Crowdtap Champions: How to Earn Rewards Like a Pro

Crowdtap has been around since 2009, and some of our members have been with us since day one. We like to think of these members as our Crowdtap Champions. But because age isn’t everything, we also like to include our most active members in this elite club. These members have mastered the art of Crowdtap—high-quality responses, daily check-ins, and lots of rewards redeemed. Every month, we’ll be surveying these Crowdtap Champions to share what they love about Crowdtap and how they’ve been able to reach this status. If you’re just getting started with Crowdtap or you’re looking for advice on how to earn even more rewards, read on!


Q: Can you tell us why you love Crowdtap so much?


Our Crowdtap Champions cherish more than just rewards; they value the chance to express their sincere opinions to brands, relish the opportunity to influence product development and love how their voices guarantee inclusivity. 

As a result of their candid feedback in surveys, our champions have racked up some serious points! Let’s take a look at how they’ve redeemed their hard-earned rewards. 


Q: Have you bought anything special with your points?


Wow, these Crowdtap Champions are treating themselves to some major purchases! From luxurious home items to high-tech electronics, self-care products, and thoughtful gifts for their loved ones, our Champions often choose to save up their points for something truly special.

So how have these members mastered Crowdtap? Let’s see what advice they have for you.


Q: Do you have any tips for our new community members? How can a new member make the most out of the platform?



Here’s what you need to know: 


  • Be honest in your responses to surveys. Your honest feedback will help brands improve their products and services.

  • Have fun while using the app. Crowdtap is an exciting way to earn rewards and give your opinion on products and services.

  • Be consistent. Integrate Crowdtap into your daily routine for maximum engagement and rewards. Check the app regularly and participate in surveys to earn points quickly.


Who knows, after reading this, maybe you'll be the next Crowdtap Champion! Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to earning big rewards.

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