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Members Weigh In: Hawaii Tops the Charts as Dream Vaca Destination at 33%!

That sticky July heat really only means one thing—summer’s here! Like, really here. Of course, alongside summer come dreamy, lounge-y thoughts of vacation. We polled you guys about your dream vacations (past, future, and pretend) and here’s what you had to say.

When asked about how far you’d be willing to travel, nearly half of you wanted to wave goodbye to your home state but stay in the country, with Florida and Hawaii being the top two choices. 38% said you’d totally be up for international travel, with Europe and the Caribbean topping the list. 

Given these Instagram-worthy locales, it comes as no surprise that 70% of those polled preferred to kick it under a beach umbrella rather than the city, or even a countryside.

As for traveling companions? Seems like only 7% of you have discovered the joys of solo travel! (Go for it, guys. You heard it here first. Or…not first, but you definitely heard it here).

You know, all of this polling has us daydreaming about the beautiful, tiny details of what makes travel so great, from the initial packing list scribbled in our notebooks, to the child-like excitement of the plane taking off, to the giddiness at finally arriving at the destination! Not to mention soaking up the new sights and cultures every which way you look. Here’s what you guys had to say about traveling as a whole.

Paul M relishes the entire experience, start to end. “The flight out, arriving to meet friends, eating and drinking together, sightseeing, relaxing, beaching it up, indulging in karaoke, all the way to the point that I have to go home. That part sucks.” 

Donald C enjoys being able to truly experience how life is lived in other parts of the country. ” I love to see how different areas will prepare the same types of foods, what they call different things compared to home, and the differences in the entertainment.”

Jeremy, on the other hand, calls out his beloved companions! “I enjoying spending time with my family the most. The experiences are all fun, but being with the right people is the most important thing.”

We wholeheartedly agree!

What’s the best place you’ve ever traveled to? Fill us in below, especially if you’ve got a few unique destinations under your belt!

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