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Members Weigh In: 33% Think The Greatest Beach Snack Is Fruit!

With July 4th just a day away, we’re guessing those of you who aren’t barbecuing are heading to the beach. Of course, some lucky few are beachin’ AND barbecuin’, and those are the ones who are living it up. We salute you. The flag, too.

Before you guys run off to your celebrations, here are the results from when we dove into defining what a perfect beach day really is amongst the Crowdtap community.

In general, 53% of you enjoying exploring new beaches through out summer, while 47% of you have a personal favorite.

When tasked with ranking what makes an idyllic beach day, relaxing wit the fam beat out even warm ocean water!

When it came to beach necessities, we’re happy that 41% of you shouted out sunscreen, with a chair or beach blanket following at 35%. So, protected from the sun + comfy = a happy bunch but…

Not yet a satiated bunch! Obviously, we had to inquire into eating habits. We were kind of surprised to see fruit take the lead at 33%. We love the healthy vibes we’re getting from your perfect beach days. Following the fruit with a bit of dessert (read: ice cream) never hurt anyone, of course. It’s a cooling off tactic!

Sarah L. loves to bring along “Kettle chips, soda, water, pretzels, cubed meat and cheese.

Susan C. has got the right idea too! She says “Finger foods are the best at the beach. I have usually take simple fresh veggies and dip, finger sandwiches and something to drink that is individually bottled. We also bring a bag to bag the trash.”

And Carrie H. rules all by calling out a staple— Wawa. “I always stop at Wawa on my way to the beach and buy a sandwich. I love enjoying sandwiches with my friends on the beach. I’ll get chips sometimes as well. Sun Chips are my favorite. Sandwiches and chips are easy to eat by the water because you just use your hands and they don’t make a big mess.” 

Finally, we’ll leave you with a tidbit from Carol L. on her most perfect beach day to date. It gave us goosebumps.

My most perfect beach day was when our family ventured out to a “hidden” beach in Bali. We had to go off the beaten track a bit, which made it even better because it wasn’t nearly as crowded as the other beaches we had seen. We found chairs with umbrellas, I had a massage and relaxed while my husband and daughter played in the sand. Then, just when I was starting to get hot, we jumped in the water and frolicked. There was a small restaurant up the beach for lunch. It was a marvelous day!

Even if you’re not in Bali this week, or even this summer, we wish you many happy beach days to come! Happy 4th, everyone.

Read anything you agree with? Or disagree with? Let us know below! We love hearing from you guys.

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Jenny Patrick

Just left beautiful beach in Dominican Republic. Had water,hat,sunglasses,sunscreen packed everyday. We witnessed 8 weddings on the beach.

Tammie Wibble

It will be me first time seeing the beach this summer. I’m so excited! I’m going to the Gulf Shores and will be fully prepared from sunscreen to my Sun Chips.


My perfect day at the beach is in the fall, when the temperature is cool and the sun is just warm enough.

Jane Rolph

Any day is a perfect beach day for me. Just wish I could get there.

Jane Lasser

Yes the sunscreen and kiwi fruit are for the beach bag! Best snack ever!

Laurie Miller

Carol’s beach day sounded great! I like going in spring or fall less people on the beach, then there is in the summer. More relaxing!

Alicia Gonzalez

Family,fruit,suncreen,games chairs, baby essentials.

Laurie Kramer

My best beach day was in American Samoa. We were entertained by the locals while drinking out of coconuts!

Alicia Gonzalez

Have fun with family friends eat refreshing fruit. Play in the ocean


A massage on the beach would be simply amazing! Can’t wait for a chance for myself and family to head to the beach. Long over-due.

Debra Griffin

Haven’t been to the beach in awhile, but my favorite beach times were have g a fire at night. Hearing the waves, watching the stars and making smores.

Amanda P

Her day sounded amazing, we have a large family and aren’t able toto get to the beach often, but we like to come to the lake here. Always have plenty of sandwiches and fruit with us!


I wait until I leave the beach to eat. I drink water while I am there tho.


I always take a bag of chips with me.. but I normally don’t like snacking on the beach more for my son

Omaria Chambers

In my opinion granola bars are great for beach trips as well as fruit.

eugenia roberson



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