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TMF: Ending the Summer Sauced

Sauces and marinades are the unsung heroes of every good meal . Sure, they rarely get remembered in next-day reminiscences of “oh, we had chicken”, but they are the tangy, salty, briny, magical reasons why that chicken experience is worth recounting in the first place. (If you’re a frequent dieter, you’re already familiar with what a resounding no an unseasoned chicken breast is.)

Lucky for us, our latest batch of influencer content focuses on some seriously lust-worthy sauce recipes. Capping off the summer with bland meals? Not if these guys can help it.

First up, is a delicious and almost shamefully easy Red Wine and Chipotle Ketchup BBQ Sauce from Nate D.

“This smoky, grown-up BBQ sauce takes the typical backyard get-together up a notch. Best of all, it comes together fast with ingredients you probably already have around” he promises.


Next, check out this Pineapple BBQ Sauce crowd-pleaser from Chris L.

Most good sauces work by teasing your taste buds with the two seemingly opposing tastes, and this one is no exception. The combo of sweet, tangy pineapple and deep, spicy Worcestershire sauce really ups the ante on your dinnertime plans.

We’re picturing this on pork chops, but chicken, shrimp, or even zucchini could definitely benefit from a dollop as well.

Finally, there’s this Bourbon Stout BBQ Sauce from Jennifer M. 

If you’re drooling right now, you. are. not. alone.

We’re in the process of trying to rearrange our weekend plans right now just to make sure this beauty somehow makes it onto the itinerary. Sriracha + stout beer + bourbon + a handful of our other favorites ON TOP OF A BURGER? Excuse us, we’re crying tears of joy at the prospect.

So, which one of these bad boys will you be whipping up for your next family cook-out? And what else is on the menu? Share every delish detail in the comments below.

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Yummy 👅

Karen M Rousseau

I’m going to use the pineapple sauce in my sweet and sour ham balls.

Linda McDonald

Can’t wait to try all of these new sauces

Laurie Miller

Will definitely make this! Love pineapple.

Heather Latiolais

Looks like I have a new recipe to try thanks

Vicky M

The pineapple BBQ sauce sounds delicious! Will definitely try with next outdoor grilling!


I really like the idea of the pineapple bbq sauce.. The second one sounds great but we do not have or use any type alcoholic beverages in our home.


They all look delicious. Could see myself using these soon

Jenny Patrick

Definitely going to send these to my son.

Vanessa Terry

BBQ Bourbon- yum!

Chelsea Bowman

Pineapple bar-b-que sauce definitely sounds interesting, gotta try it!!!

Judith Gustafson

The pineapple bar-b-q sauce.

Ramirez Marcela

It even looks good for dipping souse.

Christine Sickley

We are always looking for a sauce new to make for our dish. The Pineapple B-Q-Q looks like a one to use.

Terry C Lee

Can of orange soda with your favorite cut of pork for BBQ

Marinate meat in orange soda about 1 hour grill

Hali Falconburg

I like BBQ ribs, budlight and a fresh salad! Fresh food with a light beer is great for the summer.

Amanda B

They look great and sounds delicious

Kim Y.

The ribs will be grilling this weekend. The Bourbon Stout BBQ Sauce from Jennifer M. looks nice and thick the way I like it.


Bourbon Street BBQ sauce would be awesome on a burger!


Definitely trying the bourbon sauce. My sis will probably try the pineapple its her fav.


Looks really good.


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