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TMF: Summer, Still in Fashion

Somehow it’s already the middle of August (?!), bringing fall routines even closer. But the sun and heat keep beating, making us feel like it’s early July. All of this begs the question, HOW do we dress?

We found some fashionable inspiration from our content creators to share, with excellent tips for keeping your cool (status and temp) from now until the leaves start to change color.

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We gotta say, Allegra B. is emanating effortless summer cool in comfy kicks + basic tee, topped with overalls and accented by sunflowers and sunnies. We can see this outfit translating perfectly from casual day at the office into evening happy hour.

Both Jess O. and her little Blake are comfy and cool in their summer dresses, whether running errands, transitioning from work life to home life, or hanging around the house on a Saturday. Mom is a big proponent of “all the dresses”, plus comfy sandals, good deodorant, and lots of hair ties when it’s hot out.

Don’t miss Jess’s tips on finding the best dresses for the season on her blog!

Some days, it’s really too hot to think about clothes. Instead, we imagine ourselves at the beach or the pool, rocking a mix-and-match bikini (like Alicia C. here), swan float optional (but preferred).

Alicia’s top tip:

“I personally dislike staying in my bathing suit after I’m finished at the pool, so I like to change into a fresh pair of underwear and put my suit in a plastic bag — so it doesn’t get all of my other belongings wet! This is great if you want to run errands , or meet up with friends for lunch/dinner rafter the pool.”

See what else Alicia packs in her pool bag on her blog.

Feeling inspired? Ready to shop for a new dress, pair of overalls, or a cute pool float? (We already have all three in our cart, oops.)

Let us know what you’re wearing to beat the summer heat, and share your tips for staying comfortable when it’s sweltering outside!

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Summer dresses and sandals!


For the most part I wear long shorts and tank tops in the summer. I’m not the most stylish person, but I find some of my cutest shirts at Goodwill. I have to have an interesting detail in anything I buy: flowly sleeves, embrodery, beading,etc….Something has to catch my interest for me to buy it.

Jenny Patrick

I with you. I love thrift store shopping for summer clothes to play in!!!!

April Walden

Mostly tank Tops and shorts sometimes a sundress

April Walden

Would like to finally go kiaking and maybe slip in a last minute weekend trip before kids go back to school


I love what this is about


That’s great

Nadine Marciniak

T shirt and shorts.


My hippie dresses and t’s.Good to go.


I would love to take advantage of the last few weeks of Summer ,but the weather where I live has had me stuck in doors. 😑

Christine Sickley

I pack bathing suit, cover up, sandles, shorts, jeans, tank top and shirt and jacket

Robin Avidor

Dresses dresses and more dresses. With cute sandals of course!


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