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TMF: Celebrating Strong Women

Is there ever a day when we shouldn’t celebrate the strong, wonderful women in our lives? (Answer: No.) This week, we were inspired by a sweet blog post from one of our top content creators, Claire C. She shares 5 tips for raising strong girls, centered around her little girl, Maddie Grace:

“Raising a strong girl is important to me. I want Maddie Grace to know that she can do anything in life. I want her to be able to stand up for herself. I want her to be a world changer. I want her to be independent and more than anything to have the strength to just be herself in this world. I’ve told Tom my goal as a mother is to raise kids who by 18 are strong enough to be totally fine in life if both Tom and I were to die. It doesn’t matter that she’s a girl. I want her to be strong, to know her worth, to be hard working, and to be independent.”

Read the rest of her post, including her 5 tips and how she uses them, on her blog.

On our end, we’re celebrating the strong, creative women who share their content with Crowdtap. Take a peek at some of the content creators we love below!

Charlie W., who is training to run a marathon AND planning a wedding, writes on her blog about the importance of not giving up. She chose to focus on the training aspect, rather than the idea of “shedding for the wedding”, to inspire her workout routines.

Speaking of inspiring: Lauren P. touches on living your dream and following your passions in her latest post.

Carlee P. is also prepping to qualify for the 2018 Boston Marathon, which requires lots of hydrating (see her photo above) and dedication. Get more deets on how she’s training here.

This fam of ladies is too adorable. Mom Lynzy is always looking out for her daughters (she touches on first aid kits, lunchtime eats, favorite kids books, and more on her blog) and for other moms.

Tell us in the comments a story about a strong woman who inspires you, or about how you’re raising your kids to be strong, confident, and respectful of themselves and others! Tag and share away.

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My daughter’s are artist, different kinds but artist. I push and support thier dreams. I home school. I work. They work. My boys are amazing and strong. I love being a mom.


I have always encouraged them in their positive goals, even when opinion/education of others have said they couldn’t/wouldn’t do it…and then watched them reach those goals!

Jenny Patrick

I raised a son that I am especially proud of. He always called me the meanest mom of all because I wasn’t his friend but a parent. We had rules that was enforced and that he obeyed. He never was in jail or on drugs but he had a curfew that was. Strictly enforced. Now when I see him parent his own kids I hear myself.

Christine Sickley

I have always taught my children of not giving up and down the just get just right back until they succeed. We have never pushed them to anything that gave us great relationship with them

Cathie Mullins

The most inspirational woman I have ever known would be my Mom whom was just called home three weeks ago. She raised 6 girls by herself and we are all college graduates and are outstanding citizens of the communities we reside in. I have twin daughters myself that are following in the footsteps laid before them.

ladi katz

I have raised 2 strong men who appreciate their value and the value of their wives and future daughters too!

Jennifer A Phelps

I totally agree with empowering our youth to pursue their dreams out to the fullest capabilities they have and give them the right tools along the way to help them do so with also keeping their independence in tack. Is going to make them incredibly successful and make their dreams a come true in the end.

Chanel McHenry

I have shown my children that you must do whatever it takes to provide & survive. I work long hours, but it’s because I want them to have better than what they have had. I hope they see me as an inspiration, just as they have been my inspiration.

Crys Zalonis

When my children complain or act spoiled i ask them to give me imptomptu gratitude lists. List 5 or 10 things relevant to the situation they are complaining about for example, or even ask them to provide 1 thing they are grateful for starting with each letter of the alphabet… can be as creative about the list criteria as you like in the end rheir attitudes improve and so do mine!

Laurie Miller

Being a single mother helped to raise a very wonderful strong son.

Rachael Hall

My grandmother is amazing! She grew up in Siberia in a labor camp during WWII and then as a refugee in Uganda . Knowing education is the key to success – she asked the British soldiers to teach her English ! She finally made it out of Africa – ultimately got her GED and later graduated with a degree in Russian at the age of 60.

Vickie A kimberly

I have taught my two girls that no one is any better then you, but also you are not any better then others. So they know they are strong and just as good as anyone out there But they do not act stuck up or treat others bad. I did not want them to forget that others are also importan

Kelli R Gillum

I am trying to keep my niece surrounded by positive role models, both male and female. I believe that we become who we surround ourselves with so I try to surround her with positivity.


I am raising my daughter to know she can be smart, pretty, and kind all at the same time. I do more than tell her she is smart. I try to make sure she understands she will have to work hard to refine her natural skills, and it will take even more hard work to master the things she’s not so great at doing.


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