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TMF: Easy Tips to Stop Slacking on Your End-of-Summer Hosting

The final stretch of summer always seems to be the busiest, right? Fitting in our last vacations, hosting traveling family or friends, running from the pool to the ballpark, and gathering up school supplies for the dreaded first day back.

And when you’re busy, it’s hard to make your home the clean, comfortable place you want for guests. Our content creation partners had a couple of pointers for us:

1. Brighten up their space.

If you can’t get around to meticulously tidying the rest of the house, put all your attention into the guest room. Fresh bedding and bath towels are a must, but an addition like a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers or a mildly scented candle will take your host prowess to the next level. (Get more from blogger Sarah H. on how to make your home smell amazing for guests!)

2. Simplify their mornings.

You know that awkward feeling when you’re staying with someone, and you’re awake before your host, and you need coffee but you don’t know where it is or how to work their coffee machine? With this tip from Rachel B., you can avoid that altogether.

“To make a great coffee bar, you don’t have to go overboard. I have the cutest little coffee canister set that houses the coffee, creamer, and sugar. Most guests are usually family so I know what they like, such as chocolate and their sweetener preference. I add some straws or stir sticks to mix their favorite beverage. And I always make sure to set out a few coffee cups so guests don’t have to hunt through the cabinets to find one. No one wants to do that in the morning! If you want to get fancy, you could add some flavored syrups, chocolate, or cinnamon.”

The best part about this coffee bar is that you can easily keep it out all the time, making yourself feel a little more like a VIP guest in your own kitchen.

3. Greet them with treats.

This one’s easy: nothing beats being greeted by the smell, taste, or warm fuzzy feeling of fresh chocolate chip cookies. Buy a quick-bake roll from the store and warm it up just before your guests arrive, or – if you have a little extra time – get serious with homemade from-scratch cookies. (We’d recommend the recipe pictured above for Chocolate Chip Applesauce Cookies – yummm.)

Now that you’re ready to be the host you’ve always dreamed of…when can we come over? (Especially for those cookies.)

Let us know your favorite tips for making out-of-town guests feel at home when they visit (or, things that have made you feel especially comfortable when you visit others!).

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Carol Creel

I always have clean sheets on the guest bed and fresh towel in the bathroom.
I like to make a tasty meal. Sometimes it’s a grill meal.

Judith Gustafson

All excellent ideas to make our overnight guests feel welcome.

Jennifer Taylor

Great articles!!!

Janet Herrera

When vistors come I make a hearty dinner.Have a fruit bowl out on the table.Waters and beverages in the refrigerator,I say they can ask or just help themselves even better.I clean house really best I can But,focus that floors are mopped and bathroom is cleanest.At night I have stuff set up for coffee ,like teas,cocoa,cider,sweets.Creamer and sugar and cups spoons and lil plates .


A coffee bar is a must for anytime. I love to make some quick muffins in the morning and have them ready for guests when they wake up…

Vicky Martin

A coffee bar is a must for anytime….have out some sugar, creamer and cinnamon…don’t forget some mugs and stir sticks! I love to make some quick muffins in the morning and have them ready for guests when they wake up. It’s nice to have a bowl of fresh fruit available as well.

Jenny Patrick

I have an old fashioned water pitcher and glass by their bed so they won’t have to get up for a drink in an unfamiliar house.


Try to ask preferences ahead of time


Very important for my guest to feel comfortable.

Bobbie Smith

I always try to leave something available for them to snack on in the middle of the night just in case they get the munchies haha !


Great tips but I also always ask what they would like for dinner so I can cook it.

Carla Burton

These are some very great tips I can’t wait to go home and try them


The tips are very helpful. I’m going to try a couple out

Revonda G lightner

Great tips, thanks for sharing!!! Can’t wait to share my favs with friends!!


Nice information


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