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MWI: 30% are traveling to see the total solar eclipse today

This afternoon, for the first time since 1918, the entire U.S. will witness a total solar eclipse – i.e., the moon rotating to entirely cover the sun for a portion of it’s orbit.

It’s pretty rare to be excited about one thing moving in front of another thing (cue flashbacks of yelling “Down in front!” at the movies) – but when those things are extra celestial masses, all the talk holds up.

83% of you said you were at least a liiittle excited about this rare galactic phenomenon. And you should be! Earth is one of the only planets that can experience this (because, you know, most other planets are uninhabitable, or don’t have moons, etc., etc.), and for most of the history of the planet, total eclipses have only occurred over land that humans didn’t inhabit.

This year, the eclipse will travel from coast to coast, Oregon to South Carolina. Like us, most of you won’t get the full effect – 79% are outside of the seven states that will see the total solar eclipse.

Most people aren’t planning to travel to see it.

But for those of you that are, you won’t go too far: nearly 80% will be traveling less than 50 miles.

Other ways to see the eclipse? 37% said you were grabbing special eyewear to see what you can from home while 28% are planning to attend a video broadcast of the cool phenomena.

You can also see some of the cool effects of an eclipse, depending on how dark your area gets (…which you can find out here). You guys told us you were excited for dark skies during the day (44%), sun rays and bright colors shining from behind the moon (23%), and stars out during the day (12%).

Wherever you’re watching, be careful (never stare directly at the sun!) and enjoy this awesome natural phenomenon. The next one won’t be until 2045!

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Laurie Miller

I watched on TV. Could not be seen where I live.

Christine Sickley

I watched on TV but the sky was so I was located looking it gave off a creepy look

Jenny Patrick

In Kentucky we were out of school and could enjoy the eclipse with our families. Our public library gave out 2000 pairs of the special glasses in a matter of minutes. It never got dark but started to look like a storm was coming then the sun came back out. Something I will never forget.

Kylie Whitman

I was out shopping with my mom. She’s a crowtap member too. And I guess I was a little more excited about it than her because I’m the one that brought it up I guess she had forgotten about it. So what we did was we when outside she didn’t purchase the glasses and I was unaware of that I needed them. So what I did was we went outside and we looked up and it got cooler you could feel the temperature drop but I really didn’t see that much so I guess it’s because I didn’t have the glasses.

Kylie Whitman

I’m a little new to crowdtap so you have to forgive me I’m not sure that my answer to this question was posted. So I’m just going to quick reiterate. I was out shopping with my mom, she must have forgotten about it because I brought it up. We didn’t have the glasses but we went outside to see it anyway. We could feel the temperature drop and it got a little dark but it was very cloudy where I live so without the glasses I guess we didn’t see too much.

Mary Johnson

I bought the glasses a month prior and watched it from my deck.

Blanca Miller

Me and my kids and my girlfriend went to the park to view the eclipse.

amy M bowling

Well I had to make something out of cereal box because we didn’t get our glasses in time and then during it I wanted to go to local library to print shipping return label cause my printer down that was a mistake the whole town was there to watch the eclipse setting in lawn chairs it was crazy needless to say I didn’t print my label we went home!

Lyn Rivera

I was quite disappointed in the fact that I was unable to get any pictures.

Rachael Hall

Living in Boise, ID – I just walked outside and borrowed a co-worker’s super solar shades.

Jannett Hayes

I began by looking at it thru the window of the hospital while visiting my sister there. It was just a cloudy look with no clouds in the sky. My daughter & I then went to eat and the waitress let us borrow her special glasses and I got to see it for the first time. It was an awesome experience. It was like a black hole surrounded by bright light. The best thing about it was experiencing this with my daughter and it being the first time for us both.

Micah Lavender

I was doing housework all day!


Our whole office took a break to stand outside and experience it together, and my husband stopped by for the party too. I loved it. It was kind of surreal, the way it got so much darker! All of the streetlights came on. I couldn’t help but think of the book Nightfall by Asimov (which is well worth the read, especially if you’re into this kind of stuff).


My coworkers and I took a small break to watch the eclipse. Luckily we live in one of the best spots in the country!

lilly amber

i did not travel…watched the eclipse through my cars hood because we could not get glasses and a cloud came by and we missed the whole thing


I took a solo hike in the mountains that morning, and stopped to watch while sitting on a giant rock in an open space. It was very cool!

Donte Martin

its ok


We had fun watching the eclipse together as a family.


My boyfriend and I watched it at our state fair’s viewing party.

Mandy Drost

We watched it here in Altoona, PA out front of our house with a welders mask! It was totally awesome! Hearing the crickets out in the middle of the day was wild!


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