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TMF: September is Appetizer Weather

Is appetizer weather not a thing? Because, if not, we’re making it a thing. Probably because we’re super hungry right now, which, this far into our relationship, shouldn’t come as a big surprise to any of you.

We hope some of you reading this are hungry as well because we’ve got quite the line-up today, whether you’re in need of inspo for after-school snacks, dinner appetizers, or just fun stuff to munch on while you give that Game of Thrones finale another watch!

When we came across this Baked Popcorn Chicken recipe from one of our favorite bloggers, Jennifer, we couldn’t stop imagining coming home to a bowl of crispy chicken bites dipped in a bowl of zesty mustard. So far, it has yet to become a reality, so we just keep reading Jennifer’s post over and over.

“My kids could literally live on chicken nuggets and french fries all day, every day if I let them. And actually Alyssa did for quite a while… but thankfully we’re over that hump. It’s crazy that she’s such a picky eater but my 3-year-old has such an eclectic pallet and will literally try anything that you put in front of her.”

We particularly liked this tidbit about Jennifer’s 3-year-old…who frankly sounds a lot like us. Check out the tasty recipe here.

One thing we can always get down with? Roasted chickpeas. We love the craftiness of this Easy Roasted Chickpeas recipe from April, which uses only four ingredients and is so much fun to eat!

“Roasted chickpeas are not that new to me. I ate my first batch in around 2006 or 2005 when my friend made them for me. She is kosher and extremely healthy eater that was always looking for snack ideas that were low calorie and kosher. This was perfect for my hummus loving friends to replace chips. Roasted chickpeas start to get crispy after you roast them long enough. I have been making them with olive and salt & pepper for years but wanted to try something new.”

Check out her recipe here!

We’ll send you off with these mouthwatering tots from Chris and Courtney, the team behind Know Your Produce! Just when you thought you ran out of inventive ways to get your kiddos (or yourself) to eat broccoli, these crispy tots come the rescue.

“I combined my wife’s potato latke recipe with some veggies and removed all gluten. These tots have no flour and no gluten.”

Really, need we say more? Head on over here to check out their recipe.

Have any of these inspired your back-to-school grocery shopping? What are some fun appetizers you like to whip up in your home? Let us know below!

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