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MWI: Baby Boomers *Slightly* More Addicted to Social than Millennials

Do you recall when you first started using social media? Can you even remember that far back?
Honestly, we’re struggling to! We think it might have been when we signed up for MySpace back in 2003. We’d come home from school and write “hI*! how’d ur day go??” on our friends walls, even though we had literally just seen them. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way since then. Mostly.

What’s your journey with social media been like? We polled everyone from millennials to baby boomers to find out.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook, which usurped MySpace’s throne over a decade ago, gets to keep its crown. 56% of millennials, 76% of Gen X, and 82% of baby boomers all say Facebook is the main social media site they use. The site they use least of all? LinkedIn, which got exactly 0% of the votes.

What do they treasure most about social media? For 49% of millennials, it’s all the photos they’ve posted over the years. For 35% of Gen X’ers and 35% of baby boomers, it’s having easy access to all of their contacts.

Based on all the articles we read about the effects of social media on self-esteem, social lives, and even bullying, we were surprised that none of the three generations we polled really saw it this way at all. 76% of millennials, 80% of Gen X’ers, and 89% of baby boomers all saw social media as having had a positive effect on their lives, expressing their love for keeping up with their friends and family, posting about their adventures, and generally using the endless scroll feature to kill some time.

When asked if there was a social media channel they’d banish from their lives if they could, Twitter and Snapchat seemed to have the most frustration directed at them.

“Twitter. I really don’t see the purpose for it!” – Debbie K.

“It would be Twitter because not many people can write something cohesive in 140 characters.” – Shami J.

“Snapchat. I don’t like how people express themselves on there more with pics instead of communicating.” – Ernestine P.

“Snapchat. I just don’t understand it and I feel like it consumes people’s lives instead of focusing on what’s going on around them.” – Krystle S.

As much as we might enjoy using social media, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, do we find ourselves addicted to the apps? Almost half of social media users across the three generations all say YES.

Buuut apparently they’re not addicted enough to try a social media cleanse. Only 40% of millennials, 28% of Gen X’ers, and 14% of baby boomers have ever done one.

Welp, there’s no time like the present, guys! But if you’ve got it under control, happy scrolling.

Can you imagine life without social media? How different do you think your relationships might be? Share your thoughts with us below.


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Although I get the point of the article and it is a well thought out piece, you spelled “throne” wrong. Thanks for allowing the input. Social media has come a long way and had done much to change the landscape of how we all communicate now. I do appreciate everything you do for us!


Fixed! Thank you.


First social media I tried, at a niece’s suggestion, was Live Journal Had three different pages. One to anonymously vent about the medical crises I was undergoing, one with a nom de plume, about interests, and the last, but sweetest, and most fun, was for my 2 furry footed girls that saved my life, health wise too many times to mention.
After enough illness, it became too overwhelming and exhausting to keep up. And I began to have digital footprint issues. Started on FB in similar fashion. Nom de plume first was about interests, where I was hoping to live, etc. No I was not stalking, and my friends all accepted me as that. Then when trying to learn my tablet, I accidently created a real account, and it became easier to connect with family, who did not get the alter id thing, and began getting/asking for broader social network. Now I find it addicting, and try to segregate identities so those not interested in my shopping/couponing/social activist parts aren’t “bored”/don’t have to deal with that part of me. The real name issue is overwhelming, because everyone they know and love, shows up on your page. I still don’t have pics because I am really bad at them, and just learned to upload photos for sample sites, but haven’t learned how to segregate/develop certain elements so FB doesn’t grab everything!
Am I addicted? I think so…but if I need to take care of myself, I am able to ignore things, despite FB’s “you’ve posted 3 days in a row! See how you’re friends are responding” yada yada. And the FB Messenger aided in a mortification crisis, where
I had sent a link, and a friend responded in the group message, not thinking/me not knowing it was a group. So we chatted, as if privately and I was ranting about my significant other, and the entire group got to see! Obviously I’m more careful now, but since I have a severe case of foot in mouth, I have digital footprint issues.
I don’t have a smartphone, yet, but would like to expand into it for shopping purposes. But I can wait until I understand the Android platform better and find a price point in my budget.
Love the point Jenny made, but if I weren’t on FB, there are 15 people or more I wouldn’t have contact with. More than you ever wanted, right?

Rachael Hall

I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all my old friends!

Rachael Hall

It’s great to watch everyone get married and have babies!

Rachael Hall

For milenials – we no longer view as a luxary to be addicted to but moreover a necessity to stay in touch with others and keep up to date on even the news!

Facebook is easier and less limiting than Instagram.

Carol Creel

I am still out of date with mobile phones, but I love face book and e-mails.


I don’t like and seldom use social media.


Prefer Facebook and Instagram.

Jenny Patrick

I could do without social media if I wanted to but it would be awful lonely.

debbie higgins

I am addicted to social media, I use it primarily to sell items to supplement my income and clear out things I don’t need. But I also use it to keep in contact with loved ones and friends.

Sheena Moulton

If you want friends go out and socialize face to face. That is what people used to do. The computer world has distroyed us.

Jacqueline Fisher

I enjoy it but I don’t enjoy seeing my daughters with a phone in their hand constantly!!

Sheena Moulton

We would go out and do things and be with one another face-to-face without having our face in our phones

Eudyne Aparecida Gonsalves da Silva

I can not imagine without social networks these days for me are essential


I hope to get on Facebook someday when I have time at the library to set up an account. My Dell computer at home won’t connect to the Internet any more. I cannot afford to have someone set it up so it does.

Tara Spears

I only use Facebook

Amanda Davis

I could not imagine life without it now that we have it,but I feel relationships would do better with different people because there’s too many people in your business when you have social media


I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I am definitely consumed by it to stay up-to-date with friends and family and get the latest trends, but I think there’s a time and place for social media. It should be put away at work and when you are with family or friends. It should only be used when you have spare time where your attention is not needed.

hope lance

I think things would be so much better without it. It controls so much in our lives it can influence our decisions with fake need


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