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MWI: “Peace and Quiet” Tops Camping Wish Lists

Being able to fish and swim? Nope. Breath-taking views that are sure to rack up the Instagram likes? Also a firm nope. Turns out, what most of you are clamoring for in a camping trip is simply some peace and quiet. In this week’s Member Weigh In questionnaire, we polled you guys on your feelings about exploring the great outdoors through summer camping trips. Let’s dive in to the results!

It turns out, our members are pretty darn divided when it comes to participating in the classic pastime.  51% of all members haven’t gone camping in the past few years, while 49% have. When we looked into the gender split, it turned out our male members were more likely to head out onto the trail. 58% of them had gone camping recently, compared to only 46% of female members.

As far as dream places to hike, both sexes were in agreement that the Grand Canyon was the destination to beat. 52% of members voted it to the top of their camping list, with Yosemite coming in a fairly close second (30%), and Acadia a very distant third (7%.)

Unfortunately, despite most of our members having recently explored a National Park, only 20% had ever volunteered in one. Not cool, guys! Don’t worry though. There are plenty of chances to make amends. Click here for a list of all the ways you can get involved in helping our our National Parks.

Finally, we asked all our hikers and campers to help us chase away these Monday blues by sharing their fondest National Park memories. Here are some of our faves:

“Harpers ferry national park is about an hour from home. I had the privilege of going there on earth day as a child and watching the band Magpie perform. The park has always held special memories for me since my grandfather worked for the national parks service, but I will never forget that magical earth day.”Lily U., WV | 34

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steve jones

sounds great & fun

Lakeem Williams

Sound really nice


It’s really the simple things that bring the most joy. We live in a loud, busy world, so I definitely understand wanting peace and quiet.

Laurie Miller

We love hiking and the outdoors. Can’t wait on next trip to Big Sur, all those redwoods.

Judith Gustafson

Being close to nature feels so right. Total joy.


Looking forward to taking my first trip.

Ramirez Marcela

LOVE the ideas.


I actually love camping and spending time outdoors. The peace and quiet, such a relaxing feeling


Camping is one of our favorite summer pastimes


In High School, I went to Acadia National Park in Maine. I got to see seals, which are one of my favorite animals. The hiking trails were a lot more difficult than what I was used to in Ohio, but it was well worth it.

One of my favorite Girl Scout memories is camping and going caving at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.

I have to admit, I love state parks and local parks as much as I love the national ones. State Parks I have visited:
Lake Hope State Park: McArthur, OH
Mohican State Park: Loudonville, OH
Hocking Hills: Logan, OH

Other Parks I have visited:
Fontenelle Forest: Bellevue, NE
Johnny Appleseed Metro Parks: various locations in the Lima, OH area

Monica Colacurcio

Love to travel


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