for me. I’m going to need to find a powder that’s great for my darkest days of summer!


More humidity = way more sweat for me! This summer, I’m swearing by Secret’s Clinical Strength Deodorant. It has two times the sweat protection than a regular antiperspirant, so it will work wonders on even the stickiest of summer days! It’s stress tested specifically for women, so no matter what life throws at you, you’ll be covered. I also love that it goes on clear, so there won’t be any awkward white deodorant marks ruining your cute summer OOTD.”

-Alicia T, VA also dished on the beauty gear that’ll be helping her look dewy instead of dripping, no matter the humidity level.

Phew! That’s a lot of great info. Let’s just say our summer to-buy list just got a lot longer. Any tips you guys would like to include on staying fabulous even while there’s sweat running down your face? Fill us in below!

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Heidi Warwick

Great information, from not only the read but also all the comments. I read one that talked about water proof mascara leaving her looking like a raccoon. I have that same problem. Maybe someone will have a solution. I guess I can keep checking back.

Mary Karnes

I don’t wear hardly any makeup as I feel beautiful is in the eyes of the beholder and it is skin deep as well.

C Creel

I wear very little makeup, so no powder is my thing and just lipstick.

Brit Lopez

A great way I keep my makeup staying fresh is to carry blotting sheets in my purse to absorb the extra oiliness. Then I can reapply compact foundation as needed.


I love the glow of freshly kissed sun on my skin so I use a sensitive spf face lotion, water proof mascara & lip gloss to protect them from getting dry & natural looking eye shadow. Not only does sweat not bother your makeup, but you look amazing on the beach

Lorena Murray

I love to just use anything from Hawaiian Tropic. I can ALWAYS count on it!

Dana Young

Getting ready for some sun fun I will put my hair up in a bun. I put a spf 30 sunblock on my face with a little mascara and a tinted lip balm with a sun block in it. I apply a good sunblock on my body then get dressed grab my wide brimmed sn hat, sunglasses and everything I will need for the activity I will be doing for my fun in the sun.


I normally wear at minimum eyeliner and mascara. I typically do full face no matter the ocassion.

Felicia Timoteo

Since I don’t live near a (which I miss dearly) I am in doors with the AC or a fan going and I have been trying to stay away from anything on my face.


Makeup needs to be easy and natural. I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing mu make up


Nothing too heavy, light and natural make up, maybe a refreshing body spray


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