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Tastemaker Feed: When Less is Totally More

Sometimes, it seems like our list of complaints about our skin, our faces, or our bodies knows no end. Maybe we’re bothered by wrinkles or discoloration, or perhaps acne along with some totally unfounded affliction that we recently Googled and decided we have.

This constant inspection is not only exhausting, it’s also totally unnecessary. How crazy is it to realize that your face is the only one like it in the entire world? Your eyes, your cheekbones, the curve of your brows—you’re made up of the most unique makeup possible! We think that’s certainly something to smile about.

When it comes to skincare, we’re of the belief that less is most definitely more. After all, once upon a time simply rinsing your face with cold water did the trick for pretty much all human beings. Now, especially when there are thousands of products to choose from, we love exploring the ones that keep things, simple. Turns out we’re not the only ones. Here’s what some of our trusted Influencers think about the hunt for the perfect skincare products.

Lifestyle blogger Rika tells us “What we apply to our skin is ingested and absorbed and becomes part of us, much like food.” Like us, she totally gets that finding the right products is a completely overwhelming process. How does she deal with it?

“One of the most important steps you should take before buying a new beauty product is taking a  look at the ingredient list (much like you do with food).  I prefer products that are made with simple ingredients, no fillers, no parabens and no sulfates.”

Rowena, a beauty blogger consider herself *something* of a minimalist.

“I’ve managed to scale back to a minimal makeup routine that is only 6 products, but when it comes to skincare, I can’t quite give up my multi-step regimen, which currently includes any number of masks, ampoules, essences, serums, and creams. While I generally enjoy the routine, to be honest there are times when I wouldn’t mind just slapping on one or two products and being done. I mean less is more with most things, right? Why can’t it also be that way with skincare?”

Jeeyoung‘s learned a thing or two about skincare in her 30’s. We’re listening!

“Summer skincare is crucial to undoing past damage, maintaining skin health, and preventing the aging process. My 20-something self was too lazy to upkeep any summer skincare routine. And now my 30-something self regrets it so much! But, I’ve realized in my maturity, that simple steps make a huge difference to my skin’s health.

Drinking water & staying hydrated

It took experiencing pregnancy for me to realize how important it is to stay hydrated for your overall health. The obvious benefit of drinking lots of water is that my skin is hydrated. I’ve also noticed that hydration is key to my overall skin texture feeling smooth.

Using SPF sunscreen daily

I cringe at the thought of the tanning beds and tanning oil I used in my youth. Now, I spend my days lathering on sunscreen all over my face and body. It’s such a crucial part of skincare! I make sure to buy it in bulk for the summer, but SPF products are a must in my year round beauty routine.

Wearing a hat, UVB sunglasses, sun parasol

Are hats trending right now? If they are, it’s a good thing, because I love shielding my face from the hot sun by wearing hats! There’s plenty of cute and fashionable hats to accessorize your summer outfit or swim suit. It’s a double win, sun protection and a fashion statement! Another accessory that I wear daily is UVB sunglasses. Whether it’s playing outside with the kids or driving to run an errand, I make sure that all of my sunglasses and eyewear are UVB-protected.”

How do you go about choosing skincare that work best for your unique skin? Have you also been trying to cut down on steps and ingredients? We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Informative article, thanks for the heads up

Carol Creel

I drink lots of water daily. I use a cleanser everyday, and not much makeup. Sunglasses are a must in bright summer days.

Laurie Miller

I clean my face twice a day and drink lots of water and moisturize daily. Sun glasses always on those sunny days.


Moisturizer is a must 2x’s a day, lots of water and you must use sunscreen, even on cloudy days!!!

Jenny Patrick

I always have lip balm and sunglasses with me. I don’t go out in the pool between 10 and 2. Always have my water with me!!!


I drink plenty of water, used natural ingredients for my face and avoid the heavy sun

Jennifer Cole

I do as well but using good skincare is also something that you must do so something like a good serum and and once a week a chemical peel cream at any age is good to keep your skin healthy and vibrant I use Neutrogena anti-wrinkle Rapid Wrinkle Repair Cream it’s amazing

Judith Gustafson

I do all those things listed, even at the young age if 75. Pays off. No one would or does guess I’m this old. I do try a variety of skin products.

Gabrielle Gilbert

I LOVE getting sample, like in My BIRCHBOX, to try. And , Call Me Lucky*, I can usually tell a difference overnight. THE VERY BEST Anti-aging product I have found is La Roche Posay REDERMIC R Anti-aging Concentrate/ Intensive Retinol. Those deep laugh lines began to disappear OVERNIGHT!!! 🐞

sue ogren

looking for a skincare product line to aid in collagen production & soften fine lines esp. around eyes & mouth


i use lotions and drink water


I recently started drinking a lot of water to keep my self well hydrated during the scorching hot days, and I have noticed a visible difference in my otherwise super
dry skin!

Kimberly Booth

I definitely don’t keep myself hydrated as much as I should, and even though I feel I do have an extensive daily skincare routine, drinking more water would make a huge difference. I don’t know if I’m just lazy or what, but I simply don’t drink enough water throughout the day.

Judith Hewitt

I am very fair so I wear long sleeves, long pants and the highest SPF I can find. My skin care regime is to cleanse twice a day them tone and moisturise. Twice a week I exfoliate. Now that I am more mature I very seldom wear makeup which helps keep m t pores clear since at 64 I still have problems with breakouts.


I love this article! It’s informative for teaching others how to take care of your skin and why.


Water water water

Carole Saylor

I am a brittle diabetic so I drink water all day long


Beauty is always skin deep

Carole Saylor

I have never had any acne untily 40&50s. Now can’t seem to find anything to cure it. Need some help please.


I wear sunscreen all the time even when it’s not sunny outside and drink lots of water.i wash my face twice a day and always put face lotion on.


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