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MWI: 43% Headed to Walmart For Their Back-To-School Needs

Hear that? It’s a light rustling of papers, the clicks of pen caps, and crinkles of a paper bag lunch. It’s back-to-school season, people. (Well, almost!) As much as we’d love to enjoy these last couple of lazy weeks, we know that the earlier we start prepping for the start of September, the less stressful our lives will be. So, onwards!

What’s first on most of your shopping lists? Clothing AND school supplies are tied at 39% each! 13% of you said you’d like to spruce up your home with some new household things, while only 8% are on the hunt for a new pair of kicks. (Guess you guys know how to keep your shoes clean, unlike us, though the city streets are most definitely to blame.)

Walmart for the win! 43% of you crown it as your top destination for your back-to-school shopping needs, with Target following at 37%. 

As for any money saving hacks, most of you had the right idea: coupons, coupons, coupons.

“I always look for extra off of sale prices, and I buy out of season” – Alyssa M.

“I like to use the ads and make sure that I make sure that I am getting my money’s worth. Sometimes I will buy things offline so I can take advantage of sales and deals there” – Hayley T.S

“Start in the beginning of July for the best deals, but Target has great deals in August for college back- to-school!”- Dawn W.

“Stock up on sale items. Buy extra items and store for later.” – Julie B.

Ok, ok. Now that we all know you guys are all pretty responsible, we were curious about some things you needed this season that stood out as possibly unexpected on your list!

“I need a city bike pass this year. I just sold my car and moved to a new city for Grad School, and the city bike will be a great way for me to get to and from school and the library.”– Alexandra F.

“My daughter needs goggles for swimming. She will be swimming with her homeschool group, and a new bowling wrist splint too since her bowling team starts in September as well.” – Cindy W.

“I want an essential oil diffuser to calm me down while I do my homework.” – Amanda L.

Amanda, we want an essential oil diffuser to calm us down while we do…pretty much everything. Thanks for the inspiration.

And finally, we posed a question that might divide us all. Do you get your shopping done in stages, or one fell swoop?

69% of you do it in stages, while 31% of you are magical unicorns who manage to get it all done in one trip! We’ll take some more tips from you any day.

Are you dreading the new school year? Looking forward it? Stressed about shopping? We are genuinely curious about your stories and your lives. Share with us below!

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Shirley Mahaffey

All done


I will be at Walmart tomorrow! Getting that over with, best place to shop for back to school. Rack up for the whole school year sometimes have left overs😎


Going to Walmart tomorrow! Racking on EVERYTHING.


Going for second round tomorrow, shopping for cloths and shoes. Hitting Marshall’s and the Footlocker

Laurie Miller

Academy has really good back to school deals.

Camille Greenberg

I need to buy jeans for my boys and things like socks. The bulk is done.

maryjo burns

i watch the newspapers flyers for ads for good deals


I shop most deals on eBay, local consignment stores, and on a special occasion a shoe store for back to school clothes & shoes. I buy their school supplies at Staples and Wal-Mart.


Shopping for shoes this weekend. I hope to find some at the first store!

Jenny Patrick

I’m like everyone else and take advantage of the deals before school starts. Our Office Max had all kids of deals for a penny. If I don’t use them I get them to kids that can.

Phyllis Lockwood

I start my Christmas shopping during tax free weekend. Saves me money on all the special sales!

Joann Arciprete

i usually shop at target and the dollar tree

Mary Baker

I may buy some office type supplies while on great sales with very low prices. This is where you get quality products at reasonable prices.

Carenna Ferguson

Sales are always key with 6 of the 7 in school!!

Karen L.Stein

I mostly shop online through out the year. I’m bargain hunter so I go to many different online stores.


You can get a lot at Walmart, Target, Staples,etc. You can save even more if you use what you already have on hand.

Alyssa Porter

Walmart is the best and cheapest place to buy school supplies! I save a lot of money at walmart


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